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Need comments

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Hi, i just had an ultrasound and they measured 6 weeks but no heart beat and enlarged yolk sac. The tech said I just wait for doc's call and see whats next? Does that mean something is abnormal? Help
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How far along do you think you are?

If there was no heartbeat, maybe it is a bit too early to see it?
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Acccording to LMP, I should be 9 weeks but the doc said I might have ovulated late so did an ultrasound and it measured 9 weeks
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Sorry 6 weeks
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6 weeks spot on is a bit too early.

I had a us at 6+6 very similar and they made me come back in two weeks just to make sure.

Mine didn't end well but I did a ton of research so i remember reading 6 weeks is a bit too early.

There can be variablity with ovulation, conception and implantation. 

At 6 weeks its about 3mm and i think grows 1mm a day, if you were off by 3 days it might only be 1mm.

There are many stories on the internet of things going both ways.

it is way too early to give up hope.

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The heart does start to beat right around 6 weeks, so it could very well be that it was just a couple of days too soon.

As for 9 weeks by LMP, but 6 weeks by u/s measurements, you absolutely could have had delayed ovulation due to stress, travel (if I fly during AF, my ovulation will be delayed by two weeks), illness, etc. And some people don't have 28-30 day cycles to begin with, and ovulation is usually around 14 days before AF, so that can make a big difference in pregnancy dating as well.

As for what your u/s means, unfortunately there's no way to tell from just this one scan, or even from a scan plus quantitative HCG test. The only way to know if the pregnancy is progressing normally is to go in for a repeat u/s a week or so from the first scan to see if the expected growth has taken place. Please don't let a doctor convince you of anything without a repeat u/s!

Sending you positive thoughts for a healthy, sticky bean.
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