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When did your MW hear your baby's hb by doppler? - Page 2

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At 9 weeks my doctor couldn't hear it.  At 15 weeks, we could hear it loud and clear.

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Thanks so much mamas!
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I'm a CNM, I start trying at 10 weeks but I call myself lucky if I hear it that early :) I do offer patients an ultrasound for reassurance if I can't find it, though. 

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Oh Katie thank you!
I'm going to wait until I feel movement I think. 5th baby should be sooner than later. My mw said she expects it by 11 weeks...I hear that's more average not by etc
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Around 11 wks is when my midwifes have tried. Last time it even took a while at 11 wks.
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What is "a while"?
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I'd guess at least 5-10 minutes
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Mine didn't hear it 'till 15 weeks, and only tried for a minute or two when I was in at 11wks.
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Shiloh, I just read some of what you wrote in another thread. I understand what I poorly perceived as impatience before- never judge a book. I hope you will hear the heartbeat soon and I hope your mw understand why this is important and will try a little harder at your next appointment. smile.gif
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I would have caved by now and gone for the ultrasound... I'm not a very patient person at all and the not knowing would have driven me insane. I wish I had the patience of some of you ladies!

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Because I'm a loss mama I think my mw was trying to give me reassurance early. That backfired. It sent me spinning. And an us is not the answer to my anxiety it will only show me best case senario a baby that is alive THEN. That will last an hour. When I was quiet I realised I need to feel my baby move first that deffering to medical tests to give me a guess on how healthy my pregnancy is is only going to make me spin. I wasn't like this before pregnancy #5, I knew then something was wrong. (I had a bo) this pregnancy is different much different but not hearing 100% the hb (although we did we couldn't hold it) sent me back to the trauma of being pregnant but not. Then I look at stats like a crack addict looks for a dealer smile.gif so when my mw said she expects to hear a hb by 12 weeks...I freaked more. Now I know they pop up when ready. And that I'm not a stat. And I got to haave some faith and wait to feel my baby move I want to bond and have faith in my body again. I'm rambling. Lol
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Shiloh, I am so happy to hear how this has been for you and the immense thought process here. I am planning on very little monitoring from us and doppler next pregnancy. When I am having doubt and fear, I will think of your strength.
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Double post
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My mw never did a doppler or us.
With my first 4 pregnancies I avoided extra appointments. I was secure in mmy pregnancy. Last timme I panicked as something was wrong my hcg was low my gp said not viable she was right. This pregnancy I'm terrified things will go badly. I'm trying to get back to that confidence in my pregnancy and if I have another loss there's probably nothing I could do. And yes I could go get a hb at 11 weeks and know I don't have another bo but I've met women with 12+ week losses so there's no "safe" time. This time I've told everyone as well lol. So these "checks" don't solve my anxiety. I have to cure that to get my sanity back.
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11 weeks with this one. 10 weeks with the last but if was hard to find.  Don't remember with baby #1. My midwifes (this and last one) said the same thing it's hard to find at 10-11 weeks. If it worries you and you don't want the ultrasound then ask her to try longer.  Tell her you want to hear the babies heartbeat even if it take 10 minutes of looking. 

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Interesting. I guess since standard of care here is first visit at 12 weeks she probably doesn't have much experience with patients under 12
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My MW found mine at 9.5 weeks, but it took her over 5 min of searching.
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