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Yeah I actually looked up the test on the Internet and apparently you have to have a beta of at least 200 before it will show you 2-3 weeks pregnant. I'm so excited for me beta tomorrow to see if its true.
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Sourire- I'm excited for your beta tomorrow, too!!!! That'll be exactly 14 dpo (equivalent), right?

Rcr- honestly, this current doc didn't think of the freeze all idea either. I had to point it out to him! But I've read up on it and embryos from cycles like do extremely well in an FET. It seems like a reasonable way to salvage the cycle. . http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/8137975/
But as my Doc pointed out, even if we do a retrieval, these are probably poor quality eggs. Thanks asshat. moon.gif.

Thanks for the SIRM idea. I forgot they had a place in Peoria. But, that's still pretty far from me. I have an appointment at FCI. I knew one of the docs there from all my losses. I think (hope) she'll be willing to do what it takes to conquer this problem.
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Xerxella - my beta is on 15dpo. By the way I'm a huge fan of freeze all cycles now since that's how I got this BFP. Your doctor sounds like an absolutely despicable human being!
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Okay Ladies

If my transfer was the 22nd...Monday am I 7dpo?? I can't figure out how to figure this out.!

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So happy for you Sourire!  Big congrats! joy.gif

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Did you get your beta #s Sourire?! Waiting on pins & needles!
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Toothfairy the beta is tomorrow!

Tracy how old were your embryos again? Usually to calculate DPO you add number of days since transfer to the age of the embryo. So my transfer was 9 days ago and my embryo was 5 days old so that puts me at 5+9=14dpo.

Today I called and got on the waiting lists for all 3 midwife clinics in my city. It's super hard to get a spot (most people who try don't get in) so the only way anyone has a chance is if you call the minute you find out you're pregnant (and hope you don't have to cancel after). I had to laugh when they asked me for the date of my last period... Because I haven't had a period since January! I just made up a date that would put me at 4 weeks pregnant today. That gives me a due date of January 2nd.
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You have to get some sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!bouncy.gif Thanks for the explanation. I get it now. 


Congrats again

And we want beta numbers friday.......okay?

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Stalking Sourire.
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They are going to call me back between 1pm and 5pm eastern with the results. I'm going to be glued to my phone for the next few hours!
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Good so I'll know before I leave for the wedding!!! Can't wait!!
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The results are in!!!!!!!!!!!! Earlier than I expected too!!!! My beta is 339!!! OMG!!!!! 2nd beta is Sunday morning to confirm doubling.
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xerxella - i want to punch your doctor in the face. RUN far away from him if he is questioning you having more children... obviously he won't be very invested in doing what it takes to get you pregnant. jerk. is the rising progesterone before retrieval a bad sign for implantation or for egg quality? i've not heard of this before but from what i can see here it's something that happens... i want to know more!


tracey  - so... what dpo ARE you? when will you be testing?


sourie - can't wait to hear your beta!! i think you had the best reaction to a bfp i've seen yet on mdc :) it really made so excited to read it! a january 2nd due date sounds perfect to me :) did your clinic have you do the two months of lupron as standard procedure for a failed transfer or did you have beta 3 integrin tested? i've seen so many endometriosis women have failed transfers and then test negative for beta 3 integrin, go on lupron, and then have successful pregnancies... and then at the same time I know many REs don't want to bother testing beta 3 integrin but are ok with doing the lupron treatment for it (my RE, for example...) just curious what factored into your REs decision to go this route...


toothfairy - enjoy your wine and the wedding tonight! get good and tipsy... you're going to be back on the no alcohol train again verrrry soon.


afm - had baselines yesterday. the nurse counted "possibly" 7 follicles. she had a bit of time finding them and my ovaries are apparently "very quiet". 7 sounds about right considering my last AFC was 8. I have to admit I was secretly hoping for a surprise 10 or so. but it is what it is. so i think i mentioned here that this is the first time my doctor/clinic is using this particular protocol... it's a CCRM protocol for DOR/poor responders that I brought to my doc and she's been AWESOME about humoring me and doing it my first time out of the gate.... well, we had our first hiccup yesterday. when the nurse ordered my meds she ordered regular strength lupron since the protocol simply stated "20 units of lupron every 12 hours" starting today. but it was really supposed to be microdose/dilutued lupron (since it's a MDL combo protocol)... anyway, i was thisclose to injecting way more lupron into my system than i should and that would have totally screwed up this cycle. thankfully, the nurse caught it yesterday and my doc called me and they did a rush order for the correct amount so i was still able to start injections on time... phew. just one more thing to stress about :) i start stims on sunday and my next appointment is on tuesday. don't expect to see much at that point... 

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sourie!!! we cross posted - OMG YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!! bellyhair.gifbellyhair.gifbellyhair.gif

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Thats a great number, Sourire!!! Congrats!!!

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Sourire, that is a great beta number. Grow baby grow!
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Sourire - What a great number!!!!! That's spot on! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

indie - I think 7 is a pretty good number! I'm sorry I forget, was this a natural start? About the Progesterone, from the research I've done it seems to only impact implantation. In fact the study I posted showed a better implantation rate for FETs that came from a high progesterone cycle than FETs that came from a low progesterone cycle, but that might be statistically insignificant. High Progesterone impacts the endometrium. I'm still learning about all this but it seems like the endometrium has a life cycle all it's own. And if the endometrium gets out of sync with the age of the embryos there will be no implantation. With the premature rise of progesterone the endometrium gets ahead of the embryos. There's tons of studies on it. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18492365 , http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22417667 , (note nmol/L to ng/mL conversion. ng/mL is what is used in the US. 6 nmol/L = 1.9 ng/mL, 1ng/mL = 3.2 nmol/L) This one explains it best: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2854984/
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indie - I did not have beta integrin 3 tested (I didn't even know this test existed and they did not mention it to me). Once I was diagnosed with endometriosis, the RE discussed doing a couple of months on Lupron as an option. I have no idea if it's standard or not but he didn't push it super hard. He suggested doing it before my IVF but at the time I declined because I didn't want the delay. Then after my first FET I complained to him that my endometriosis symptoms were getting worse so he suggested it again and this time I agreed. I'm so glad I went ahead with it even if it meant waiting longer for my FET!!! Your doctor sounds really great to go along with your suggestion. So lucky that you didn't inject the wrong dose!

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Sourire, that's fantastic about your beta! You must be walking around with such a spring in your step!joy.gif

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Sourire awesome numbers!!!



Indie~ 7 sounds good to me. Stims on Sunday huh? You are getting very close how exciting .


I think I am 3d8pt??? I think that's how to write it...lol Yes I will be testing but It will be sometime next week and my beta is next Friday.

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