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What vitamins and supplements /nutrition additives are you taking?

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Good Morning Every one!

I figured we could use one of these threads. I didn't do much during my first pregnancy beyond a multi vitamin and red raspberry leaf tea, and baby came out fine....but as my research has grown so has my multi vitamin/supplement list. I do have to say that each pregnancy has gotten better and better feeling, and I hope this one is the same way! I am not educated on this subject, I just know how to use the google. LOL

So I'm curious what you take.


My list:

Whole foods vmultivitamin (kind of like RainbowLight I believe!)

Super B Complex

Odorless Garlic 1000mcg (helping with blood pressure and warding off infection)

Flax seed oil  1300mg x3 of those

D3 400IU

Cranberry fruit extract x2 (helps prevent UTI's something I use to be prone to!)

Nettle leaf x2 (source of chlorophyll)

Red Raspberry leaf capsules x1 for each trimester I'm in (use during first trimester is argued)


During the last 6 weeks I also ingest an evening primrose oil. Starting at 28 weeks or so I start drinking RRL tea freely.

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I just ordered Nordic Prenatal DHA and Rainbow Light organic prenatal vitamins, I drink a RRL and nettle tea daily anyway so I will keep drinking that.  I will probably add flax oil to my scrambled eggs a few times a week.  I am sure I will add more as I go along... This is a surprise and I am trying to catch up.joy.gif

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All I'm taking so far:


Prenatal vitamin

Extra Folic Acid

Cod Liver Oil


I'll start drinking RRL tea in the 2nd trimester. I'm not opposed to taking more, but that's where I'm at for now.

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Great idea for a thread! Interestingly I've had the opposite experience to you, Kamiro--I've found that I take fewer supplements now that I am more educated about nutrition. 


I take:


B12 1,000 mcg (the only nutrient not available from a healthy vegan lifestyle, this amount is overkill but there are no known consequences to taking extra, and I want to make sure baby gets enough)

Vitamin D 2,500 IU (I have a diagnosed deficiency and need this amount to maintain my levels)

Folic acid 400 mcg (I feel like a bad mama for taking this because I believe it's far superior to get folate from one's diet, but I am having severe nausea and just can't eat the amount of veg that I normally do; I will stop taking it after 12 weeks or when the nausea lets up, whichever comes first)
Sea kelp, providing 150 mcg of iodine (it is difficult or impossible for vegans in the UK to get enough from a healthy diet)

Ground flaxseed, 1-2 tsp (for the omega 3 fatty acids, though I find it very difficult to eat this when experiencing severe nausea)


Also I am taking 800 mg of organic ginger in capsules each day, to help with pregnancy nausea. I don't really think it works, though. :(

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The only thing I can stomach right now is a prenatal. As soon as possible I will add back in A blood builder and B complex. I can't do flaxseed oil while pregnant so I need to figure that out--although I love avocado so I might just eat one of those a day once I can stop throwing up so much.

I did do EPO during the last trimester with the first two and will do that again probably.
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I am taking

5mg folic acid to 28 weeks 

progesterone pessary twice daily to at least 12 weeks

pre natal

omega 3


im also having a probiotic yog drink most days.

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I'm taking Juice Plus (orchard, garden, and vineyard blends), 4000 IU Vitamin D, and CLO. I plan to pick up some B-12 and RRL tea the next time I make it to Whole Foods.
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I take New Chapter Organics Prenatals. I also take some additional folic acid (to get 1000mcg, though the food based folate in the prenatals is more readily absorbed). I take 5,000 IU D3 (my levels are quite low and I live in Central NY, virtually sun free much of the year). I was taking, and hope to be able to stomach again soon, a vegetarian DHA supplement (1430 mg DHA) and Barleans Total Omega (a smoothly swirl blend of Flax, Borage and plant based DHA). I also drink kefir and eat yogurt for probotics daily. I too feel bad for taking more supplements than I typically would but also cannot seem to keep down enough healthy foods to feel confident that my little peanut is getting all she/he needs.

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I would love suggestions on pre-natals. This pregnancy was a bit of a surprise. We had stopped TTC after almost 3 years, so I had stopped taking a pre-natal. My issue is they make me gag and throw up. I would love a chewable version. Any suggestions?
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I just got my order of 1 lb of RRL tea and prenatals and miscarried yesterday. Both are unopened if anyone is interested, I'd like to sell them. The prenatals are rainbow light complete prenatal syst 180 count I paid $20 and the RRL tea is frontier cut and sifted for $7.15 please pm me if interested. Or email yogabeans@gmail.com
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I am taking

fermented cod liver oil



catalyn (I was taking a double dose of this prior to conception, I have cut back in order to take garden of life multi for the folate)

liver 'pills'

magnesium oil (topically)

I'm also taking some amino acids (was doing this prior to conception, so i'm continuing for now); GABA, tyrosine.


wow that's a lot now that I write it out, though most of these are more of super foods than vitamins. Still I don't quite like it. But I have been pregnant and/or nursing for 8 straight years without a break, so I feel like I need these to keep myself afloat. Though I do eat pretty good (traditional foods). 


At some point I will get some RRL and nettle. My previous pregnancies I took EPO, but I can't say as I really noticed it making a difference. Don't know if I will take it again or not. I'm considering taking mountain meadows 6 week prenatal formula at the end. The other thing I've taken in the past is floradix in the last trimester, not sure about that one either. My first pregnancy I was anemic at the end and it made recovery from the birth take much longer, so I took floradix with the last two and it really helped.

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Great! love reading about this...

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Nice to read all that you mamas are taking.


So far all I can handle is my Rainbow Light Prenatal, a probiotic pear,l and 5,000IU D3 3x a week.  Hoping to be able to swing a bottle a FLCO soon.

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