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Originally Posted by rcr View Post

second beta 8704.


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RCR- that's fantastic!!!!!
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Wow, that is amazing rcr! congratulations on great numbers.

Any of you had . weird sort of in your lungs pain that seems to happen more when you breath out after you ivf? Pain started yesterday, nothing acute, just annoying tightening in my chest on both sides. Doesn't happen every time I breath either. I am going to call the doctor this morning but they don't open for 2 hours. In good news, I am officially an aunt, my sister had here baby this morning at 1:30 am on April 2. She really didn't want the birth on April 1 and her labor lasted to the next day. My niece is cute!
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Lilac - your niece has the same birthday as me! Yes i had difficulty breathing a few days after my ER, because of my OHSS my abdomen filled up with fluid which was compressing my lungs. I hope it's not that!

Rcr - congrats on the great 2nd beta!
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Well, I just talked to the nurse and she said to monitor myself if I get nauseous or vomit, sudden swelling, have to go pee all the time, or shortness of breath. None of which I have, just this chest tightness which seems to have been minimized by taking Tylenol a couple hours ago. I will just relax again today and call them if it gets worse or one of those other symptoms come up. Oh and I don't have a higher than normal temperature.
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my head throbs..migraine! anyone else get migraines from lupron???? it happened last cycle too. i can only stand straight up right now. im an hour out of town...urrrrr. i just wish this process was easier..thanks for reading..

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tracy - I got headaches from Lupron. Not migraines but I've never had one. I was told that drinking alcohol with lupron can trigger them, but I had headaches without alcohol too.


lilac - I haven't had chest tightness or pain, but my massage therapist did some work on my diaphragm yesterday and I had some really painful tight spots that she released. I feel like I can breathe so much deeper now. She said it was from sitting hunched over at the computer.


rcr - holy crap!  energy.gifenergy.gif Is that a super high number? I guess it's been a week but still. Wow. How are you feeling?

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rcr - that's amazing!!!!!


tracy - I had horrible headaches, a lot of them migraine level, on lupron. Hang in there!


lilac - I also had shortness of breath caused by my OHSS.  It started out annoying, but as my TWW went by it got worse.  The day before my beta I called and they added in some blood work and an ultrasound to check and I did have moderate OHSS.  They actually gave me an infusion of some of the 'stuff' I was low on (I think it was Albumin if I remember correctly) to help with the symptoms.. it did help but I was uncomfy for a while into the pregnancy....

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Thanks hope4light, I have been reading up on some vegetarian sources of albumin and see if that can help get this pain to go away.


AFM, I was just contemplating when what I would see if I am pregnant at my next RE appointment.  I found this cool website that has ultrasound scans for each week of gestation.  Really cool. http://www.baby2see.com/development/ultrasound_sonogram/first_trimester_scans.html#week5

Right now my follow up with the RE is at 5 weeks gestation but it means I would have to miss school again. If I waited 2 weeks, I could go in the morning when all my students are at a special program, not miss teaching and be at 7 weeks gestation. If I am pregnant, I think I will change my appointment after my beta tests. I would rather not ultrasound my babies too often.

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hope4light and laggie~ thanks for reading and posting. im a bit better now. dh had to leave work..teaching to drive into town to pick up a prescription for me called in by my re. i have 7 more days on lupron. it was so bad i was crying for 2 hours..............bummer for me.


lilacvioletiris~ sorry to hear about your symptoms. i did check out that website and it was pretty cool !

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Just wanted to post to cheer you all on and wanted to continue to get the updates on this new thread, so I can keep up w/ all of you lovely ladies!!!  Sending you all lots of baby dust and BFP thoughts!!!!!  goodvibes.gif

Lilac - fingers crossed for you!!!!!


Tracey - i had some headaches w/ Lupron but they went away after my body got more used to it.  Sure hope they go away soon!!!  Ugh!!!!


rcr - I said it on the other side but congrats over here too!!!


Laggie - what is next for you??????  Hope you are doing well!!!


Hi to everyone else... i was just looking back at this one page so if your name isn't on there that is why i missed you.

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I have my first ultrasound on the 18th, so that's at 7.5 weeks. If all goes well, we will tell our families after that, but I won't be telling the whole world until around 14 weeks at least. On April 20th we are flying to the Netherlands to visit DHs family, so it will be a surprise and we'll tell them when we are there. I hope I am not puking the whole time on the plane. Hmm, maybe this belongs in the graduates thread? I feel like I have one foot over here and one foot over there.

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wow blueeyezz!!!!! You're almost there! I saw your ticker's at 39 weeks!!!!

lilac - I think 7 weeks is a good time. You should be able to see a heartbeat. Any earlier than that and there may not be a heartbeat and everything may just be fine. For me, at least, that's just too stressful. Your betas would tell you if things are going along well, so you might as well wait until you can see something, IMO. And congrats on your niece!!!!

rcr - That's a great number and a great doubling time. I can't wait to your u/s to find out if one or 2 stuck in there!

laggie - I'm glad the massage helped! My back hurt through all my pregnancies. I heard it was just the progesterone causing muscles to relax. shrug.gif

wave.gif to everyone else!!!
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i like your waving smiley face!

blueyeyezz4- hi,are you are prepped for your bundle?


doctors appointment went well today. i do have another headache. hopefully the estradiol i will start wednesday will help.

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Tracy - I've never had headaches while on Lupron, but I'm not generally prone to headaches. What form of estradiol are you taking?

AFM - it's been 1 week since I started the estrogen patches and my hot flashes have finally decreased enough that they don't bother me anymore. I really started seeing a difference after I doubled my dose on Sunday. I can also tell the estrogen is doing its job because I started getting huge globs of EWCM. I never saw a single drop of any type of CM while I was on Lupron (I could have worn the same undies for a week and they would have still been clean). My lining check is this Sunday.
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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

 I never saw a single drop of any type of CM while I was on Lupron (I could have worn the same undies for a week and they would have still been clean).

this gave me a good laugh. one, i can relate. and two, details...thanks for the laugh i needed it.

i am doing estradiol valerate injection...in the booty...smile.gif

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rcr - awesome beta!!!

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Today I went to Babys R Us to dream.  It was fun looking at all the tiny little clothes and dreaming of them being filled with my babies.  Waiting for a positive pregnancy test when PUPO is so hard. I am still temping even though I did IVF and so far my temps are above my average temps for the last 6 cycles so either I am pregnant or the progesterone is really doing its job. Last night I was having stabbing nipple pain. That is new.  It was really tough to sleep last night but yesterday afternoon I was totally tired. Um maybe the nap screwed up my ability to sleep at night.  Anyway.  Off to make some ruffly pants for a friend's little girl for her birthday.

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when are you testing at home or are you going to wait for your beta?

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I have already tested yesterday and today even though I know it is way too early and they were negative. I have enough test strips to use one a day up to and including my beta day April 10.
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