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Thinking of you today, Escher!
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Hi Everyone,

The ultrasound went well, and the little blob has a healthy heartbeat. Hooray!

I'm impressed with how many of you used KD. We love our bank (TSBC), but we would have preferred a KD if we had known someone who seemed like a good fit.

Andi: I'm impressed that you might already be feeling better! My wife is still definitely in the midst of the nausea.

Lea: Good luck with the move!

How is everyone doing this week?
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Congrats on the u/s and healthy hb 

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How is everyone doing this week?
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Hey everyone!  My sweet lady lifelove and I are expecting our first little on November 20th after a year of trying (I have PCOS and sassy ovaries, but an extremely strong desire to carry a pregnancy, my love has no desire whatsoever to be pregnant. ever.) and a miscarriage last cycle and we are so excited!  We conceived with a known donor who was a friend of a friend, after my partner's brother backed out when his new girlfriend was freaked, and it's worked out beautifully.  He is great.  We actually got pretty lucky since we were committed to using both a known donor and a Vietnamese donor (my partner is Vietnamese) which as you might imagine is not too easy to come by, especially since we didn't know anyone we could ask. I'm doing pretty well except for that I have a food aversion to ALL food and the thought of eating anything makes my stomach churn, which makes meal times very challenging. ;)  Looking forward to our first midwife appointment in a few weeks for confirmation that everything is as it should be, but feeling very happy. :) Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome LuuIntyre! Hopefully the food aversion is letting you know that your bean is sticking!
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Hi all. I was wondering the same thing as escher – how is everyone doing? Glad to meet you, LuuIntyre.


I'm doing okay, but still a bit worried about whether this pregnancy will stick – I’m at week 7 and my symptoms are very mild. We had an appointment with the midwife today, and she didn't seem worried, but we all agreed, based on my history, that it would make sense to have an ultrasound to check on viability. So, that is happening Thursday morning. Other than that, DP and I just finished our move on Sunday. We’re happy to be in our new place, but still living amidst the chaos of unpacked boxes.


Hope everyone is doing well!

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Congrats to all of the new mamas :)  I am cracking up over the "sassy ovaries" comment.  Hilarious. 


AND I am happy to say that I finally figured out what KD means :)

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Starfish: I can see how KD could be a confusing term. Kind Doctor? Kitchen Decoration? Good work figuring it out!

Lea: I think that symtoms vary a lot from person to person, and I've known a lot of people who feel pretty good who are just lucky to have easier pregnancies. I hope the ultrasound is reassuring!

Welcome, Luu!

My wife is exhausted and nauseous. I have my fingers firmly crossed that it will ease up a bit in a month or so.
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I totally thought it meant "kind donor"  cracking up.  And I thought:  how lovely to be so affirming about the donor and the relationship.  Hilarious. 

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Welcome.gifLuuIntyre! Congrats on your pregnancy and on finding the right KD!


lea, I hope your u/s goes well! I'm glad you're able to get that done so early; personally, even with no history of m/c, I was totally relieved by my 7 week u/s... Just knowing there was a good sized yolk sac felt good, even though I wasn't sure what that even meant at the time. Have fun unpacking! Or at least I wish you an un-stressful unpacking!


wave.gif Hi, everyone else!


I've been feeling pretty crappy; the nausea's not as bad as it was a couple weeks ago, but my mood is just blah. Plus I'm almost always bloated and gassy, which is making even my stretchy clothes uncomfortable. I was complaining about all this to my mom the other day, and she told me that when she was as pregnant with me, she still had no idea she was expecting. "Did you just think you had PMS FOR THREE MONTHS?!!" I asked her. Um, yes, she said. She was still breastfeeding my 16 month old sister around the clock, and also had PCOS, so didn't think much of her irregular cycle for a loooooong time. Anyway, this made me feel a bit better. Also, today I heard the baby's heartbeat,which made me really happy! I was surprised the midwife found it so easily, but there it was, racing away at 155 bpm. Crazy! DP couldn't be there, but did get to hear it already at the 7w u/s, so isn't feeling too left out.


For those of you not already participating over there, did you know that we've got a monthly "Queer, Pregnant, & Parenting" thread over in the Queer Parenting section? It's a lot busier than here, and involves a lot of folks who've already had kids, and is a great community... Especially when you're looking for advice or info from someone who has already BTDT! Just thought I'd mention it, in case you hadn't come across it yet.

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Thanks escher - your comment mirrored what the midwife also said. It helps to be reminded of these things, since I'm prone to worrying.

And thanks granite - I'll probably join the QPP forum at some point - wanted to make sure everything was looking good before doing so.


So, I had two milestones today: first morning sickness (took all my vitamins on an empty stomach=bad idea), and first ultrasound.  Things looked good on the ultrasound. I'm so relieved and just hope the final few weeks of this first trimester go smoothly. 


Hope everyone else is doing well!

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Lea: Hooray for a good ultrasound! I bet you feel very relieved. I'm sorry about the morning sickness.

Granite: I'm sorry that you're feeling lousy. I hope you get that mythical second trimester energy boost in just a few weeks!
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Wanted to introduce myself here. I am Andi_mama's other half - the non pregnant one on the way to #5 :) Love this queer community :)

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Welcome, Poiyt! How is being a non-gestational parent going so far for you? Like you, I've been pregnant before but am the NGP this time.
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Hey Escher - didn;t know there were other NGP's here, are we the only one's? How do you find navigating mothering when all the threads are geared towards the pregnant partners? Being the NGP has been a lot easier and a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be! How did you guys come to the decision for you not to carry this time?

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Hi Poiyt,

Samarooni is an NGP too. And there are others on the Queer, Pregnant, and Parenting thread.

I agree that most of the posters in the DDC (and elsewhere on MDC) are the pregnant partner, but I still feel like there is lots of good information for me. I just don't read/post in the threads that don't seem interesting or relevant. How is MDC working for you these days?

I carried our son, so it seemed like it would be interesting to switch it up and have my wife carry this one. orngbiggrin.gif
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Just started up on MDC again, haven't been here in ages! It's weird to be in a DDC but not actually be pregnant, but its nice for my partner to have a place to go as well. I am trying to stay away from the DDC so she has a place that is just her own - but I visit this thread :) I've also begun to post in the Queer parenting thread. There is also a facebook group for NGP's thats quite interesting and helpful for me - what would I do without the internet!


Have you heard a heartbeat yet?

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The facebook group for NGP sounds interesting. Do you know how I could join that?

We have heard the heartbeat (at 6 weeks 3 days and again yesterday at 10 weeks 4 days). You too?

My wife isn't interested in being involved with MDC, so maybe that makes it easier for me to feel comfortable on here. I don't know.
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We rented a doppler, to alleviate miscarriage anxieties, and heard it as well! Averaging about 160, very cool!


Find me on facebook (Lindsay Hollett) and Ill add you and then request you to the group - its a closed secret group

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