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Sounds like a good plan, isa. Way to go with so many birthdays this time of year.
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Congrats, LVI!

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Big congrats Lilacviotetiris! That is amazing news!
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gloomy.gif It has been a depressing day for me. My divorce got finalized today after 4 LONG years (long story short, it was an abusive marriage) and you would think I would be happy about it... but nope, I've been sad.. and the fact that he is already marrying another woman tomorrow doesn't help. I think the whole marriage to him was a joke and I fell for it. Anyways, so to cope with the news, I basically ate 2 slices of pizza and a plate full of cookies. I'm terrible when it comes to emotional eating...

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C is for Cookie, sorry to hear that your emotional eating has struck again. Divorce is hard no matter what the reasons. I hope you can find peace as time moves on.

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ok, .... so, i don't know if it's the extra B vitamins (a multi B in amount higher than the usual RDA) i've been taking for the last 3 weeks or what .... but i've been able to focus more on healthy eating this past week (i did terrible Saturday a week ago at a buffet at the community center !!!!, so this is day 8 of my "reformed eating plan") ... i also feel a little bit "more in charge" of my life and am surpised myself to have been capable of resisiting emotional eating .... which i've been doing for years ...


(am about the weight i was 12 years ago yesterday, just BEFORE i gave birth to DS ... so have been trying to loose weight for a good 10 years by now ....i had lost a bit when breastfeeding after his birth, but i still had 7 kg i couldn't loose then put on another 7 kg in 2005 within 3 months of arriving in the USA ....)


what helped too this week is that i had a dance class on Tuesday & have since been able to go and swim 1 km every day so far (but won't happen today, i need to review videos of my dance routines & will do some cleaning in the flat too, that will be my "exercise of the day"), so four times one km, half with flippers and a board, half just breaststroke in a calm and relaxed way, concentrating on my breathing ...


& couldn't help but stepping on the scale today to see if the "coconut oil effect" is lasting .... it is, & am looking forward to posting my new number for tomorrow


now, have just read that coffee could increase the efficiency of the Tamoxifen drug by 50% so have started trying to drink some -the "no dairy" part of my eating plan is getting hard to stick to lately, am dreaming of a huge 1litre pot of black tea with milk and sugar ... won't happen ...

am now trying to drink coffee with a little sweetener and half a tea spoon of coconut oil .... ideally, i would drop the artificial sweetener and just keep the coconut oil ...


my next doctor appointment is in 11 days & i really hope i can keep up with my current routine since it looks like it's working ... am a bit worried about the effect of coffee on my sleep though .... we'll see how it goes ...

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Fais pas comme moi! Don't do like me! Last night I drank too much coffee and couldn't sleep!!!! I know better, I usually stop drinking coffee by 5...

Looks like you're doing pretty good IsaFrench!

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Did fairly well last week, but just had a relatively large dinner when I should have eating more austerely after yesterday's indulgences at our picnic (chocolate covered pretzels and potato chips-- I could have skipped the chips but don't regret the pretzels one bit!)  I am not optimistic about tomorrow's weigh in!

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I've lost 300g this week. I'm pleased it's a loss but obviously my 1kg/week goal was wildly unrealistic. Oh we'll, better than a gain :-)

SweetSilver - I'm glad you don't regret the pretzels. We should be able to enjoy good food guilt-free.
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170.0 today. I know why and I had a fine time! Lol. Recommitting!
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so .... i must say i stepped on the scale AFTER having a bath (someone on one of the threads last spring mentionned that she got a slightly lower number compared to stepping on the scale before having her shower .... indeed i noticed a 300 grammes difference today !)


am over the moon, am under 70 kg now, 69,7 to be precise

that makes it 153,66 pounds

so a 2 kg loss for me this week


hoping i can keep it up !

it's a relatively "simple" eating plan, i don't get hungry ... but ... am not eating quite the same as the rest of my family, which i find a bit hard

(also what is hard on my is "saying no" on social occasion = Saturday a week ago, i litteraly pigged out at a buffet full of junk food ....

this afternoon i'm going to a group talk & i know there will be a whole platefull of cookies in the middle of the table...

