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Weekly Chat! March 25 - 31

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Anyone want a big guffaw?   (no, I have no affiliation with the website producing all these giggles for me today, just stumbled across it this afternoon)


I just found ScaryMommy.com and had a good laugh reading through these about horrible things people say to pregnant women:  http://www.scarymommy.com/category/coping-with-the-general-public/   and this one regarding baby items you do NOT need to bother buying: http://www.scarymommy.com/10-things-you-really-dont-need-for-baby/  (since I've BTDT with several of the items and can relate)


Another one that is wise food for thought for those of you expecting your first and are not too entrenched in your mommying ways:  http://www.scarymommy.com/when-mother-knows-best-its-the-worst/   --just describes that if you don't step back and let the father get in there and do things his way without you hovering over him and micromanaging, you might end up stuck with 99.9% of all the parenting chores forever because you basically set it up that way since birth.  It's really true. I think I'll try this since my fiance is a newbie parent and still trainable. :)

Oh and this one just made me cackle with abandon describing women without children, which may be only funny if you are a mom already but kind of good to read if you are expecting your first so you can identify a few elements that are about to VANISH from your life:  http://www.scarymommy.com/youre-probably-not-a-mother-if/


Hope some of you enjoy a good giggle.


Other than that, how is everyone?  I'm 13 weeks, or 14 if you count the NT scan dating, which I don't.  No more nausea, feeling relatively energetic, good libido, yay that first trimester is basically done!  :)

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I'm 16w tomorrow and I feel okay. I still get headaches frequently, but other than that, it's been okay.
I agree with what you said about letting the significant other have a say. DH and I do everything 50/50 with our son and it's wonderful.
When people used to see me out with out DS, they'd ask who was babysitting him. I'd say, "He's with DH... Who is not babysitting because that's his Dad." I hear girls all the time respond saying their DH is babysitting. Drives me crazy. That was my random rant for the day. smile.gif
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Serafina, I'll have to check out that website, it sounds like an entertaining read!

CDsMom, I get where you're coming from. You're partners in parenting. I think many people still have that traditional view that if mom stays home and dad makes the money then that means dad is not involved in being a parent.

AFM: carrot.gif DH and I were intimate for the first time in 3 months! broc1.gif
In not so exciting news: we bought a new fridge. The old one died and you'd be amazed at how few stores carry fridges in stock. When you need a fridge you kinda need one NOW, not a week from now.
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I'm 14 weeks today!

We've got our second prenatal appointment tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing the heartbeat since we haven't yet. I've seen it beating on the ultrasound at 9 weeks but hearing it is going to be awesome. And then this weekend we're FINALLY going public. I'm still enjoying it being just between the two of us since I'm not really a person to enjoy being the center of attention a lot, but it will be nice not to have to worry about watching my language so to speak. And finding some sort of BS explanation for explaining why I haven't tried all the nice new microbrews this season to my beer-liking friends is getting exhausting.

Other than that I am FINALLY getting over this horrible cold I was having. I learned that it was okay for me to take nyquill in limited amounts which REALLY REALLY helped getting some sleep this weekend so I could actually function. Lemon ginger tea in copious quantities just wasn't enough at that point.


I also bought a snoogle this weekend in anticipation of wanting more support in sleeping later on and I actually already love it since that's pretty much how I sleep anyway. And for my fiance's benefit it keeps me from rolling over and stealing all HIS bed space too.

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I posted in the gender thread already, but for those who haven't seen it, I'm having a girl!!


I don't know why I was so surprised, because 3 of my 4 kids are girls, but I am.  As much as I thought I wanted my son to have a little brother, now I'm kind of happy that he'll still be my only boy.  He's so different from my girls, and so so spoiled, but in the best ways.


I'm in the midst of a horrible head cold, complete with nasty body aches.  The silver lining being that my headaches seem to have let up for the time being.  


We got over a foot of snow the last couple days, so we're digging out from that, but it seems to be melting fairly quickly.  Hopefully this will be winter's last hurrah, and it will finally start warming up.

