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How long does RLP last?

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I was told by my OB that the extreme pain I am having in my lower left abdomen is round ligament pain.  How long does it last? It's been almost 24 hours.  The part that is most concerning to me is the horrible knife like stabbing pain when I pee.  I can push on the spot where it hurts.  It's a pinpoint location.  My OB didn't seem concerned.  I'm so miserable. :(

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It seems to me it could last any amount of time because the round ligament keeps stretching and growing throughout pregnancy.  I would recommend chiropractic and/or a massage and maybe some yoga to help relieve the pain.  I go to a chiropractor who does the Webster Technique.  It is specifially for pregnant women and she always checks the round ligaments. I would keep an eye on the intense pain when you pee as that might be something your doctor should be concerned about. 

Here are some things that might help.



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I had RLP for the first time yesterday (20w). I couldn't believe how much it hurt! I had tears in my eyes because I hit a pothole while driving, and I didn't think there was any way I was going to be able to get out of the car on my own steam. Stabbing is exactly how I would describe it! Mine lasted nearly the whole day.

My midwife suggested a pregnancy support belt from a previous C section and the second I put it on I felt better! I didn't wear it over night and I woke up hurting again this morning. I am really hoping it wont last too long. I have hay to throw and water to haul, but thankfully some company this weekend that will do it for me.

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Thank you for your description of RLP.  I was having some pains yesterday and that may have been what it was.

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