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Shiloh- I also swore I felt movement at 11 weeks. (mine are usually early movers, but I don't recall it ever being this early) Of course, my DH laughed at me and told me it might be a little early. At 12 weeks, I continue to feel the same flutters in the same place. Usually when I'm laying quietly. I'm growing more convinced that I'm not crazy! biglaugh.gif

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Ugh, DP doesn't feel so excited about accepting this gift from my family.  Will need to convince him....


I felt movement two days ago, and that is just 13.5 weeks into the pregnancy (tomorrow I'm 14 weeks). very low, very subtle.

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Can I just vent that my ex and his girlfriend had their second baby this week and my youngest told me today that he was told (he couldn't remember if it was his grandmother -my ex MIL- or his dad's girlfriend who said it) that his siblings that his dad and the girlfriend have are his pure siblings, whereas any babies that I have with my partner are strictly half-siblings, and (and I quote him who is 7 and very honest) "because it matters more to have the same daddy than to have the same mommy."


Slow, deep inhale.  Long, wavering exhale.  Rinse, repeat.  I've told them all along that the term 'half-sibling' means that you share one parent and if there is no 'half' it means you have both parents in common. (I've checked about how it translates in this country and it is not something lost when translated into English.)   I've always told them that the term 'half-sibling' is just to provide more information about how many parents you have in common (like 'stepbrother' or 'stepmother' provides information and avoids confusion), but that it doesn't make the sibling any less special or important or the love between such siblings any less.  I've never tried to make them feel that their dad's new kids are less important than the ones being born from my womb, or implied any judgment at all.  Why would anyone try to minimize the importance of a 7 year old's mother, directly to that child's face?  Horrible, whoever said it.

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Serafina - What a jerk thing to say! Why isn't ur partner excited about the gift? That sounds wonderful!
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daddy than to have the same mommy
Just tell your kid wink1.gif we always know who the real mom is but sometimes we need Mr Springer to tell us who the daddy is!
Ex's are ex's for a reason.
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Shiloh-I could have sworn I felt my second move for the first time at 11 weeks. My midwife told me it was totally possible!

Serafina-I'm stunned that someone would say that to a 7-year-old! It sounds like you handled things well with him, but it really is a horrible thing to say!

Things have been kind of crazy for me this week. I've been worrying a lot about a miscarriage. I had some cramping a few days ago that really felt more like Braxton Hicks contractions, but I'm only 9 weeks, so it seems a little early to be feeling them. I talked to my midwife SIL who told me that I was probably right and that it's normal to get crampier with each pregnancy. They went away, buy it gave me a scare. I've certainly never felt them this early!

Also, we had a birthday party for my second son on Friday. All the cleaning and baking and cooking wiped me out. I passed out almost immediately after the last guest left!

I don't think I have any secret fears. My fears are well known, to DH if no one else. I mostly fear any issue that would risk me out of a homebirth. The hospital in my area would not be my first choice for a birth place.

Anyway, tomorrow's my first appointment with my midwife. I'm just desperately hoping she can pick up a heartbeat!
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Serafina - you poor things having to deal with that, what kind of person says such a thing to a child. It's ridiculous and hugely upsetting, huge hugs to you!

i hope your partner comes around in accepting the gift from your mum. It's wonderful parents can help out. And one day as parents yourselves you may do the same for your children.


Gracisue - I hope your appt goes well with your midwife and she is able to hear baby's heartbeat. I too had major fears of miscarriage and thankfully they were squashed by hearing my babies heart eating away on the Doppler. I am finding that resting is paramount or I am risking feeling so awful and broken. 

My last baby was a home birth and I want the same again for this bub, I would struggle hugely not birthing at home. 



joy.gif13WEEKS TODAY! second trimester which is so exciting. Feeling wee flutters and the occasional kick in there. Will be a few weeks before dh is able to feel too. Now it feels like time is flying by. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

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Ugh I can't seem to get multi-quote to work on my tablet so I can respond to all I've missed! I'll just hope that everyone had a happy a happy Easter with their loved ones and try my best to keep up better next week!

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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post

Ex's are ex's for a reason.


You are a wise woman Shiloh!  smile.gif

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