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Mucus in toddler's stools/frequent constipation

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My 19 month old son very frequently has mucus in his stools. Actually it seems like he alternates between really hard stools (think deer pellets) and looser, mucusy stools. When he was about 7 months old he was hospitalized and put on a very strong antibiotic. It seems like that was when we started dealing with this battle with constipation. It seems like it is better, but I'm still wondering if there is something going on. Besides his bowel movements, he's a super happy and healthy kid. His constipation is not painful anymore (that I can tell) and he doesn't have the bleeding that he did when we were first dealing with this. Just wondering if anyone has ideas whether this is something I should be really concerned about or how to go about helping him. Thanks :)

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I think food intolerances when I hear mucous in stools.


Do you give your child probiotics? if not you should be!

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sounds like gluten is the offender.

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There are a lot of causes of symptoms like this besides gluten.  Any food your system doesn't like can cause similar reactions.  I, too, suspect food first, but then allergies loom large in my family, and I often think food as the underlying cause of everything bad that happens.  ("Bored? You've been eating too much rice!!" orngtongue.gif)  

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