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Sourire~ omgosh,maybe you can get a massage or pedicure to relax??? Can you process with your dh?...I'm sorry you are so anxious and I will be right with ya Monday. Are you taking your temperature? Are feeling cramps or anything? Well, I will be online after 3 (my time) Monday and Tuesday if you want to talk pm or here on the thread.For that matter, I may need to talk.

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I am going in for my transfer scheduled for 1..acupuncture at noon. I hope my embies defrosted well.redface.gif

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I hope that your transfer goes well today and that your little embryos have defrosted well and are growing!

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Good luck today Tracy!!
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How did your transfer go Tracy?

To answer your questions no I'm not temping (I don't see any point) and I'm ignoring all pregnancy symptoms because my 30 previous failed cycles have proven to me that pregnancy symptoms mean nothing!
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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

How did your transfer go Tracy?

To answer your questions no I'm not temping (I don't see any point) and I'm ignoring all pregnancy symptoms because my 30 previous failed cycles have proven to me that pregnancy symptoms mean nothing!

Awww,thanks for asking. It went well. The embies defrosted well. One had a bit fragmentation. No worries about a second transfer. Just relaxing today. 

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Sourire- Amen to that. Pregnancy symptoms are for the birds. I'm still praying this is the magic cycle & you can stop counting failed cycles & start counting pregnancy weeks. You said you won't test early right? Are you taking estrogen still or just the PIO?

Tracy - glad it went well & you don't have a second transfer!

Afm- I think I finally ovulated (cd20) and should be looking at cd 1 in 10-12 days... Can't come soon enough!
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laggie - i'm so sorry. my heart breaks for you. i do hope there is some good news yet.


toothfairy - hooray for O! let's get this show on the road!


sourie - your embies sound perfect and i have such high hopes for you this cycle! i have given up on trying to be "zen" through any of this and am instead just working on being distracted.


tracy - sounds like you had a great transfer. fingers crossed tight for you.


xerxella - what's new? i've fallen behind quite a bit... wondering how things turned out and if you have something else lined up should you not get your bfp this cycle...


hello to anyone i've missed!


afm - cd2 today. started estrace and ganirelix last week. go in for baselines on thurs morning and then it's time for lupron flare and then gonal-f and menopur and dexamethasone start on cd7... still seems like light years before i will know if this cycle will work or not...

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Tracy - I'm so glad everything went well! Now comes the hard part right?

toothfairy - I'm still on estrogen patches, Crinone and baby aspirin. I took PIO for my last FET and started spotting at 10dpo, so this time we switched to a double dose of Crinone in hopes that that would work better. Well it didn't. I started spotting at 10dpo again (on Sunday). I'm soooooo discouraged I wanna die. It's frustrating because when I did my last IUI with a double dose of Crinone, I didn't start spotting until 13dpo so I really thought this would work.

indie - I'm glad I'm not the only one who sucks at being zen! For my last FET I tried so hard to be zen with daily meditations and yoga and I didn't get pregnant anyways, so this time I'm not even bothering to try. I'm going to freak as much as I want to! Sounds like things are about to get exciting for you!

AFM - I think I might test on Thursday. I'm not making any promises though. DH and i are planning a huge junk food, candy and wine binge for Friday after we get our beta numbers back.
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Sourire- that is so incredibly frustrating. I have no answers to why you would be getting spotting so soon with so many precautions and how if you didn't ovulate are you having a typical LP?? I would love to be hopeful it is implantation spotting ( which I did have sl its possible) but I know that can be super annoying of your gut is telling you that's not it. The night you have planned sounds wonderful. I'll be drinking wine at a wedding Friday. Praying nobody there surprises me with baby news... I just can't take it.

Indie- the days go so slowly when you're waiting for progress. We are all cheering you on!

X- your AMH can change monthly so if you are still over suppressed it makes sense it would be low. I'm hoping as you get back to normal it will go up. Did the end up doing an IUI?

AFM- I have a cold so I'm grumpy. It brings back all these fears that my immune system is failing again & this isn't going to work. I suck at being zen too by the way... I really don't think it makes a huge difference in success but the meditations make me feel good. Yoga makes me feel good too but only the real classes, the home DVDs didn't do jack!
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toothfairy-glad you ovulated!!! It's all gonna happen before you know it.

sourire~ sending peace your way. and it's good you and dh are planning for a fun friday just in case.

afm ~I've just been resting and taking it easy and trying to visualize the embryo dividing cause that's all it can be doing right now.

