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Spinning Babies - daily inversion

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I thought it would be a good time to start getting in the habit of doing a daily inversion.  I started much later last time around and it was definitely more awkward to figure out how to do it.


Anybody else with me?  It's just 30 seconds every day, can help with baby's positioning. smile.gif



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Cool!  I'll try to start getting into the habit.  I found pelvic rocks to be really helpful last time as well.

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I did a lot of pelvic rocks and inversions and chiro and my stubborn baby was still posterior last time. I was able to push him out in about 30 minutes though so I'm thinking if this one is positioned right, I may have a fast one!
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I'll do this daily! I did a lot of pelvic rocks when I was pregnant with DD, and I feel it helped.
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LOL, no thanks.  I did these with my breech babe, but I won't do them with a head down baby. ;)

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Calladona, the forward inversion is for normal pregnancies, there is a separate breech tilt that is only for breech babies.  It is supposed to help relax and stretch the uterine ligaments.   It is supposed to be fine as long as you don't have high blood pressure, high amniotic fluid, and don't do it for too long.


The Breech Tilt is not the same inversion as a Forward-leaning inversion. Its done longer and on the mother's back. The Breech Tilt has the purpose of helping the baby's chin to tuck. The Forward-leaning inversion has the purpose of stretching uterine ligaments and then, after the inversion, releasing the ligaments so they relax.
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Oh I did both with my breech.  Both did NOT feel good to me. :p  But you go on with it!  I think daily sitting posture and pelvic rocks are more important. :)  :)

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I totally agree about sitting posture and standing posture!  Untuck that pelvis. winky.gif


And she definitely says don't do it if it doesn't feel right to you. hug2.gif

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I think exercising, stretching, and the way that spinning babies teaches moms to be aware of where their baby lies, is all really good stuff. I also think staying limber through physical activity is the best way to feel good mentally and physically during labor.

I really do like spinning babies. I think if the stretches feel good to you, then you should keep doing it!

I also really like evidence based practice. I think Henci Goer is a rock star. I think this is a good read for those of you who have or worry about OP babies.

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I don't think they're bad to do, but I didn't enjoy it and honestly it's a painful reminder of a hard time in my life. :)  But if you want to do them, more power to you! :D

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