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Best (or worst) comments made so far?

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Comments people make about my belly never cease to amaze me, most are hilarious (especially when they come from children) some, eh..... not so much. What credit to you deserve for not replying to them with what you really want to say?   Or turning into a puddle of...er tears from the less than tactful comments.





My contribution for this pregnancy.



At a children's party yesterday I was asked by a 4 year old....



"Excuse me, do you have a balloon under your shirt?"





I just smiled and told her, nope that it was a babe and but I don't think she believed me.


What I really wanted to say was.....


"No honey, this weighs a LOT more than a balloon, and it's always pushing on my bladder making it impossible for me to sneeze or laugh without peeing myself."  But I figured that was a little too much...


Credit for NOT keeping it too real.peace.gif

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Ha, ha! We had dinner with my IL's the other night and I was standing in the doorway when my 3 yo nephew looked at me and said: "wow u have a really fat belly!"
I smiled and said "why yes I do, do u know why? I have a baby growing inside there!"
His jaw dropped in amazement and he squeeled "really!?"
I said "yup! Want to feel her?"
"Yes!!!" And he runs over to touch my belly, at which point he got really weirded out and ran away. LOL so cute! So I guess I would catagorize it as not peeing myself smile.gif
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thumb.gif Definitely a NOT peeing moment. Right on BabySmurf!
Don't you just love the little kid reactions?!

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The worst I (continue to) get is "are you sure there aren't twins in there?"  Yesterday someone (a friend and coworker of DP's) just flat out said "You're having twins."  Since DP and I call Baby 'TRex' I usually respond with something about how it's not twins, it's a dinosaur.  Lately DP has been telling people it's triplets (or octuplets) just to see shocked looks on their faces.  The whole "Wow you're really big" thing is getting old.  Especially when it comes from women who have kids!!  Or men.


The best comment to date was a few months ago when my 4 year old nephew says to me, straight faced, "you're not fat, you're sexy!"  Yeah, his Papa has him trained well.

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I would totally go with the "Yep, at least 3 or 4 babes in here." Then follow up with. "and I'm due any minute now!"  See how fast they scatter thumb.gif

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I had to chase my daughter down at the store. I had to try something on and couldn't bring the cart in with me, so once the doors were opened she shot off like a rocket. I came back and explained to the person in charge of the fitting rooms that my daughter is quite a fast little runner since I had left my cart with my boys for a few moments. She said, I'm sure, especially in your condition. I was only about 21 weeks at that point. I was like (in my head), well thanks. Glad to know I'm an invalid. :P I'm sure she didn't mean much by it, but yeah. LOL

My daughter is seriously fast though, even though she's only 22 months. Her daddy has trouble catching up to her when she does that too. I should have sent the lady after her. haha

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I would have liked to see her try and catch your little one too thumb.gif

Credit mama, you're no invalid!

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I'm gonna go with credit for not keeping it too real.  I've gotten several questions where the people seemed to think I was getting close to delivery because of the size of my belly.  One person said I was going to have a big baby.  Another, a pregnant woman, asked me how many weeks I had left. I think it threw her off when I said 14 because she didn't say much after that.  What I would like to say is, "No, I was just fat to begin with and now I'm bloated and my organs are all smooshed up above my uterus.  Thank you for reminding me."

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When asked my due date anymore I just answer "Oh, sometime in the spring" or some other vague answer.  None of their business anyway right?  

Unless, of course, they want the whole 3 course meal of details about what carrying a baby to term entails right?

Well deserved credit mama! thumb.gif

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I just can't stand to hear the old, "You know how that happens, right?"  I'm sure they can tell by my face and fake smile how annoying that is, and I literally have to bite my tongue to be nice.


"Wow, how many do you want/do you plan to have?" is wearing on me too.


Maybe I'm just hormonal!


The comments I like are...

"You look so good." 

"You don't look very big."

"You look beautiful!"

'You do pregnancy so well!"

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Originally Posted by jr'smom View Post

I just can't stand to hear the old, "You know how that happens, right?"

You know the best answer to that one right??



"Yes I do! SEX! and Lots of it!!"  orngbiggrin.gif



I mean really, if they are going to try and be funny why can't we?? Especially good for mamas-of-many thumb.gif 

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I work on a large floor and most people are not in my department. Regularly the men, mostly older, comment how I made it back another day, week, etc. I can't wait to see how they react in June when I'm a lot bigger than I am now!
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They have NO idea how big we can get before birthday!wink1.gif

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Today really  topped all others and my ability to smile and laugh when people make comments is wearing thin!!