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Tell me there are plenty of you dealing with this:

Beastly hairy areolae.  Mine have sprouted all kinds of hairs, even my chest in between.  I feel like Wolverine.


I've been singing a lament after my post morning shower coconut oil rubdown when I had to face my expanding blob of a bod plus hairy boobs, and feeling very "Oh woe is me!"


Hairy areolae

How could this be?

Hairy areolae

No, not to me!

Hairy areolae

I don't feel sexy!

Hairy areolae, 
Don't look at me,

Hairy areolae,

Oh what can I do?
Hairy areolae,

I refuse to shave you.

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Serafina, no hairy nipples but i swear I'm getting sideburns...
Its so hard to not buy cute baby stuff. My husband has this memory that i said we wouldn't but anything until 20 weeks. I have no memory of saying that. My 20 week ultrasound is on a Saturday so we'll go then to one of the big baby stores to comparison shop/decide what we want.
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I'm not even tempted to buy baby stuff until we know the gender.

But the infant carseat was already given by a friend, so that's nice.  I still have an Ergo from a decade ago.

I need to think diapers, and a stroller/carriage (bed attachment for infants, moving to reclinable chair attachment for older babe/toddler).  I'll be pushing that thing a mile each way to the nearest bus stop in horrific winter conditions so it's really gotta have serious tires on it and plenty of room underneath for grocery shopping.  They tend to have 4-digit price tags.... I hope a grandparent offers to take me shopping for one.  Hello, it's the first grand baby! Someone offer to buy a big ticket baby item please!  We just bought a big house.....

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We've only bought a buggy/pram and car seat so far. It was really cheap on eBay. I just can't bring myself to buy anything else till I at least feel pregnant.
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I'm weird though and have used looking at baby stuff as my procrastination tool of choice thorough grad school so now that I'm actually pregnant i can hardly wait.
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This time round we hardly have to buy anything which is good! All we need to get is a new cot mattress and a woven wrap. If the baby is a boy we'll have to buy more clothes as we only have girl's clothes. Also, a friend is giving me her breast pump and another friend is giving me her old moses basket, both of which will save us lots of money.


In other news, I am so sick of this weather! It's been snowing on and off for over a month now, although thankfully it's not getting deep. This time last year it was about 80 degrees F, while just now we're barely above freezing which is just depressing. I'm desperate to make nettle soup but the snow and cold is preventing the nettles from coming up.

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If this baby is really a girl we don't have to buy much at all. My dd is only 20 months and was SPOILED so we have an over abundance of clothes still. All I think we'll need is a new diaper bag, socks, a couple outfits of her own, some swaddling blankets, and fabric for her quilt. And probably some cute props for newborn pics 😊

I need some advice/opinions/what have you about my dd. Like I said she's 20 months old. We just bought her a new toddler bed to get her used to it before baby is due. She always slept in her crib in her room from 4-18 1/2 months. Then one day she had serious anxiety about being in her room, which happened to be right when the peak of my m/s hit. We decided to let her sleep with us for awhile, but I knew it would be short lived. We just aren't the family bed type. So we started the process of moving her back in her room and into her new bed. It's been 4 nights and she has gotten significantly better each night. Last night she was great. Didn't cry or panic when I left, just "read" her book and fell asleep. Slept all night. The problem is that she's choosing to sleep on her floor.... She pulls her blankets and pillow off the bed and lays next to her bed. She seems well rested. I have decided not to move her once she's asleep because she will wake up. An I doing the right thing leaving her? Will she ever sleep in her bed? Anyone else ever experience this?
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MamaMash, I did that for a while when I was a kid. At first it was a novelty, "Look! I can sleep anywhere I want!" and I think my mom just decided that if I was sleeping, that was the best she could ask for since I was a non-sleeper usually. Eventually it just became really comfortable and I think the cat loved it since she got the bed to herself! At some point before I went to grade 1, I stopped and went back to sleeping on the bed, not sure why.



