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Pregnancy symptoms...

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Okay I took a pregnancy test a cpl weeks ago and it was positive my boobs were so sore and I have had a headache about everyday. And had diahrea sorry tmi. So last mon the 18 I was a week late for my period then I started bleeding which was mostly brownish pinkish never heavy never clots. Jus light lasted til wed or Thursday. Never got cramps like a normal period. And I took a test today I still got a very faint line. My boobs are still so sore and I'm so tired and just feel yuck I'm also getting like twinge feelings In my abdomen it tickles kinda. Are these signs of pregnancy? And what are some more besides nausea, thanks
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Hello! You might want to check out the Trying to Conceive and I'm Pregnant forums to talk with others about what their pregnancy symptoms!

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