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Rebounding - I wish I had known sooner

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I just wanted to share my success story here because I wish I had known about rebounding when I was a new mother! I think it would have made a huge difference. I had always been a jogger, but that just didn't work once I had a baby. We lived in a small row house, and didn't have room for a large piece of home exercise equipment. When my kids got a little bigger, I joined a gym. That was great for awhile, but as the kids have gotten older, it has been hard to fit that in to my schedule.


About three years ago, I bought a mini-trampoline. It has been great. It can fold up and slide under a couch or in a closet in a minute, it is low impact and doesn't bother my sciatica or joints, and it is a great workout. I use a heart rate monitor, and it definitely gets my heart rate up. I have been able to lose weight and stay fit right in my home for not a lot of money. I catch up on TV shows while I jump, and my kids love using it to.


Just passing this on, because it has been a great solution for me, and I wish I had known about this form of exercise earlier.

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Thanks Babayaga! I've done rebounding myself but got bored fairly quickly and found I could only do about ten minutes. Any suggestions?

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I watch old TV series that I missed. Right now, I am on season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I miss exercising outside, but I cant run due to injuries. Buffy gets me out of bed even when I don't feel like exercising. If you watch half an episode, it's 22 minutes and of course Netflix holds your place. Buffy is almost over, so then I get to pick a new series... Game of Thrones? True Blood?
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If you like Buffy, try the spin-off - Angel. I like it :)

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I also like to excersize on my mini trampoline! I really have never thought of watching the TV because I was always focusing on the kids playing and running around. This idea though is a pretty good one, considering that I never have time to catch up on my favorite shows (I'm sure you have never heard that one before). I will have to try this out later tonight!




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Best Rollerblades for Women

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Rebounding? Do you jump or run in place? Sounds fun!
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Either, but jumping is more fun. I run in place to kick up the intensity for HIIT when I am up for that.
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You have an advice for a specific piece of equipment?

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Well, the good news is that you can buy a cheap rebounder for $50 or so from a place like Walmart. The bad news is, I think it actually does matter whether you are using a cheap rebounder or a high quality one. I did a lot of research a few years ago and went somewhat upscale with the cellerciser. It folds, and was sturdy. But I found that as I rebounded nearly every day, I started to get lower back pain. I've just upgraded to the crazily expensive Bellicon. It costs around $750. On the other hand, that is still inexpensive compared to most other pieces of home exercise equipment. I do have significantly less back pain with the Bellicon because it is a softer jump. The jumpsport would also be another to consider. It has a softer bounce but is about half the cost of the Bellicon. I figured it was worth it to spring for the top of the line, because after rebounding for three years,I'm certain this will be an important part of my fitness routine for years to come.
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Thx babayaga!

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