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Rhubarb Celebration Thread!!!

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I love nettles, I love sorrel, I love overwintered kale and other stuff from the garden this time of year, but nothing gives me more happiness that RHUBARB!


I don't even know why I started this thread, I was just so HAPPY!!


So, if you have reason to celebrate, I'd love to hear from you.  Do you have a favorite variety?  Is is mostly green or really, really red?  Does it turn pies green/orange/pink?  What is your favorite way to enjoy it?  Have you tried some of the savory (Mediterranean) recipes I've heard about?  Or do you have trouble wanting anything except Rhubarb Pie?  (oh, yeah, that's me!)  And how do you like that pie?  Straight up, no ice cream or strawberries?  (Yup!)  Or do you like berries with it?  (Raspberries are delish!)  Any tips or troubles growing it?  


Come celebrate rhubarb with me, by posting in this Positively Pointless Thread of mine!  Here's a recipe to use with all that rhubarb sauce I know you (and I) will be making:




Rhubarb sauce (which is really good cooked with lime zest, BTW--try it!)


Lemon Cream:  Using a fine zester (like a MicroPlane) zest 1 tsp of zest--no white part.  Mix into whipped cream, along with sugar to taste (optional).  For best flavor, allow to chill overnight before beating into Lemon Cream.  


Place a dollop of Lemon Cream on rhubarb sauce, or fold in sauce like a Fool (the fruit-and-cream dish, not you!) and serve immediately.


Bon Apetit!

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joy.gif  I love rhubarb, but I don't eat sugar anymore. I wonder what I could make with it without thesugar.

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I once borrowed a Lebanese cookbook from the library.  It was excellent!  Sun-dried green beans, sumac berrries and...... rhubarb without the sugar!  I need to look back into it, but it was served with lamb.  I think they had some other savory suggestions.

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I needed an upbeat thread this morning!  I also love seeing the rhubarb in the garden.  For me, it is truly a sign that winter is behind us and planting is near.  We almost exclusively make rhubarb crisp with our rhubarb.  I don't know what variety it is, but the stalks become a deep red on the outside.  The inside is more of a greenish hue.  The crisp will usually have a pink tint to the rhubarb layer.  We also like to make a coffee cake with a layer of strawberries and rhubarb.



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I just planted my first rhubarb :) It is really tiny; we probably won't get any for a couple years? But- I have very fond memories of getting it out of the only garden we ever had-when i was about 6 or so- and (yes) dipping it in sugar and eating it raw. Will likely leave that little ritual out of my kids experience with rhubarb, BUT will happily make jams and pies with it! Can't wait. 

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Rhubarb is happiest when you can wait 2, even 3 years before harvesting it.  Let it have one full year with big, fat stalks without harvesting more than a pie's worth.  Most people's mistake is harvesting before the plant is established.  Ours is looking healthy and is growing thickly and robustly, but it still has thin stalks in it's 2nd season.  I am salivating over the clumps left at our rental house!  I was able in some years to harvest it aggressively, but always left the last growth for the plant.  It also helps (if you love rhubarb, that is, and can't get enough) to have enough rhubarb to give some clumps a break some years.  You will always have healthy plants that way.

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We don't do sugar, either, but still enjoy rhubarb in desserts.  I just pan fry slices of with sliced apples or bananas, etc in butter.  Serve with heavy cream or whipped heavy cream.  Sprinkle with cinnamon or cocoa powder if I'm feelin fancy:)

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I owe dh a rhubarb pie.  Offered one up to a neighbor to kill our pesky rooster (I "chickened" out!)  DH heard about it, and demanded his rhubarb pie the next morning.  Another neighbor is offering up some rhubarb, as ours was transplanted last year.  I will most definitely post pics!


root*children, thanks for the sugar-free suggestions!

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Finally got my rhubarb pie!  I'm having chicken soup for dinner so I can say I had rhubarb pie for dessert.  Except I'm really having pie for dinner and dessert (amd breakfast, too, if there is any left!)

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Funny, I was just thinking of this thread today!  The rhubarb planted last year is looking fat and wonderful.  I'm hoping to get a pie from it next year (*fingers crossed*).  I'll be ordering more rhubarb crowns next year to plant outside the veggie garden fence, then once those get big and ready to harvest, I'll transplant this one to make more room for the veggies that the deer love to eat.


In the meantime, I came across this on a site I love:





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Don't bother ordering more if you already have some planted.  It spreads very easily.  Just dig it up and split it.

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I will do that, but I'd also like some really red varieties as well as my plain Jane green one!

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