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Maternity Coat Conundrum

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So, I live near the mountains.  Although it's spring, I still need a coat of some kind, and expect I will even in the evenings into July.  My winter jacket doesn't do up anymore.  It's sad. 

I cannot, for the life of me, find a maternity coat anywhere.  Of course, I live in Canada where maternity clothing selection is pathetic.  A shawl even, would be nice.  I dragged my kids accross the mall on Saturday, trying to find something that would work.  I'm at wits end.


There has got to be a better way.

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Can you order from Old Navy or the Gap up there? Either of them might be an option.


My "too big" winter coat (purchased when I lived in Minnesota so that I could put about 15 layers underneath it) still works. As does a (really nice!) down jacket I purchased a couple years ago at an REI garage sale a few years ago (even though it was a bit too big), since at $25, I couldn't pass it up.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when that starts not fitting too!

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Are there any outlets in your area? They tend to have last-seasons clothing. You may have to sacrifice fashion and just buy a big regular coat if there's no maternity outlets though. If you have Eddie Bauer up there, their Skyliner jacket is what I am wearing, and it's stretchy, ribbed cotton side panels seem to be keeping up with my belly so far. I've also done the "hair tie" trick on the buttons of my nice leather jacket a few times and covered them up with a scarf.  Unless it's FREEZING cold (like today!) you may get away without buttoning down all the way, and that can help non-maternity coats fit. Other than that... I may just avoid hanging out outdoors if it's just the occasional cold day this summer rather than the everyday climate.  

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What's gotten my through 2 upstate NY winter pregnancies is a garage sale men's xl down vest from LL Bean worn over heavy sweaters. I am tall and it was long enough and big enough. I liked knit wool ponchos for spring and fall, these were in fashion a few years ago and now I see them at thrift stores alot. I looked into maternity winter coats on eBay for this winter, gap has made some decent ones, but I ended up being plenty warm with the down vest solution. Bonus: the XL vest also worked great to wear over a baby carried in an ergo, front or back.

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yes! wool ponchos!  I wish I could find one of those.  Actually, I am thinking of sewing myself some sort of a wrap out of cotton jersey (Alabama Chanin style).  Thinking it could be used for babywearing this fall as well. 

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I just found this great company that has ponchos as well as other things : http://www.mountain-mama.com/collections/maternity-clothes-for-outdoor-adventure

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I just found this great company that has ponchos as well as other things : http://www.mountain-mama.com/collections/maternity-clothes-for-outdoor-adventure


oh wow, the fairview is so perfect!  Thankyou so much!  Now to decide black or oatmeal, what do you guys think?

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I like the black, just because I spill...all the time. 

I soo want to buy it, but it is way too nice here to justify it. I wore t-shirt, sandals and capris outside today, and was still sweating. 

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