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Getting rid of Candida

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I think my whole family has a candida overgrowth problem.  DS (7 weeks) has thrush and a yeast diaper rash... DD2 (still nursing) has an on and off yeast infection in her one armpit and on her leg next to her vagina (but not in her vagina).  DD1 seems to be the best and doesn't crave sugar, but loves it when she can have it.  I do not notice anything external for myself, but I crave sugar like crazy... I would say I am addicted to it.


So, my plan is-

no refined sugars, only low sugar fruit and a little raw honey

GSE- 1 tab 3 x daily

Garlic oil- 1 pill 3x daily

oil of oregano- mixed in 1 tsp coconut oil, 3 times daily

probiotics- 2 times a day


Is there anything else I can do?  


Also, what is the best high potency probiotic I can use for this.... 


What can I do for the kids besides low sugar?

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sounds good to me. lots of plain yogurt. thyme is excellent sometimes for yeast on the outside of the body

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Hi there.  Check into the 21 day sugar detox.  It costs $21 for the manual.  I am doing it right now, day 6.  I feel worse than I did early on, so I think I have Candida from the withdrawl symptom (constipation, heart palpitations, fuzzy headedness, and now a bit like I am having a yeast infection).  I am looking into concerns or side effects, while nursing.  I have a 15 month DD, and want to make sure she is okay if my body is doing battle--does it impact breastmilk?  

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