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Why do you post to Mindful Vaccination (or the MDC Vaccination Boards at all)? - Page 2

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Thought I might resurrect/bump up this thread given the discussion about rearranging the forums to rename this board back to "Selective and delayed". Given that I assume it will be made clear that that can include selecting all vaccines and having a zero delay, I'm wondering if the renaming would change why anyone posted here.

Personally I think it'll be a shame to loose the clear welcome message the current name of the board sends for natural Mdc style parents who choose to vaccinate, but I have seen posts by some selective or delayed vaccinators saying they feel excluded by the "Mindful Vax" label. I don't really understand that, but if it is the case I might rather they rename the board than drive people away or to inv.

Anyone else have an opinion? I guess MDC will do what they want anyway, but will it change how you interact with the boards?

If/when the change is made should we bump or (or start a new version of) the old "Mothering Mamas who Mindfully Vaccinate" thread?
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Yes. The thread needs to exist. I think it is helpful to see that there are other moms her who vaccinate on schedule.
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If the board follows the spirit of the new guidelines of S&D, I may frequent more often.


Personally, I feel that posting threads with links back to blogs that are critical of the choices made by "anti-vaxers" contributes to a vibe of intolerance of parents who are following a S&D schedule, perhaps reluctantly, and who are questioning both the products themselves and the scheduling of them. It's not that hard to understand really that some of us have questions and concerns, yet in the forum we're supposed to turn to for advice and support, some members start threads with links that deride parents for questioning the schedule and choosing to do other than what is mandated. Hmm.


My kids are booked for their first dT vaccines next month. As I can't post for support in the INV board and don't want to ask for support on a forum where some folks can't see the reason why some threads are inflammatory, I guess I'll have to post in the main forum and try my luck.

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Japonica - I'm sorry you feel that way. I don't think many of us posting here want to deride anyone for their vaccination choices. I hope you'll change your mind and post here for support for your upcoming appointment. I seem to remember some great threads with tips on how to help older children through the process, would be good to resurrect that, or start a new one.

This is not a particularly active board, so I would think engaging and positing more could do a lot to change the vibe you don't like. If people (me I suppose) post a lik you don't like you could not visit it and kindly point out the problem. As I said I don't always notice (assume ignorance not malice and well all get in better!).

According to the US schedule my kids are selectively vaccinated too....
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Thanks for the kind response.


I might have to find the older child thread. I'm not so much concerned with what vaccine, timing etc. We've decided and our GP is on board with going off label and using the dT (as Australia doesn't make a childhood DT any longer). It's more of getting an 8 year old and 5 year old to go along with it. The first time, yeah, that might not be a big issue. Trying to get them to return for the second and third in the series, well, that should be interesting when that they'll know what to expect. eyesroll.gif

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Oh no! They're changing the board? I am SOOOOO bummed if that's true. 


It's just not true that folks who vax on schedule don't need support, too. I'm crunchy, and I seek community with other crunchy people, and so within this community I really feel like a minority. I started lurking this board so I could be reassured that I'm not the only farm-dwelling, cloth-diapering, whole-foods-cooking, etc., parent who wants to fully vaccinate on time. 


I was feeling unwelcomed by mothering until I poked into this board, and to learn that it's going to be taken away . . . ARGH!

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Yeah but if we get groups we can keep people out like a mean girls club.  It's a totally awesome idea!!!

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Originally Posted by pepperedmoth View Post




I'm joking.  Turning vaccine issues into groups have been discussed.  Members can kick people from groups or allow people into groups, it's like a club.  See how it can be even more hostile?

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OH. Yeah, I get what you're saying. Well, what if it stayed forums, one for no vax, one for delayed/selective, and one for full or mostly full? Then we'd have to be nice(er). But everyone could feel supported? Maybe?


I dunno, it's just hard to want to vax around here. And I hate the "there are lots of other places for you on the internet" attitude. Yeah? PLEASE show me the forum that's all supportive of minimalism and no plastic and no TV and whole foods and and backyard chickens and multi-generational living and alternative spiritualities AND ALSO supports vaccination. Cuz that'd be awesome. 