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Sourire - I hope you get to imbibe in none of that. No wine and junk food for you. Thursday's just tomorrow. By this time tomorrow, you'll have an answer.

indie - Good luck on this cycle. I like your protocol. I think something along those lines will be my next shot.

toothfairy - Yeah for ovulating!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gif Now, I'm hoping for a short luteal phase for you so you can get moving on to the next cycle.

tracy - I'm glad the embies defrosted well. How's it feel to be PUPO with twins? smile.gif

rcr - How are you doing? Any more ultrasounds? Only one more month til you're out of the first trimester!

Blueyez - Are you getting tired of people asking, "Have you had that baby, yet?"

AFM - Whew, what a rollercoaster. No IUI for me, the doc refused. So the day I would've triggered my progesterone was at 4.8. Which, as you may know, is not a good number pre ovulation. Lots of studies show that high progesterone before ovulation is a big indicator of a future BFN. The doc also felt that this may be the cause of my miscarriages. I don't know about that. From everything I've read it just causes a cycle failure, not miscarriages. So, I pointed out to the doc that the answer to this was that we do freeze all cycles and then put them back in during a more hormonally balanced cycle. (HHhmmm, wasn't this what I wanted to do all along....) The doc thought about that awhile and admitted that that would work. But, honestly, I'm done with this doc. I want a doc who's on my side and not one I have to fight with to get them to do the right thing. So, I have another appointment set up with a new doc for May 2nd. I'm hoping my period holds off until then. (DH and I still got together at ovulation time, but I'm not expecting any great things.)

soapbox.gif The doc also proved to be quite the asshat. moon.gif He told me to quit trying, I'm never going to have another baby and to love the children I have. (As if wanting another child means I don't love the children I have!) If we never have any more children, so be it. I have 2 great kids and that'd be fine. But, what's quitting get me???!?!! Nothing! Maybe I'll have no more children, maybe I'll have a dozen, but I won't know if I don't try! Rant over. hopmad.gif DH and I determine when we're done trying. not you, asshat.
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X~ That is really unprofessional that your doctor would say such a thing. I'm sorry you had to hear that. What  jerkangry.gif. Maybe this ovulation time will result in a pregnancy...have fun;-) Sorry this has been such a roller coaster for you.


What is PUPO? For the life of me I cannot figure it out.

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X- totally unprofessional & uncalled for. I'm hopeful for a visit with a new, serious doctor!

Tracy- pregnant until proven otherwise.
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X: I'm sorry about the low AMH. I am not sure - can AMH change up and down over time? I know it is a better indicator than FSH but I'm not sure it's set in stone either. I am so sorry you got such a lame doc. Please find someone else who believes in you and has experience with DOR! That's interesting about the progesterone - do they think that is connected to DOR? I've never heard about that happening before. Would you consider donor egg/embryo if it came to that? I have been pondering the question again myself. I was all set to do donor egg for baby #2 if my IVF cycle didn't work. I did end up being blessed with another bio baby. But now I'm not sure I'm done. And I highly doubt I would be so lucky 3 yr down the road when I only had 1 embryo to work with this last time! A woman I cycled with did donor egg and has twins that are the same age as my baby. I know without a doubt there is no way in hell she loves those babies any less than the 2 sons she had 10 yrs earlier!! And my sis has 3 girls from surrogacy/donor egg. 


Sourire and Tracy: I hope the 2 week wait flies for you and brings happy news!!!



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X - I had a problem with progesterone rising too early too. It canceled two IVF cycles for me. When I moved clinics to SIRM, they don't even check progesterone, so I don't know if I had that problem with my last two IVFs. But for the first two, it was a big problem and gave me a lot of headaches.


ok, back to lurking. I am here cheering you all on, and can't wait for good news Sourire and Tracy!

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Alright I was going to test tomorrow morning but I knew I would have trouble sleeping knowing the test was tomorrow so DH suggested we do a test tonight.


Well we did the test and unbelievably..... it was positive!!!!!!!!!!! My first BFP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! The 2nd line is pretty dark too, no squinting needed!


It's crazy I've fantasized about this moment so many times and I always imagined laughing, crying, jumping up and down, disbelief.... however what really happened was totally different from any of my fantasies.... the minute I saw that 2nd line I let out a scream like a tweenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert!!!! DH was standing right next to me and I think I might have busted his eardrums lol, but I couldn't help it!!!!


I can't believe this finally happened to me! I was starting to think it never would! I felt like 2 lines were a myth! Seeing them for real felt like seeing a unicorn or something!



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ohmygod sourie yay!!!!!!!!!!! i'm squealing like tween for you!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeek!!!
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Ohhh Sourire I am overjoyed for you. Dump the wine down the sink & the junk food in your closet (you'll want it in a few weeks when nothing sounds good). I love how you described your reaction too. Awesome awesome awesome.
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Yayayayayayayay sourire!!!!!!!! I'm over the moon. Congratulations!!!!

...back to lurking...
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