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Missoula, Montana doulas?

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Hey everyone.  I'm looking for a doula to help out during pregnancy and especially postpartum for my third child. Any suggestions?

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I am bumping your post because I am sure someone knows. Good luck!

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You might try contacting someone at the Lotus Project in Missoula for more information on local doulas. When I lived in Missoula, and had my 1st, they had a "meet the doula" night every so often where pregnant moms and doulas (labor & post-partum doulas) could come together and meet. It was a chance for the pregnant moms to find a doula that was a good fit for them. But they might also have a list of all the local doulas if they don't do the meet ups anymore.

The Lotus Project: http://www.thelotusprojectmt.org/

ETA I just saw this link on the Lotus page:

Plus this is another post-partum doula in Missoula, and I'm not sure she's on that page above:

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Sandhano Danison is a home-birth midwife and a Doula.  She has delivered hundreds of babies and both of mine.  I loved her because she is so knowledgeable and so calm and reassuring.  I learned so much about the my body, the delivery process and taking care of my baby too.   She also is connected with others Doulas and midwives in Missoula and can refer you to people.

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