tomorrow evening i'm going to another group talk at dinner time, they provide pizzas,which i don't want to eat, so in order to not look nor feel a-social  ... last time i braught a baked 6 eggs omelette with a grated carrot and half a grated zucchini in it, to share ....)


and i don't know why the coconut oil "works" (i started using it because i have had gut issues - you don't want to know the details if it's meal time for you right now ....lol) but it does, provided that i don't eat any starch (so no rice, potatoes, pasta, pizza, bread, etc ....), i don't eat any sugar either (but i eat 2 or 3 pieces of fruit a day), i don't eat dairy either.


typically for a meal, what i eat is a small portion of protein topped with one teaspoon full of coconut oil

as well as a large portion of vegetables topped with one tablespoon full of coconut oil

I like salt, no, i love salt actually ....  and find it difficult to do without so i do use salt on my vegetables, maybe more even than an average person

(... and i still lost all that weight this week, it's something to do with long chain fatty acids or something in the coconut oil ....)


i also try to eat one mixed salad a day (the base is a raw stuff, spinach leaves or salad or grated whatever i have on hand , plus either sprouted lentils or sprouted mungo beans, + i add whatever steamed veggies left over from the previous day)

when i have the time i use my blender to make soup (am presently defrosting some frozen spinach and green beans, will liquidize them and then heat it up .... and add a tablespoon of coconut oil in my bowl)


for breakfast i make a variation of the Budwig cream (to deal with my gut problems) since it gives me a "raw" breakfast = i whizz one table spoon of buckwheat in a coffee grinder, add the juice of half a lemon (this is a crucial step, for the digestion of the raw buckwheat), then a teaspoon of almond paste, a teaspoon of walnut oil, half a mashed banana and either berries (frome my freezer) or i (more often) grate one apple (with the fine grinder)


now, in the past, i wasn't able to last too many weeks on the coconut oil diet ...

am really hoping "i'll be good this coming week" (baby steps, one week at a time !!!) and will not fall in the trap of eating starch or sugar or milk ......

psychologically, there seem to be something that has changed in me, i don't know what or why but i do hope i'll keep on loosing weight from now on .... and no longer fall in the trap of emotional eating (10 years ago already i was planning to NOT be "fat and fourty" .... so now that i'm neary my 50th birthday, i really really would like to loose my excess weight ....until now, there was always something that cropped up and caused my plans to crumble miserably ...)

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Had a rough couple days foodwise but still weighed in at 236.3 so yay!

Eta I typod my weight the first time, its correct now!

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I am STILL at 213. I didn't get to the gym all week. Funeral, more late nights, general sad feelings...blah blah blah.


I tried to get motivated to get back on schedule this morning but I just couldn't do it. I'm inclined to blame it on the caffeine consumption over the past week. I normally don't drink very much, but I've had several Diet Dr Peppers and I know it is affecting my sleep and making it hard to get up in the morning. :(

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153.2. I think that's another gain for me, but I feel surprisingly good. I think I might actually post a loss next week.
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Managed to squeak in .5# loss this week.  That can be bad because now I'm thinking, "Hey, now I can have a huge bag of dark chocolate pretzels every week!"  Yeah, um, no......


I'll do my austere day today to kick the week off in a good way.  Still haven't been getting my walks in, though cleaning up every @#$$%! toy in the house wasn't so easy!

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SO happy! That was my goal for the whole challenge, but I already reached it, so my new goal for the end of May is 180 :)

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150.5 this morning.  I didn't get in any workouts last week, arghhh.... and I ate bad.  I am going to San Diego next week and want to focus this week so I can be a little more flexible next week.  Ran this morning already!  DH and I are going to run every day with the kids in the stroller.  Good luck everyone.

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Checking in at 180. joy.gif
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Chloe'smama that's a good idea, I really regret saying no to a jogging stroller (well, we had 2 normal ones and back then I didn't jog). I think I'd feel insecure jogging with a normal stroller. What kind do you have?

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Same weight this morning, 176.6.  *sigh*  I'm progressing on C25K, tomorrow will be week 5, workout 3, my first 20 minute run.  I've probably had a bit too many carbs in my diet, and way too much fast food the past 2 weeks.

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