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They're here!

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Our trio arrived at 6:02, 6:03, and 6:04 on Sunday, March 24th. (I went into labor at 32 weeks 2 days) All are doing well--still need help practicing breathing and eating--and I am doing well also. We plan on our babies being in the NICU until the end of April but at this point, don't really know how it will go. I am going to be discharged today and am very sad about it. It will be so weird leaving the hospital without them! greensad.gif

Saywer Martin--4 lbs 4 oz
Elliott Charles--3 lbs 11 oz
Miles Wade--4 lbs

I will post photos later--I need some up-to-date ones because they change so much every day!!
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Lisedea! I am overjoyed for you. Can you believe you have a family of FIVE?! The names are beautiful. Glad to hear that everyone is doing ok. I believe you that it's hard to leave without your sons. It will be such a wonderful day when you can all come home together. Sending hugs and warm thoughts to all of you. Congratulations! joy.gif

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Congratulations on your 3 little bundles of joy!! I hope and pray that the time they spend in NICU is quick and easy for all of you. You did so well growing and preparing them for the world! Those are pretty good weights for triplets at 32 weeks is it not??

Anyways! So happy for you! Enjoy every step of the way!
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures, their weights are great and I love the names too smile.gif Glad you are doing well and I hope their NICU stay goes smoothly!
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Congrats!  Hope the NICU stays goes by quickly and you can bring them home!

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YAY!! I love the names.  Sending lots of good vibes your way.  Good job, mama!

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Congrats lisedea!!! So awesome! Take care and enjoy those little guys!

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Congratulations to you and your family (of 5!!)!  I hope that your boys have a short, uneventful stay in the NICU.

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YAY!!! welcome to the new family!! I hope mama can get some rest and I am sympathizing about leaving the hospital without your little ones. grouphug.gif  soon mamma, soon!!!

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Congratulations!!! That's wonderful! Can't wait to see the pics! Hope the little guys have a quick NICU stay and get to head home with their mamas soon! Keep us updated. ((Hugs))
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Wow! Congratulations to you! My thoughts are with you and your sweet babies in their (hopefully short and easy) NICU stay:)

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Congratulations!!!  So excited for your family.  joy.gif

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congratulations! jumpers.gif


Glad to hear everyone is doing well and hope they can get out of the NICU and home with you soon. Their weights sound awesome - I can't imagine carrying and delivering more than 12 pounds of baby, regardless of how many babies that weight is distributed over.

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Congrats on the arrival of your THREE new little ones! Can't wait to see pictures. 

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Congratulations!!! grouphug.gif

So exciting! I can't believe they're here- squee!!!
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Wow! Congrats!!!! Sending good vibes that your LO's stay strong and healthy!! I hope that this time passes quickly and that you are all home together soon!!! Love the names. 

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oh my goodness!!! You almost made it to your goal date :)


I can't wait to see pictures of the little ones! congrats x 3!!!


I bet you are glad to not be pregnant anymore :) 

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Wow, congratulations!! Lots of love your way <3 NICU stays can be hard, but we're here for you! You did great :) Can't wait to see those little babies, but totally understand if you don't have much time, no worries. Just glad everyone is doing good so far. Here's to: nothing but good news from here on in! blowkiss.gif

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CONGRATS!!! I was just thinking about you yesterday! So glad they made it safely!!! Hope you can spend lots of time in NICU w/ them <3

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Congratulations!  Wishing you and your family the best!

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