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BP shot up, minor contractions, so is cramping/backache worrysome now (30 wks)?

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Hi everyone. I have been going to a normal OB, and she is great. My last appointment was only 2-2.5 weeks ago, and my BP was what it always is....low 100's over...something. So maybe 100, 102. Well yesterday I had another appointment and it was 130/80, so they tested it again in 30 minutes, after asking me to calm down, etc, and it was 138/80. So they did one of those monitoring things where they make sure the baby isn't in distress (measure his heartrate for 20 minutes, then it also can tell if I'm having contractions). Well baby was fine, but the doctor said I was contracting. But I couldn't feel it, so she said she wasn't too worried. This is while I was laying down.


She told me that because I am 30-40 points up from my normal, to rest a lot....don't even do dishes. Well, last night I broke some of that....we had a berry stain episode on the carpet that required two people, and before that, hubby and I had an errand we had to run.


Anyways, last night I was having some cramping that felt like period cramps, kinda mild but there. Then this morning I woke up to moderate back pain....feels like it's related to the cramping last night, kind of period-like. Also woke up to swollen hands.


I am just wondering if this is a concern? Called OB and waiting on a call back. They said all my bloodwork from yesterday was fine, so right now it seems I ONLY have high bp during preg. They asked if "I" wanted to come in to see the doctor today, and I was like, "well I dunno, I only want to come in if the cramping then the backache is a concern, coupled with the BP suddenly rising recently and the mild contractions I was having." I also told them I have swollen hands today.


I am just wondering what you all will say.....like how concerned should I be about the cramps/backache. Is this just kind of normal, or is it a concern?


Over past month, I was having pressure/discomfort in pelvic region....what could have been Braxton-Hicks contractions....while exercising, (back when I was allowed to do that), and my OB told me then then to go to hospital if they don't get better after resting/laying down. And she said it's not good if they come without exercise. But this is more like period cramps, not generalized pressure. I dunno if cramping=contractions? I don't even know what to make of it. I think the nurse is gonna tell me to either come in or not, so I figured I'd ask here and get more detailed descriptions from "real-er" people. :)

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I would be seen for period like cramping. That could very well be contractions.
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Thank you. So when are contractions a reason to go into the doctor? I am just not sure when to worry vs when they are a normal part of pregnancy.

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Also, in addition to monitoring me yesterday (when they saw I was contracting), they then checked my cervix and said everything was great. They also checked the baby and the fluid via ultrasound and it was all great. The only concern I really have is that yesterday I wasn't feeling cramps during that, and today I am.


Can coffee cause cramping? I am exhausted so I am drinking a little now, and the cramping may be a little worse now.

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I would be seen to make sure there has not been any cervical change with this cramping, especially since they were picking up contractions on the monitor yesterday.
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i would to cause it sound like to me you could be in preterm labor cause that is what happen with me and my youngest son and he was born two weeks later

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The blood pressure issues and swelling could be indications of pre-eclampsia (maybe, maybe not), so I'd be cautious with them.  And yes, I would go get seen for the cramping.


Good luck.  I hope it's just a big old fire drill, but please be careful.

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Thank you!!! They called me back finally and asked me to come in (west coast time over here). These posts actually make me feel better, because I was wondering if I was overreacting over some cramping. It's a long drive, so I wanted to be sure before I went in!


I will let you guys know what happens. The back pain seems to get worse when I stand and do things. Right now it's moreso mid to upper back.


I have been a little concerned the cramps could be my GI, because I've been having loose stools for a few days. But I am on the fence....the cramping doesn't really seem to be linked to when I "go" to the bathroom. So I keep fluctuating between concerned and not concerned. Let's hope it's a fire drill, yes. I'm normally someone who brushes things off, so when I get concerned, I normally have to force myself to go in.

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Update: Everything seems okay. My blood pressure was 128/78, I believe. They said they were happy it had gone down. They checked my cervix and it still looked great. She said the cramps were probably just the uterus stretching, and not to worry too much about it, but that whenever I was worried by cramping, that I could come in. I am actually going back in another day again so they can double check my BP and my urine.



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I am so glad you went in to be seen! My blood pressure was going up just reading your post and updates. wink1.gif I do not have experience with premature labor or high blood pressure, but the symptoms you described (i.e. period-like cramps, lower back pain, and loose BM) are what my body does in the few days before labor begins. It then becomes true labor for me when the cramps come in waves and are accompanied by noticeable belly tightening. So keep an eye out for those signs, keep drinking loads of water, relax, and keep that baby cooking!
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