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Congrats Sourire!!!!! So exciting!

AFM - The AMH results came back. 0.24 As many of you know, that's not good. So, it is indeed DOR. Well as the nurse said, considering your AMH is so low, you've had a great response to the meds. irked.gif My follies were 18, 17.5, 17, 16, 12, 10, 8, 7, 7. So there are 4 good contenders. We'll see what the doc says next.
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X - I forgot to reply to you. It was you who asked about clinics in Chicago, right? I am from there but was not dealing wiht IF when I lived in Chicago, so I don't really know any. But SIRM has an office in Peoria, I think. Sorry about the DOR, and the AMH. That doesn't mean that you don't have any good eggs left though.

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TMI alert: I just went to the bathroom and I had a huge pile of Crinone in my underwear... Enough that it looks like it almost all fell out. Anyone ever experience this? This is my 8th cycle on Crinone so I'm pretty used to it, but I've never had anything like this happen to me before. Usually I only lose small amounts (like 1/2 a teaspoon per day) but this looked like 2-3 tablespoons!
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privateeyes.gif Sourire, I remember it seeming to build up for a few days and then come out in heaps. I started manually sweeping a bit every day before putting the new one in. Hope that helps. I'm rooting for you, and all you ladies! love.gif
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Thanks Tear. I have been cleaning it out every few days, the last time was on Monday. Also they did wash off my cervix before my transfer on Tuesday so I'm wondering if that did anything?
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sourire, TMI alert: I am not sure if prometrium is exactly the same, but I always seem to feel like fluid is always leaking out of me and today it caused a "skid mark" on the back of my undies. I was so glad I had my extra underwear with me. It was a bit unexpected.

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The ultrasound was today and it doesn't look good. There is a heartbeat, but it's slow (he didn't tell us a number) and it's measuring about a week behind. The Dr. said it is most likely not viable, but there is still a very small chance. bawling.gif  There was a small sac from the second embryo but it didn't develop at all. 


I hate this so much. I feel so defective. It is so terrifying when they are doing the ultrasound and just looking at the screen and frowning and not saying anything.

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Oh, Laggie, I so sorry to hear that the ultrasound wasn't good news.

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Laggie - hoing and praying that your bean is a fighter!!!!!! I know it's hard but keep sending that little one positive growing vibes. Thinking of you!!!!
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Laggie~ Im sorry to hear that. It is the worse to have an ultrasound and have it be not so good news and concerned doctors hovering around. When will they check the heartbeat again?

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Normally they would check again in a week, but since we are going to Holland tomorrow for 2 weeks, they won't be able to check again until we get back, so that will be 2.5 weeks from now on May 7th. I guess I will know if I start bleeding. We could try to get an ultrasound in Holland, but I don't know how feasible that is. also that might just be worse? Although the uncertainty is really messing me up. I don't know how I'm going to get through this, I don't feel strong enough to do it. I just can't stop crying. 

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Laggie - I am so sorry. I hope your little bean is a fighter and is looking great by the next u/s. hug2.gif

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Laggie - I'm sorry to hear the news isn't all reassuring. It's sounds like you're in for a stressful few weeks. I'm sending lots of zen vibes your way (as if I know anything about being zen, I'm totally stressing like crazy about my 2ww).
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Laggie- sending good thoughts & energy that baby surprises you & bounces back. It is so stressful to be in limbo. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Let us know if we can do anything to help, praying hard for you of course.
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Laggie I'm so sorry. I hope you can find some sort of peace on your vacation. I'm so sorry for the non reassuring news.
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So sorry the ultrasound results were not good.  Crossing my fingers for you Laggie.  

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Hugs, Laggie! I'll be hoping really hard for your little one! Take care of yourself during the tough tough time of waiting. hug.gif
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I hope this tww wait is not to bad. Are you finishing up your book..lol? Are you going to test? I know I am going to drive myself crazy with anxiety starting on Monday 'sigh'

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Sourire~Are you n the April tww thread? http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1380825/april-tww-thread/300#post_17336020

I think I may pop in after Monday.

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My book is coming along pretty good but I'm still pretty stressed out about this 2ww. I took some time off work because I couldn't handle it anymore. I haven't decided when/if I will test at this point. I just feel like I won't really be able to handle a BFN this time around because if I can't get pregnant with a perfect embryo, I'll probably never get pregnant. I definitely won't be joining that April 2ww thread. I can't deal with seeing people get a BFP after only a few months of trying.
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