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reminder help for the second half of pg

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Hi there!

I'm 21 wks pg with my 4th little blessing, I have had 3 children before this one.  There will be a 5 yr age gap between my 3rd and this one, and I'm feeling the need to go over a few things to do.  I know I am only half way there, but I am very busy with life during this pregnancy, the weeks keep passing by so fast and I just know I'm going to wake up and wham be 35 weeks pg!!


red raspberry leaf tea--how much should I be drinking daily now?  I'm managing to remember half of the week (3/4 days) and I alternate between making a stronger brew with 2 tea bags or 1 cup with just 1 tea bag.  Increasing it for my last 2 pregnancies I believe really helped quicken my labors, they were great, so I'd like to continue that, I just can't remember if I should be drinking it every day now, brewing a stronger tea yet, etc.


reading about natural labors--for each of my kiddos I've spent a good deal of time reading up on others natural labor experiences and meditating a bit on them.  I have all my books I just totally cannot for the life of me remember when I started doing that.  Ideas?


evening primrose oil--I know I'm still way early for this, but I don't remember when I started taking it.  I can't even remember if I used it orally or vaginally, lol.   


anything else I'm forgetting??


ps what are your go-to important nutrient dense foods?  I was doing great with my diet and in the last few weeks (with easter candy at the ready haha) I've slipped a little and am feeling like I need to get back in the saddle.


For this pregnancy I'm so proud of myself with regards to exercise and keeping low stress, I've managed to keep working out almost every day which also helps my stress levels.  Helpful with a busy lifestyle.  But I also want to spend time doing calming/meditative activities too to help connecting more to baby and preparing for a lovely birth.  

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There's at least one thread about RRL tea on here, and opinions vary, but the most consistent advice I've received from midwives and my natural labor books is to start drinking it at 32 weeks and then drink stronger brews in the last week or so, but not before you're full term. My first labor was 3.5 hours and really intense, so I actually didn't start RRL tea until 39 weeks with my second. Her labor was 2.5 hours and also intense. So this time around, I'll probably have a regular brew only the couple of days before I'm ready for bub to be born. I need time to get to the birth centre! wink1.gif

As for books, I read them from around 32 weeks as well, as baby starts to get settled for birth, I do the same. I like to leave enough time to get through them, but not read them so early as to forget the important bits.

Almonds are a great protein snack.
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There is really no consistent recommendations for RRL tea, but you could certainly drink a cup a day at least without any worry.

For reading, I usually start early and rotate between labor/birth books & baby care/parenting/breastfeeding books, but I love to read and research smile.gif I like to save or reread a couple good labor ones and ones with good birth stories (or just read here) around 30+ weeks so it is still pretty fresh in my mind.

Never have done EPO, so no help here!

For go to foods: greek yogurt, eggs (all different preparations), sweet potatoes, blueberries, cheese, & avocado (usually in guac) - I'm avoiding tree nuts & peanuts right now as my DD is allergic to both and I'm far enough along now that my babies could be exposed if I eat them, otherwise I'd have peanut & tree nut products on my list too!

Other than that, plenty of tailor sitting, sitting on the birth ball (that can wait until later for you), hands & knees, light yoga, exercise (which it sounds like you are doing) and any house/car/etc. prep for the baby. I also like to get as much general organizing as I can done around the house as well as stocking up on essentials (TP, paper towels, shampoo, canned foods, etc.) as I know the whirlwind blur of those first few weeks with a newborn!
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