I do have a friend though who cured some of her insomnia issues by realizing that a giant blanket "nest" on the floor was more helpful than a bed and she's pretty much never slept in a bed since.

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MamaMash my 7 year old does that, loves to fall asleep on the floor, and when he was sleeping on the floor on a mattress when we were about to move last year, he always always ended up on the hardwood floor and never stayed in his mattress.

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Serafina-if you can, troll the local resale shops.  Occasionally you can find the more expensive strollers and other baby gear for so much less than new.  Given your situation, I definitely think it's worth it for you to spend the money to get an excellent stroller either way.  Craigslist can also occasionally have some good finds.  The only problem with looking for used is that you generally have to be constantly on the look out for exactly what you want, and know the different brands, prices, and features, so you can make an immediate decision as to whether it's worth it or not.  


My areola aren't really any hairier that I've noticed, but shaving my legs is a waste of time.  They're literally stubbly within an hour of shaving them.  I've been getting hairs on my chin, too.  :(


The implications of another girl are starting to set in, as in, I got rid of almost all of my girl clothes my last pregnancy when we found out it was a boy.  At the time I figured he was my last, as it was a hard sell to have a 4th with my ex.  That being said, I am such a minimalist when it comes to baby stuff, it's really not a big deal.  What WILL be a big deal is keeping the super excited grandma from going bezerk and buying ridiculous frilly dresses and all that kind of stuff.  I told DF that if he manages one thing, let it be impressing upon his mom that I don't want or need that kind of stuff, and I'm not going to play "lets put it on the baby once for grandma to see."  I will have 5 kids.  "I ain't got time for that!" lol  She's already trying to talk me, the four kids, and DF into all wearing pink on Easter as the gender announcement to family.  Not. Gonna. Happen.  My older girls would likely refuse to leave the house if forced to wear pink frilly dresses.  It's hard to say no, because she is so excited, but I learned the hard way with my ex-inlaws, if I don't hold my ground on some things, it will eventually degrade to my being disregarded all the time.


The only other necessities I can fathom are an infant seat, diapers because I gave all mine to my friend who is and will be using them at that point and I don't mind updating my stash to streamline it, and probably some blankets and socks and minor things that even if I still have I wouldn't know where to look for.  I could likely do without the infant carseat as we have a convertible I can move my son out of to a larger seat, but dad wants one for ease of in and out of the car, and I'm thinking I probably will relish the few extra moments of sleeping/secured baby coming in out of the car to get the other littles in the house and situated. 

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We'll just have to buy bedroom stuff... If it's a boy. If it's a girl, we'll have to buy a lot more.

Since we aren't finding out the sex, I'm thinking of having a gender neutral shower or a diapers only shower... I don't really know. I'm 16w and haven't done jack crap for this baby.
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We haven't bought anything, but have received a couple things as gifts. I am planning to check out yard sales this summer!

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Haven't bought anything, but was gifted some baby clothes by my mother (last week was the only time I will see her till this Summer, and she was excited to be the first one to buy anything for the baby).

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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

I don't really know. I'm 16w and haven't done jack crap for this baby.

This is exactly how I feel. Ok, I've made one diaper, really more to try out the sewing machine than to prepare for a baby.

And, serafina, I'm in the hairy boob club with you!

On the fridge front: the new one is louder than the old one... we may be exchanging it. It's a Frigidaire, the old one a Whirlpool. Anyone have an opinion on either brand?
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Originally Posted by dakipode View Post

This is exactly how I feel. Ok, I've made one diaper, really more to try out the sewing machine than to prepare for a baby.

And, serafina, I'm in the hairy boob club with you!

On the fridge front: the new one is louder than the old one... we may be exchanging it. It's a Frigidaire, the old one a Whirlpool. Anyone have an opinion on either brand?



My dad sells appliances. He has made the comment Frigidaire "is crap". Beyond that, I don't have any specifics as to why.  When anyone has bought appliances, he generally encourages us to get Samsung. He has also said the only appliance worth buying the extended warranty or service plan on is a fridge.

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