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xerxella - so fascinating! thanks for the links. it does seem like there are so many factors that lend to better outcomes from frozen cycles... i did estrogen priming/ganirelix instead of bcps. so i guess i'm slightly suppressed? the purpose is to help follicles grow in sync but not over-suppress. 


sourie - i'm glad you did the lupron, too! if you get bored, look up beta 3 integrin. it's a glue-like protein that helps with successful implantation. many endometriosis women are either missing it or it's reduced or it's out of phase, it tends to return after a course of lupron. 


tracey - you are on hpt watch now! will be obsessively checking in to see when you decide to test :)


afm - quiet weekend at home. not planning to do much other than get a tan and hang out in the pool. well, that, and continue to obsess about whether or not i'm doing EVERYTHING I could be doing in this protocol to increase my chances... there are three things that i would have made this a total 'kitchen sink' protocol - testosterone priming, adding in saizen, and co-culture (i think only cornell does this, though?) - i hope what i'm doing is enough...

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SOURIRE -  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!  I am SO freaking excited for you!  I've been waiting for this... not very patiently LOL.

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Sourire!!!!! I am so excited for you! Yippeee!!! And, I just saw that lilac and rcr are pregnant, too! Oh happiness! It's so nice to see all the lovely ladies from when I first joined here getting their BFPs. Toothfairy has to be next smile.gif

All: I'm looking forward to learning more about you - I've only read through this most current page so far!

AFM: I haven't been on the boards here since last August, I guess, when I had a miscarriage from my first IVF cycle. So, we're coming close to a year since I did that first fresh cycle (June 2012), and now I'm getting ready to do an FET with embryos from that first cycle. In the meantime, I had one halted IVF and one failed IVF. Anywho, the estrace I'm on now has turned me into a crazy person. I mean, literally crazy. I've been screaming at my husband with no real way to rein myself in. And, I thought, where can I go to figure out this new side effect.. who can I talk to? And, then of course, you all came to mind. And even though it's a new set of names on these pages, I hope... nah... I know that I'll find exactly what I need here. Hope that doesn't sound selfish smile.gif I'm a really good listener and cheerleader, so I hope to support you too! Now, back to reading through previous posts smile.gif
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teresaresa - I'm super excited to hear from you! I've been missing you a lot and wondering how you were doing! Best of luck with your upcoming FET.


AFM - Got my 2nd beta number back. 751!!!! That is a doubling time of 42 hours. I think it's about time for me to update the member list orngbiggrin.gif




Spring IVF Members dust.gif 




Kewpie80 Me:PCOS Him:Vericocele, low motility, low morphology.  Currently gathering information and funds for next fresh cycle. 2 Embies currently on ice.

Silverbird Two failed IVF and now waiting to see what life holds for me.


toothfairy2be (27) TTC#1 Since Nov 2009. Endometriosis & Anti-Thyroid Antibodies, low-side AMH. LAP March 2012. Tried Clomid/Femara/Gonal-F and 4 IUIs. First IVF successful Jan 2013 ended in m/c & d/c at 10w. Natural cycle FET planned for May 2013.


tracyamber  Failed FET February 2013 second FET April 22,2013 




Xerxella After many losses we're trying IVF with PGS to find out if there are any good eggs left.








Currently doing IVF/FET:





Beta Dates:




Winter BFPs:pos.gif



Suzie McCool





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Tracy - stalking you... when are you testing?

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rcr~ Thanks for checking in. I just got back from a nice getaway on the coast. Anyway, I might test today ,I might test wednesday..I dunno..I'm scared. Lots of af feeling cramps and temperature rise and dip and rise....exhausted...just scared.

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Tracy - I can definitely sympathize with being scared to test. Distractions are the key! Also I don't know if you're aware of this but progesterone can completely mess with your temps so they are probably meaningless. It might be less stressful if you didn't temp.
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Thanks Sourire

I do know about the progesterone but I was still feeling that I would get temp. rises stil with the combination of my own producing progesterone on top of the progesterone I am taking. Does that make sense what I am trying to say? I actually think the temps give me a bit more hope when I wake up in the mornings to do it.  So, as silly as it might be I think I will continue at least for the next couple of days.

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How are you feeling by the way? Any preg. symptoms???????When is your ultrasound?

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Anyone out there?? I feel so emotional and scared Im going to get  a negative. im trying to stay positive but today is really hard. Did anyone else get aunt flow cramps? sigh blahblah.gif

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I had period like cramps for a few days, still got a BFP. It's all scary greensad.gif. Did you test yet? I agree with Sourire about the progesterone, I thin your temp maxes at some point & your own progesterone won't change it too much with the added artificial stuff.
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Tracy - if you took Lupron at the beginning of your FET cycle then all of your natural hormones should have been turned off so your body is not producing any progesterone. I've been getting really painful cramps ever since my BFP, they hurt almost as much as AF cramps but only last 1-2 minutes.

AFM - The excitement of my BFP is starting to wear off a bit and is being replaced by anxiety about miscarriages and whether I am still pregnant. It's hard to believe my body knows how to do anything correctly after so many years of disappointment. I have to wait until May 17th for my ultrasound which feels like an eternity. I really have to try and relax and distract myself... this is almost as bad as the 2ww... well maybe worse actually because it's longer!!! I do have a bit of nausea, fatigue and hunger so that is reassuring.
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Tracy: If you read back a while to when I got my BFP you will see like every other post from me saying that "I know AF is coming" and stuff like that. Lots of people replied that they felt like AF was coming too. That is actually why I didn't test early, but when I did, it was positive! I googled it like crazy too, and it is really common. The AF  cramps lasted a few weeks after I got my BFP. So don't worry. It is totally normal.

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Thanks for the support guys. I appreciate it, am just going to focus on other things. 

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Well, I will try.

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Just remember that being stressed out will NOT prevent you from getting a BFP. I am living proof of that!
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Tracyamber, i totally was getting AF like cramps, only I got them earlier and still for me almost 7weeks in I feel like the cramping is like AF is coming on. i am sure that is the extra progest'rone talking. It does come and go but today it was make me grab my stomach kind of pain a couple times.
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Originally Posted by Sourire View Post

Just remember that being stressed out will NOT prevent you from getting a BFP. I am living proof of that!

LOL! truedat.gif

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tracy: I didn't have cramps, but I've definitely seen lots of the ladies post about cramps early on. As long as you're not also spotting, you're good! Keeping my fingers crossed for you smile.gif When is your official test??
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I didn't do IVF and didn't get my BFP with my IUI cycles but with each I've had AF type cramps for weeks into pregnancy. Until 9 weeks or so. I would even comment " I hate feeling like I'm going to lose another baby" all the time. Good luck Tracy!!
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