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169 today.
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Originally Posted by Amandamarie View Post

204.5. Frustrating!!! I lost 1 1/2in off my hips though.smile.gif

I lost an inch off my hips too... I feel more lift in my gluteus maximus area. My weigh in doesn't prove it (although muscle weighs more so shrug.gif) lol.

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Sorry for the late weigh in. I am 133.4.

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Originally Posted by Jaxy View Post

Anybody craving junk due to SPM? Grr!

It turns out my cycle was just starting.  I don't keep track of that stuff, just have a vague notion of when it's time.  But it made perfect sense that it was why I was suddenly hungry and craving fats and heavy food.  And it gives me hope that this is will be brief and I can get back to business.  


I get frustrated because I have already lost these 10# before (as if they were the same 10, but they might as well be!)  So, instead of the 65# I needed to lose from my top weight, it's 75 and that is a blow.  I must stop looking at the big picture, it can be dizzying!

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I'm a stress eater. :( 

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I'm at 164.5. yay slowly but surely the pounds are coming off. I haven't been this weigh in years even though I still have a ways to go until I hit my goal weight which is 150... I set it at 150 pounds because I never thought I would even get close to 150 being that I weighed 209. Now that I see results I don't think I would stop at 150.. My weight loss/ healthy eating habits and lifestyle  have changed my whole life from my Job to my attitude to my out look on life.. I would always hear that saying "If I can do it anybody can do it" and I would think ya right not me and now I have proven myself wrong..  I know now that if I can do it anyone else can do it to.. Enjoy your week ladies. I wish u all success this week..

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142.6. I gained this week :(

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You ladies are doing great!


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67.6kg (149lb)

Only a 200g loss but more than I deserve considering how much chocolate I've eaten this week eyesroll.gif
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Is Monday upon us already?  This last week was a complete bust!

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153.66 lb again, plateau-ing....

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133.4 this week. I seem to be maintaining at the moment.

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135.4 this week.yikes2.gif I guess I must have had too much fun.2whistle.gif I will definitely try harder this week.thumb.gif

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152.6. I realize that is still above my initial starting weight, but at least it's a decline from the past few weeks. I've been feeling pretty discouraged.
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This week has been a stressful week. A very late start of my period and then stuff at home happens that causes me to think that we should just move away from here and never come back....we live with FIL and is a hoarder, but thinks I don't do anything around the house even though I do clean the house but within limits so it doesn't make him angry... make sense huh? I can't make this house look like like a Martha Stewart magazine if it already was a disaster since I moved here. But boy, does he make me feel awful...He thinks I just sit on the couch, watch soap operas and eat bonbons all day...crap.gif DBF reassured me that I am can only do my best around here and have been doing a good job so he's not sure what he is complaining about.... *sigh* ...just two years left until I finish my degree and can move out. greensad.gif  It's so far away....


WOW, sorry about the vent. lol. Besides that though, I have been exercising and eating well. My weigh in today is 133.4.

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I worked really hard the past week and it's paying off :) Also still no sign of my periods... what!

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This week was so rotten, I'll take it!  Now, how to get myself back on track?  I've had 3 different well-intentioned days to reboot my eating habits, and both have failed miserably.  Try again today?

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Back at 142 again, sorry team! I only got to exercise once last week due to a sprained ankle :-\
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