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Leaving 1.5 year old for two nights?

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Did you leave your young toddler for a few days? How did it go? Is there any way to prepare for it? How do you know if it will be too much for the toddler?

I have a work trip coming up at the end of May (three days, two nights), when my son will be 19 months old. I've never left him overnight, and he still nurses to sleep and at least a couple of times during the night. I'm nervous about how it will be for him. I could get out of the trip if necessary, but it would be better if I went.

Any advice? Thanks!
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I have an 18 month old. I've had to do it a couple of times now. It's not fun. At all. There were tears, but not on her end at all. I think the key is to leave him with someone you trust. In my case, Facetime (video chatting) was really fun for us. I still felt like I had seen her, interacted with her and that she had the reinforcement of seeing me and feeling (hopefully) loved and supported by me.


As for the nursing part, I have no idea. We were all done with that when I had to leave. Will he take a bottle from someone else? If not, I'd definitely start working on that now.


As for you, KEEP YOURSELF BUSY. My breakdown came when I was alone in my hotel room. You have too much time to think about how much you miss him/her.


All the best to you. It will be over before you know it.

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I've done it once while I was still pumping so DD had a bottle and was with my parents, she had just turned a year, but it was only for one night.  We've since done a few (less than 3 lol) date nights that were late and for one of them she was ok taking coconut milk before bed.  Now she doesn't really nurse to sleep - it's more like nurse, get a diaper, then off to bed and she doesn't put up much of a fuss so we're lucky there.  You have time to either try doing the bottle before bed, or you could pull him off befre he's out cold and try rocking or cuddling to see if he will go to sleep that way.  DD is 16mos and I still have a hard time just leaving her to go out for dinner, I'd be an emotional wreck if I left her for more than a night!  Good luck, definitely skype if you do go!

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I've never left an 18 month old overnight, but my experience with a freshly nightweaned 23 month old was that she was totally fine for 3 nights with her other mama. I was shocked because she had a clear preference for me at night when I was around.

My experience with our baby when he was 9 months old and his milky mama went out of town was that he expressed some disappointment the first and third nights at bedtime, slept longer intervals and generally did fine despite normally having a strong preference for nursing with his mama.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences with this. It sounds like it is probably doable, but maybe also hard for everyone involved.
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I was away for 4 nights when my daughter was 16 months old. I pumped to maintain supply while I was gone. She missed me a lot and was clingy for a couple of days when I got back, but she wasn't too difficult for my husband or other caregivers. It was a pleasure trip to visit my best friend so I was having too much fun to really miss her much, but I could imagine that being harder for me if it had been a trip I wasn't too enthused about. Ultimately we both did fine. 

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