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When did your MW hear your baby's hb by doppler?

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I am 9+4 today, she thought she heard it briefly, me and dp didn't.

She tried last week 8+4 and we both thought we heard it for 2-3 seconds.

In the same spot.  This is baby #5.

She said she should hear it between 10-11 weeks so wasn't worried.

I hear of women owning their own and hearing it but they can try for 10 minutes,

my mw just gave it a 3 minute try kind of thing.

She offered me an ultrasound if I was worried but said I shouldnt be worried so I declined.

So i am interested in when did you hear it and was it your own doppler or your healthcare providers.

(and not interested in ultrasound "heard it" cause that's different technology ;)

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Hi Shiloh-

I am stalking, waiting for someone's comment - I have a MW appointment tomorrow at 11 weeks exactly, and I am really hoping we can hear it...

I will report back!

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My midwife heard the heartbeat at 8 weeks two days but seemed happily surprised to find it so easily.  This appointment I was 12 and two and it took longer to find but once she did it was nice and strong. She said at this stage its all about positioning to find it with the doppler even with a nice strong hb.

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I had an OB but he found it instantly at about 8 weeks... He never had to search for it but I think he was just really good at what he did. He was also a professor and often had students with him, the students always had troubles, they were searching nowhere near where they should have been lol (even when I was like 39 weeks).

He's probably done it 50 times a day for the past 30 years though.

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Sometimes you can have an anterior placenta and that may block the Doppler. I would not b Concerned. Relax, don't buy a Doppler, you still need experience to distinguish between placental beat and baby's heart.
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As far as I know dopplers are super expensive, and a "get what you pay for" item.


I'm 9 weeks and I meet my midwife in a couple days. I'm not sure if she'll try to hear the heartbeat or not, but I'm thinking I might not want to try because I'll worry if we don't hear one even though it's a bit early.

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12 to 14 weeks,  but lmp dating doesn't work for me so I was probably closer to 10 weeks??? Trans-vag us picked it up very clearly and dated me at 10ish weeks with my last one.

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My OB's student heard it at 10 weeks exactly, but she was excited & said they "never believe her" (joking disbelief, not calling her a liar, haha) that she can hear them that soon. DH & I laughed and said we'd heard it, too, so we'd vouch for her. DH & I did hear it earlier on our own, but like a PP said, we had aaallllll afternoon to play around and position it just so.


If it makes you worry less, we saw an L&D nurse with years of experience (in ER bc I was spotting, but turned out fine) at 14 + 2, and it took her like 10 - 15 minutes to fnd it, while we feared the worst & were nearly frantic for the health of our baby. I'm just saying, a lot of the success is in the hands of the dopptone operator.

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None at 9 weeks, but nice strong one at 13 weeks.  I suspect we would have heard it a week before that, but since I only see her once in a while at the outset, we'll never know.  :)


(I think it was similar with my first kiddo as well.)

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11 weeks with both of my boys when we hear it so try not to worry

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I didn't even see my MW until 11 weeks. She heard it then but it took her a while to fiddle around. I'd say you are fine since she did say at the appointment "I'm going to try to find the HB but we might not get it this time." 

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Heard it briefly w/MW's Doppler at 14 weeks. Nice and clear. My MW tried at my 10 week onitial visit, but it was too early (and I have a retroverted uterus).
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My doctor won't even try until 12 weeks because it is considered unreliable before then and he doesn't want to create undue stress by not being able to find it.

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My MW won't use a doppler.  She uses the old-fashioned non-electronic fetoscope which means I probably won't hear the hb until 12 weeks-ish, and I'm okay with that.

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8 weeks 2 days, and I was TOTALLY shocked. Everything I read online said you can't hear it with a doppler till at least 10 or 12 weeks. But I'm sure of my dates, and my mw found it immediately. I was so, so relieved! But everything I've read says it's totally normal to not hear it for a few more weeks with doppler. But apparently I'm not the only one to hear it so early. (And I did end up with an anterior placenta, so still kind of surprised by it.)

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MW and I thought we heard it twice at 8+3. I shoulda taped it as we both were in disbelief. It was only 2-3 seconds long though. So I do believe u!
Pregnancy brain - lol I was 8+3 and 9+3 not +4.
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Heard it with my own doppler at 9w (we tried at 7w5d, but couldn't get it in the office). 

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She tried again.
I am 10+1 nothing.
She said by 12 weeks she expects to hear it if not an ultrasound.
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This time mine got a few beats at 6 weeks and a good listen at 10 weeks. Midwife and assistant put at least 5 minutes of work into it. I have a very weird shape early on and with the first two nothing could be found until 14 weeks. With Bee, they did a dopler guided by an ultrasound around 12 weeks so I knew just where to look. Never would have found it with out that.

For me it is strait down from my belly button, then turn the wand and point to my toes. Pressing fairly hard.

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She didn't press that hard,
I am about to cave and get an us.
Or....I dunno. I read all these women online listening to their hb aat home.
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