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baby toy recommendations?

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We are trying to keep things minimal. Any suggestions for free form toys? As in not just one purpose toys like much of the plastic stuff in stores. Thinking blocks, etc. Thanks!!
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I love book blocks. They are small board books with a picture and one word to a page and they work great to build with as well as to read. I have a set for DD that's farm themed so there's a book on vegetables, one on fruits, another on farm animals, etc. DD also loved to chew them while teething so you can tell they are well used and loved wink1.gif
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For a tiny baby -- there are some natural woods teethers available, but I don't know if they are light enough for a really small baby.  There are also some tiny plush rattles.  We liked nuby links (even though they are plastic) because they are light and can be linked up in all different ways (a chain, a circle, a bunch attached to one link to make a rattle) and can also be hooked to other things to keep them near baby (we also had some on the Ergo).  Sophie the Giraffe (the little, flat one) was also very popular as a teether.


For a little bigger baby: stackers and cubes are very popular here, and used in all different ways.  We have a set of six wooden cubes that the baby can stack or put inside one another and put all different objects in.  Melissa and Doug make a set of cardboard ones which would be less lethal!  (ours are quite heavy).  A rolling toy to push on the floor (we have a little wooden car) is popular, too.  Rubber balls get a lot of use, too.


Otherwise -- babies tend to love everything in the kitchen!  


We are trying to keep everything to what will fit in two small bins, plus a bin of books.  I think whatever you have will get scattered everywhere, no matter what, so having less is definitely easier!

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I love the haba baby toys...but getting even more natural you can check out www.novanatural.com for natural wood hand toys/rattles.

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Books have always been the favorite toy for my DD (now 2 years, 8 months). I never would have expected that. She's also been interested in stacking toys since around 9 months old. It's been interesting to just observe what she's into and follow her lead on toys. There are many toys that I would love for her to play with (blocks, trains, dolls), but despite my best efforts most things just don't (yet) get much use.


A children's museum membership was the best money I ever spent on my then-10 month old.


We didn't really have many toys for her before her first birthday. Maybe a couple of rattles and stuffed things, and a wooden stacker.

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my 7 month old ds loves books as well (he doesn't really like me to read to him yet, he'd rather just chew on them and handle them). Cardboard, plastic, he loves them all!

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A ball to pass from hand to hand and roll, blocks to pass from hand to hand and hit against each other, stacking cups, any cups really. You can even just use measuring cups. Bowls too so long as they aren't breakable, to put things in and pour stuff out of.
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We've got different colored bamboo bowls that he loves to play with. As well as all-silicone spatula (that he teeth on!)!

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Baby will play with everything that isnt a toy! My babe has been like this from the start. Some of her favorite toys right now at 6 months are a disposable metal pie pan and empty coco container to drum on!
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