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Diaper Care: Mixing prefolds and Kawaii pockets?

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So far we've been using prefolds and Thirsties covers, and that's been working all right for us. After some issues with stinkiness, this is our current wash routine (laundry done about every 2-3 days in a toploader):


-Cold wash with no soap

-Hot wash with Rockin' Green

-Extra cold rinse

-Dry on high for about 90 minutes (covers go in only sometimes)


I'm thinking about adding some Kawaii pockets to our arsenal, partly to help with the super-wiggly-baby changing issue we've been having lately. However, since they are made of different materials (microfiber, TPU, not sure what else), I'm wondering if our current wash routine is likely to work, or if these diapers will require different care. Any thoughts?

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Well I will tell you what we did. We used fitteds at first (Mother Ease), then added in some pockets (FuzziBunz and Kawaii), now we use the Kawaii pockets as well as Alva Baby and still a few (but not many) fitteds. I haven't had any issues with this at all and the only potential concern I would have is with your drying setup.


The way I wash is a cold rinse then a hot wash with soap (top loader). Then I take out the covers, pocket shells, cloth wipes, and the diaper pail liner and put them in the dryer on the delicate (low) cycle. This takes about 30 min. Then I toss the inserts and fitteds into the dryer on high and that takes about 45-50 minutes. When I only had a few pockets I would hang them up to dry but now that we use a lot of them doing the low dry cycle is easier. So I guess I would dry the pocket shells like you do your covers, the inserts can get treated like your prefolds.

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I mix all sorts of diapers and wash them together, no issue smile.gif however, if you're having stinky issues, I might sway away from MF inserts and buy a different type of insert to use in your pockets.

I've come to learn that I have to dry on high heat( I do check the diapers often, move them around, etc.) and make sure they are completely dry or they smell funky pretty quickly. Line drying isn't an option here in Alaska this time of year lol.
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Once they are prepped (cotton & hemp diapers need to be washed with like diapers for 4+ washes to get the natural oils out and to fluff up), all diaper can be washed together just fine.

I have to say, I am not a Kawaii fan, mine have not held up well at all, they alpix and snap ones are very different and I have little confidence in their manufacturing standards.

If you like Thirsties covers, have a look at their Duo Pockets. The gussets make a big difference and they are one of the few diapers to really fit their size range well. The size two really fit to 40 lb.

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