Walk into work with DP and a (male) coworker of his says "You're as a big as a house!" Wow. Thank you? Another (female) coworker walks up and starts talking about how great I look and men don't know how big women get during pregnancy. Then she says "and you have, what, 4 more weeks?" Oh, it was forehead slapping!


Leave his work to go buy sunflower seeds for the garden and as I'm looking at all the flower seeds this 80 or so yr old man touches my shoulder and says "don't you think they're growing enough?" Thinking he was talking about flowers I say "Sunflowers? There can never be enough sunflowers!" He responds with "No, I mean your  condition." I seriously had had it at that point. Lucky for the old man he quickly told me he had 4 of his own so he couldn't say much and all his kids were healthy and happy and he hopes the same for mine.


I don't think I want to go out in public anymore! Everyone thinks I'm due any day and they all think I'm having twins!! DP works at the larger of two grocery stores on my small island, so everyone who lives here passes through a few times a week. That and all 150 employees know me and are watching my belly grow. Going in there is just asking for comments from the peanut gallery!


And yet a client of mine who I see almost weekly still hasn't said a thing. Funny what some people think is acceptable commentary on others bodies.

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I have not had many comments about my size, and most of my coworkers are really nice and just say compliments. But one comment that I get very commonly is,"Is this your fist?" along with a pity face, and then when I respond, nope, I have two girls already, the pity face turns into a very very surprised face along with a "Really, is this the third already..."


 I mean, come on people, three is not too much, I try to get this as a compliment, maybe I look very young to have my third already.

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Today one of my coworkers pulled me aside to express her concern over the health of my baby--apparently she thinks I'm "too skinny" and she is "really worried" about me. She practically begged me to eat, as if I'm starving myself or somethig. It was just so odd and unexpected.

With my first I gained 37 lbs and got plenty of negative comments about my size--people implying that I was taking advantage of the pregnancy as an excuse to eat, or that I was letting myself go. One gentleman actually took it upon himself to inform me of just how big my backside had grown when I was around 25 weeks. This time I'm poised to gain around 25 lbs and I get some comments implying that I'm pregorexic.

Both of these pregnancies fall within the recommended range of weight gain for pregnancy. I can't imagine what kind of commentary women who gain more or less than the recommended amount have to endure!
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Oh, Kitteh!  I've gotten the too tiny comments, also, which is just ridiculous. I just roll my eyes and say something like "Thanks for your concern, but I've got thumbs up from my midwives and I am just as big as I need to be."


I did have a coworker pull me aside and lecture me on how dangerous she thought my birth center/midwife choice was! Now that really ruffled my feathers!


Once again, sending love and patience to us all to get through these amazing opinions and loose lipped folks... and magic ear plugs to tune out the rest. :)

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I think most people's comments show that they don't know anything about what normal weight gain looks like and they don't know anything about what size you "should" be at any point in the pregnancy.  As women we tend to have issues about our bodies anyway and having people comment as we get bigger is not helpful at all.  It wouldn't be appropriate to tell someone she was gaining too much weight in general, so it shouldn't be acceptable during pregnancy either.  Kitteh and Sweet Huck, I think you both look perfect!  RuPaul has a saying, "What other people think about you is none of your business."  So know that you are right on track and try to ignore those people who don't know what they're talking about.  I'm glad I'm not famous like Kim Kardashian with the whole world sharing pictures of me and talking about how fat I am. 

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Yeah, I'm actually not even that big this time compared to my previous pregnancies and I'm getting "is it twins?", "you must be due soon", "I have a family member that's due around the same time and she's smaller than you." - uh, thanks. In the north, I rarely heard these things. Down south it seems everyone has to comment. LOL  I know that I'm normal and I know I'll get much bigger. I think people just don't realize that everyone carries different and some people get really BIG. My last baby was 9lbs 3oz. I mean... LOL


Oh and some people don't get really huge and they have perfect little babies as well. :)

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I really just think we have to take people's comments with a grAin of salt. I mentioned this when we were discussing belly touching, and I think it's the same here: pregnancy draws out reactions and excitement/curiosity from others. I honestly don't think most people mean to offend or create an unhappy reaction with their comments, they just want something to say about these big beautiful bellies we have! I find myself gravitating towards pregnant women (strangers and friends) and have definitely commented on how big or much a person was/is growing. But I don't mean it as a judgement but more if a proclamation of amazement. "Wow! You've gotten so big, I love you're beautiful belly!" Is something I would surely say. I always try to add that the woman looks great, because to me pregnancy (and people in general) of all shapes and sizes are truly beautiful.

Just a thought.... I know my hormones are raging right now too :-)
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