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late start ec with 10.5 month old

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We recently seriously started trying to practice ex with my 10.5 month old son. He's been in cloth diapers since birth, I always have tried to associate a word every time I noticed him trying to per or poop, and we change him frequently so he wasn't used to sitting in wetness. However once we stopped wearing diapers and I tried to get him onto a potty he started protesting. He cries and arches whenever I sit him on a baby Bjorn potty or hold him in various positions over a potty sink or tub (he cries and arches during diaper changes as well). I'm not really sure how to proceed as he seems to just hate it. Once I put him down he happily crawls away and pres a minute later. I'm open to suggestions. On a positive note he now stops and looks down at his penis before he pees.
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Just keep talking about it. Between crawling and walking seems to be the hardest time for babies to sit still on the potty. My middle boy really liked the bathtub, so at that age I would let him stand in the tub to go. He now happily uses the toilet like everyone else and is learning to sit himself on the potty. It's just a stage.
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Has he ever watched you eliminating in the toilet?

I remember the first time we caught our son's pee, we all went to the bathroom and my husband showed him how to pee in the toilet bowl while I was holding him.  Then his pee started to come out!  It was amazing.  Babies like to imitate us.



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He has seen both his father and I go though he doesn't seem to pay much attention. We try to keep talking to him about it though. Now I can't decide if its better to keep him out of diapers or not. Some days aren't so bad but other days its like he pees 10 times an hour with no warning. smile.gif
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The good days will start adding up before you know it. Think of it this way, every elimination you catch is one less diaper to wash or throw away. Every time you miss it's a opportunity to fine tune your ability to understand your child's cues.
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