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Babywearing a 22lb and growing baby

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I was wondering typically how long it is possible to continue babywearing?  My 11 month old is now 22lbs and now that spring is coming I want to get back out and BW!  I have a sling which I love for wandering around the garden but she's too big and strong for me to be able to use it on a real trip out.  I also have a knock-off Beco Butterfly but it just isn't working for me.  I tried her in it this morning but I have lots of the fabric padded straps in the front bunched up and she seems either squashed into me or too far away.  Waist straps don't fit very well either.


I would love to be able to carry her in a back carry.  We have an strawberry vending machine in our street and it's the perfect short walk but getting the stroller out is such a hassle shy.gif.  I don't have any groups where you can try carriers out.  I have heard good things about Ergo but are they any good for soon to be toddlers?  I would also like to find one second hand (budget is a bit tight) but finding that kind of thing second hand here is like striking oil!


Thanks you!

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I wear my 35 lb 17mo old every day.  I use a toddler-sized kinderpack, which I got second hand from of a baby-wearing group in my city, but there is a site where people buy and sell too.  It's called babywearer.  

I loved the Ergo for my older child, but she was smaller, and kept her arms in.  My youngest likes to hang back with his arms out, and is MUCH bigger, and it just didn't feel right this time. 

Back carry is definitely the way to go!  Been doing that since 4mos this time!

Happy babywearing!

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I LOVE carrying around my 24lbs 11mo! Most recently he happily rode back through through several airport security lines. It doesn't feel like he's getting anywhere close to too heavy. 


We have an ergo but I much prefer my wraps. More versatility, more ability to change the pressure points over times with different carries. 


To find a cheaper wrap, look on thebabywearer for stained wraps in a size 6 or so (long, but most versatile as a "base" wrap).


If I recall correctly, we had a long thread about sleeping. How is that going?

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i carry my 22lb 10mth old in a boba, loves it,  been doing that since about 6mths, i carried my dd in it when she was at least 2yrs old, not for long walks but if she got tired somewhere

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^^^back carry

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For that age/weight I prefer a framed hiking pack vs the ergo. I found I had a hard time physically using the ergo on the back plus for some reason I could never get the front strap across the chest right.
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Thanks for your replies


I think a framed carrier might be best too, I didn't want to admit it because they look so big and bulky but for a back carry with DD (who loves to grab things and hang over backwards) maybe it's a good idea.


I'm following one on Ebay UK (we're off to family nxt week) from Nomad, has anyone tried these?  The only reviews I can find are good.  On the Belgium sites there seem to be loads from Chicco.  We live in a fairly suburban area so I hope I'm not going to look like a twit who's wandered off a mountain hike! redface.gif


Originally Posted by RosieL View Post
If I recall correctly, we had a long thread about sleeping. How is that going?

Hi Rosie!

Yeah that was quiet the thread!  Things are going from bad to worse here.  Astrid was asleep by 7.10pm last night but woke up 5-6 times by midnight.  She always starts crying immediately but sometimes she is sitting up looking dazed and when I pop her paci back in and lay her down she goes straight back to sleep, makes me thing she's not really asleep or having a nightmare.  Other times she starts crying straight away and stands up, then she's fully awake.  I pick her up and hold her vertically, if I try to lay her down in my arms she freaks out.  I hold her until she's asleep and slide her back into bed.  I know you are supposed to put them in there bed drowsy but awake but she just gets crazy, she's like a jack in the box standing up all the time.  If I'm trying to slide her in and she wakes up a bit I have to pick her right back up.


The other night I decided to try really hard to get her to fall asleep in her bed.  I spent 10mins laying her down every 5 seconds when she got up but she just got hysterical and I couldn't take it.  Those 10mins are the closest I will ever get to CIO, I couldn't stand it!  I continue putting her back down (which can take 5 seconds to 10 mins) until she wakes me the first time when I'm asleep.  Then we co-sleep in a single bed in her room.  We moved her in there in December because DH works shifts and we were all waking each other up all the time.  I feel like I can't complain about being tired because DH said the other morning that I had kind of worked it in the hand myself because I started co-sleeping.  He thinks this is why she is waking up because she wants to be with me, but I started co-sleeping BECAUSE she was waking up, pfff I just feel like I've failed.  It's all anyone asks is if she is STTN,  I get this question more from men than women, if I don't know them well I just answer 'It's not to bad)


Sorry to burden you with all this again!  How's Owen doing?  Astrid still only has 2 teeth at 11 months but is cruising, eating everything in sight and just this week started babbling mamamamama winky.gif  I try to remind DH that all babies will have their 'thing', we're lucky she wasn't a preemie, didn't have reflux, never had nappy rash, only one cold, never thrown up or had a fever etc, someone in the family recently had a baby with Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy and I guess that really puts things into perspective.


End of rant and hopefully if Spring ever arrives here lots of baby-wearing to come! Thanks allx

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Sorry I meant Odin!  I went to Astrid (3 time in 2 1/2hrs lol) and it popped into my head, sorry!

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I think a wrap and a SSC will be great for back carry. I'm not a wrap user so I don't know which brand to recommend,but when it comes to SSC you might be interested in a lightweight one like the Action Baby carriers. It is lightweight so its cooler and more comfy for babies which is great this spring. Your little princess is 11mos, 22lbs? She is indeed a big one..lol, My DD is turning 2y.o this april and still being worn, and still loving it. ABC's toddler carrier will best suite her because its weight limit is 15-45 lbs, wider and support extends to the knee. ABC's toddler carrier is cheaper compared to others , I think its $114 and as of now I had read that the site is now offering a 10% discount, which I think would really make it as a great buy. Hope this helps. By the way I'm using the HAPPY PRINT and we love it!! Goodluck!

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Just a little update to let anyone following this thread know that I ended up buying a second hand Littlelife Ultralight




I was limited by budget and also that fact that where I live these things don't come up second hand that much or very cheaply so I bought this one from Ebay UK, timed with a visit to the UK.


It is super super adjustable, there are so many different ways to adjust it I can't imagine anyone not being able to get a comfy fit.  It doesn't have rain or sun cover but I wouldn't go out if it was raining or crazy hot.  It does feel weird having her on my back for the first time, like she's pulling me backwards (great for my posture!) and she also sits quite far back but that's probably more comfortable for her.  She loves being on the move in it but wasn't too thrilled with all the adjusting and putting her in and out all the time so I practiced by filling it with litre bottles of milk :)


Thanks for the tips!

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Nice! Glad it's working out for you.
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