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Oh Em, that's so unfortunate. I really really hope for you that your relationship improves, and that you can find your peace and happiness. I wish there were more that we could do to help.


revolting, I agree, the birth story is so gut wrenching and honest and real. But as the blog continues, you can see the mother come to terms and eventually not even understand what she was so upset about. So I think it says a lot about people/mothers and the capacity to adapt and love.


AFM, my husband and I just got back from the doctor's appt, and it was AMAZING. We heard our sweet little baby's heartbeat for the first time, and it was so so special. S/he is pitter pattering along at 160 bpm, and it was such a loud, strong, clear heartbeat. The doctor said it sounded perfect, and we are incredibly happy, and I'm over the moon and relieved. I can finally, offically, breathe. I've been so terrified for the past 12 weeks of something being wrong, or of the doctor not being able to find the heartbeat, and of losing my little baby. I could cry from the release and happiness I feel. Now I know that when I talk to my baby, or my husband rubs my bump and talks to our baby, it's really happening, and s/he is in there listening and feeling our love.

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What birth story?  Who's Nella? What blog?  uhoh3.gif

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Oh and I wanted to share that DP officially proposed last weekend.  joy.gif  He's so shy and introverted, that even though I picked out rings in 2011 and he bought them, he's been waiting for the perfect moment since then (and a couple thwarted attempts as special occasions had unexpected awfulness happen and ruin his chance) so I've been getting really impatient!  I have pretty much considered us engaged anyways, as we've discussed which summer we would have the wedding, etc, and the rings bought long ago, but still, it was an amazing moment when he officially got down on one knee.

I've been super down and moody in February and March (basically all the time I've known I am pregnant, so part of it first trimester blahs) and I feel like that has all been totally lifted and I am on cloud nine!  I'm so in love, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.  Still don't feel excited about the baby, oddly enough.  I guess that will come in time.....

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Congrats Serafina! There is something totally magical and lovely about that down on one knee moment.  I remember it like it was yesterday


revolting- if you don't mind my asking, how high were the levels and were you able to get them down over a period of time? fortunately DS's levels were at the low end of elevated (13).  I talked to the nurse in the health department today and she said that considering we've been living in a 100+ year old house that is in a constant state of renovation for the past 1.5 years it is pretty amazing his levels are so low and we must be doing something right to protect him.  That at least made me feel a little less like a terrible parent.   We're going to do lead testing in the house to figure out exactly what needs immediate attention. Especially before we have another little one in here.


dahlia- isn't that heart beat such a sweet sound. I couldn't stop smiling after hearing it. It made the whole pelvic exam part of the appointment cake. I can't wait to hear it again at my 16 wk visit at the end of April!

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Em, I also hope you find a better place in your relationship. That sounds like a tough spot to be in. hug2.gif


Congrats Serafina! That's so exciting!


So glad your appointment went well Dahlia! I'm happy you have some reassurance now. I know the feeling. Also, thanks for the blog link. The birth story was very powerful and moving. I will have to read more of her blog!

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Ciga- Yes! It's such an amazing thing to hear :) I have my next appt on April 18th, and I can't wait to hear it again!


Slammerkin- Thank you! Her blog is really good, it's not always about special needs, but it's a theme throughout.


Serafina- Congrats!

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uhoh3.gif I'm such a dingbat! Sorry I hadn't seen the new thread no wonder I thought it was quiet around here. 

Serafina! Congratulations that's such great news! How sweet your dp wanted to wait for the perfect time. 

Dahlia - I am so happy to hear your appt went so well and you got to hear your wee bubs heartbeat! It's so reassuring!

Em- I'm sorry your stuck in a difficult relationship! I hope you can find some relief in the near future. You definitely don't need the extra stress.


as for the weekly question - I hope for dh's sake this baby is a girl, he so desperately wants a daughter. And for me I have spent the last 9weeks praying to the universe to let me keep this precious baby growing well inside my womb, the thought of miscarriage again just breaks my heart and I'm not sure i could ever try again if we did. Being at 12weeks is quite reassuring though. 

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I guess last week's chat was so juicy it had to continue until wednesday the following week!  lol.gif


C'mon guys, visit the Oct DDC main page sometimes (say, once a week?) so you can see if any new thread topics have been posted.  :)

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We had our NT scan today at 11w0d. It took the tech a while to get a really good shot, but she finally got a perfect one and everything looked good. We got to see baby moving and wiggling like crazy, which was very cool! Got to see hands and feet and elbows and all! I had blood drawn as well, so hopefully that all comes back good too. Feeling pretty happy today. orngbiggrin.gif

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How about whoever starts the new weekly thread, just posts a link to it in the previous week?

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Slammerkin, so happy that your appt went well! Yay for wiggly little babies! I'm glad to hear you feeling so upbeat and happy today :)

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Double post
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Yay for a great scan Slammerkin!
A link would be a great idea, I'm in a different hemisphere and a day ahead of y'all so prone to not seeing things as I forget it's only Tuesday night there (USA) when it's already Thursday here. SCAN DAY HERE!!!! Finally! Not until dinner time though. Will post photos later on tonight :-)
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Yay, enjoy your scan Danielle!! So exciting! Mine is bright and early tomorrow morning :) I can't wait to see your pics!


The fact that not everyone is in the same time zone is a good point about why the link is a good idea. Plus, we've all got pregnancy brain lol.

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My pregnancy brain is terrible, I only know what day it is because its my wedding anniversary and scan day. I did forget it was market day and mufti day at school uhoh3.gif

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Ok, market day is easy for me to decode... but I'm struggling with mufti day? haha, sorry, clueless over here!

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Oh, and you guys... I can't stop eating saurkraut.

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:-) Dahlia, sorry Mufti here means the kids don't wear their uniforms they just wear normal plain clothes like they would outside of school. 

Hehe Yummo! Sauerkraut is good! 

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I just noticed the new thread...woops.

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Haha sorry Danielle :) That's a nice fun day for the kids, I'm sure! I'm still anxiously awaiting your scan pictures!


John, no worries :) How are you doing?

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