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safe rice?

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 I'm having trouble finding a source that might tell me where certain rices come from, with all the scare about arsenic in even organic rice I want to know what in my cupboard is still safe to eat! I have some organic bobs red mill rice cereal and some Shaw's brand (Wild Harvest) organic brown rice that I'm not sure about?? Anyone know of a website that might list what rices are still OK to eat?

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My understanding  is that any rice grown in the US is unsafe. I get mine from Trader Joe's  which sells rice grown in India  and Thialand.


Pity about rice derived products, especially if you are gluten free, as they do not indicate where the rice was grown...

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Here's an article on arsenic in rice. http://www.forbes.com/fdc/welcome_mjx.shtml


I'm trying to eliminate as much rice from our gluten free diet as possible. 

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