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Experience with + fFN test?

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Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this test in the past? I've had PTL scares with all of them and with the last 2 I had this test performed (simple minimally invasive) and it was always negative. Which means less than 1% chance that baby would come within the next few weeks. At my appt Tues I mentioned the pressure and low back pain/cramping etc so he did the fFN and called today to say its positive. Basically I have a 1/6 chance of labor within the next 14 days. I'm stressing a bit here. Just wondered if anyone has been down this road before?!
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How stressful. :(


Did they offer you an u/s or a cervical check? Those things may offer some information on what your cervix is doing.


Thinking good thoughts for you!

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I did have a cervical check and it was long, closed, hard so that is good but we know that it can change so quickly. 1/6 is only a 17% chance but we're terrified because we have so many bad experiences. We are going on vacation on Sat (is really why we're so worried) but my Dr made a point to tell me where all the good Peri's were in FL on our way. I just wanted to hear some positive stories smile.gif

Thanks for thinking of me!!
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Oh, that does sound stressful!! Luckily that's still a really small chance.  I vaguely remember people from my old DDC (with DS a few years ago) having this test.  I think it ended up causing those ladies more stress than anything else.  As far as I can remember none of them went into labor immediately.  I don't remember if they all got to term, but I'm pretty sure that they did not go into labor immediately after a pos test.  That's all the experience I have. 


Hugs! And try not to stress too much....(I'm sure that will be easy, right?). 

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Woke up at 3 a.m. this morning with contractions/cramps and back ache. It all went away after a few hours....  but  came back mid-morning while I was at the office and I called my midwife. I was sent to the hospital's labor and delivery floor and put on a monitor--- which showed persistent but mild contractions.


I'm not dilated or significantly effaced--- which is good news! I was told that while my contractions were persistent, they did not look like active labor-- which is more good news! The best news of all is that baby looked happy, healthy, and strong for its gestational age (33ish weeks), and I got to listen to his/her heartbeat for several hours today. :)


Still, contracting for no apparent reason is not good!


An fFN test was done and I'll get the results back tomorrow, hopefully. If it's positive, I was told that there's a good chance (depending on the level fibronectin) that I'd slip into active labor in the next two weeks and we'd want to come up with an action plan -- bed-rest, drugs, etc.-- to try and prevent that. If it's negative, they are leaning towards calling this an "irritable uterus" and simply monitoring things. 


I'm still having mild contractions and lower back pain, but I was sent home (which is really fine by me) to hydrate and be on bed-rest for the next few days. There were no super red flags raised... and so I'm not too worried. There is very little I can do but rest and listen to my body while we wait on the fFN test, which **might** give us a clearer indication of what's going on or what to expect.

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Well, good luck!! When mine was + my cervix was long, hard, and closed and when I went to L&D 10 days later it was soft, only 1cm long, but still closed. Since then I've continued with the off/on symptoms but my cervix has remained closed. My Dr opted not to do another fFN because he said it would most definitely be ++ again. Also, most women that end up with a + deliver by 35 weeks but not all. I do wish you luck though and hope that little one stays put until closer to term!! Rest rest rest!!!
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Likewise, you, Tenk. Hang on to that baby. Do you guys have an "action plan"? How frequently are you being checked?


I guess the best thing about this is just kinda being "on alert." I am definitely rethinking some of my activities for the coming weeks. Even if the test comes back negative, I think I'll take it as a hint to slow down.

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I have been going in every 2 weeks since 20 weeks or so and next week I will start weekly visits. I have so many other things making me high risk I have to go frequently anyway and I'm having a c section on June 12th no matter what (36w4d or so) because of other risks to both of us. We are praying that he stays put that long although I have my doubts. I am supposed to rest and keep my feet up as much as possible as well. Listen to your body and your baby. smile.gif
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Take care of yourselves, Tenk and SweetHuck.  I hope your babies stay put for a few more weeks at least!

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Hope it all turns out well no matter what with you gals. At least you are pretty far into your pregnancies now, so even if you did deliver soon, your babies should be OK in the end. But, I'm hoping for you all they decide to stay in as long as possible.


I had really regular contractions at around 34 weeks with my first. Never had any test, but the contractions didn't go away with IV or anything, but I didn't have much in the way of cervical changes from them, so maybe it was only prodomal/false labor? But, they gave me terbutaline to stop the contractions since they had gone on for hours and at the time that was the usual thing to do if fluids didn't do the trick. Though, I've heard they've stopped that since there's some risks associated with that stuff now. But, I didn't have my son until 38 weeks. I was in labor for 73 hours...

Maybe it could be prodomal labor sweethuck? I went through some rather regular contractions off and and on for 3-4 weeks before I delivered my second son. They would come 10 mins apart for a few hours but never got stronger or longer and they were somewhat painful. He was born 39+4. And with my daughter she was a week late and I had a day of prodomal labor followed by a day of nothing, followed by the real thing. She was out in 6 hours after the real thing kicked in. Anyway, just in case that is at all helpful in any way sweethuck. Just saying that some women have more uterine activity than others and still deliver term babies.

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