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I get seperation anxiety!

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My DS is five and has always slept with us. He might fall asleep in his bed but he usually ends up in our bed.


If he doesn't end up in our bed before I go to sleep then I find it difficult to go to sleep and I worry about falling asleep without him so a lot of times I will go grab him other. Other times my SO just tells me to stop worrying and I will fall asleep but I always wake up. If for some reason I wake up and it's 5am and he isn't in my bed then I panic and run in his room to find him asleep.


Anyone else do this or am I just crazy? :)

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This makes me feel better - mine is only 2-1/2 but I have trouble getting to sleep sometimes when he isn't in bed with me. I usually end up staying awake until he comes to our bed (12-1ish). I don't think you are crazy!
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My DD is 4 now and this has passed with her but having a 20 month son might help.  I can't sleep in a separate room from him.  I think we need to retrain ourselves.  I also put a baby gate at the top of the stairs to reassure myself that they can't go downstairs.  I could never live in a house where my kids were on one level and I slept on another level.

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me, absolutely.  My 6-year-old and 3-year-olds start the night in their room, (which is, literally, about 5 feet away from mine, i can see their beds from my bed!) but always end up in with me....and I love it :)  I totally panic when they sleep in there later than usual and I have to run in and check to see if they are breathing. 


And I have totally scooped them up out of bed and brought them in with me, just because :)

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I think I am a helicopter parent only when my kids are sleeping wink1.gif If my 2.5 yo doesn't come to our room by 3-4 am, I start worrying about him!!
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