Unless MDC decides vaccination is just like circumcision or spanking and we should all be kicked out. In that case I guess it'd be reasonable to take away the board. Sigh. 

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Cynthia Mosher has been very clear that she doesn't think a forum for people vaxing on or close to "schedule" is necessary or desirable.

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I guess that makes sense if this board STAYS as selective, delayed, and full, but not if it's switched to just selective and delayed. 

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Originally Posted by pepperedmoth View Post
not if it's switched to just selective and delayed. 


This is, for better or worse, the proposed plan.  CM has stated that if anyone wants to discuss vaxing to schedule, she should do it in the debate forum.

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What? Whyyyyyyyyyy??? Where was this plan proposed? Where are full vaxxers supposed to ask questions and advice and talk about helping kids through it and new vaccines coming out and changes to the schedule and all that without getting jumped on?
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Here is the thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1388284/changes-to-the-vax-forums

and here is CM's stance:
The Vaccinations Discussion forum will be the place for people who support fully vaccinating on schedule. Since the internet and the world in general is, on the whole, supportive of parents who vaccinate, we don't see the need for a support only forum.
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No. Unless I misread she said full vax discussions will go in the main discussion forum. Debate is a separate forum.
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When I decided to spread out my first baby's vaccines (the Dr. decided 1 month would suffice). I wanted to hear from the wise ones on MDC.. Posting here seemed very supportive since there were some suggesting Dr. Sears' Vaccine Book and most saying spacing was the least I should do. These posts probably helped me have enough spine to tell a Dr. Yes I know the recommendations, but this is what I am comfortable getting done today and I will make a future appointment for the next round. I also needed guidance when I was told if I wanted to delay varicella until age 4 I would no longer be welcomed as a patient.(!) The period between that and seeing a new Dr. got us off track for Dr Sears' schedule so I wasn't sure what that did for booster # and spacing. I'm not a regular here to educate someone on pros and cons of vaxs. I don't normally see too many vax threads in the new post feed to put my two cents or support in wink1.gif
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I am coming back after a long break from MDC (no problems with MDC, just busy in life). When my first was born I was hesitant to vax based on fear I had heard about autism and preservatives. I had also been to India and seen some awful diseases like polio. I decided to vax on schedule. I deferred my decision to my doctor who was more of an expert on the subject than I was.I was confused about the pro/anti vax arguments. I felt the risks of my child getting a disease and dying or being damaged were greater than risks from vaccines. My second baby was born and was sick due to a rare GI disease and severe reflux. She was tube-fed until late Kindergarten. I delayed and spread out her vax because she always seemed to be sick and I didn't want to overload her system. We did catch her all the way up by school age.


Two years ago I finished nursing school and now work Step-down ICU (I also specialize in airways/lungs/heart monitoring) in a major peds hospital. I started out in ICU briefly. I have seen some awful cases of pertussis especially. I have seen some meningitis cases that left kids brain damaged for life or killed them. I have seen some other infections that could have possibly been prevented by effective vaccinations. I have also seen two children harmed by vaccines: one had a bad reaction and his brain swelled and he's now a quad with brain damage. I also had a patient with Giullainn-Barre who got it from a live vaccine. That patient survived but faced months of recovery. 


I still believe in vaccination giving the best chance. There is no 100% guarantee that it won't harm. There is also no chance that a non-vax child won't be harmed or killed-- or will infect an immune compromised person who will be harmed or killed. I do believe in the concept of a "healthy herd." 


And, I believe no one should make any parent vaccinate their child if they don't want to. So I guess that's why I was most attracted to this forum. I'm SO glad MDC decided to have different forums so parents can make informed choices and hear from other parents. I learned so much from MDC as a new mom on many issues that made me a better parent no matter which decision I ended up making. I feel that thanks to pro/con discussions my choices are more educated than when I had my first child and deferred to the doctor.

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