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Becky - Did you test yet?????? Hoping it's good news for you.

AFM - The nurse called. Of course, they know nothing. She just said that all 3 were doing well today and we'll do a transfer tomorrow. I was like, wait a second, how many cells are they, what's the fragmentation? We were on track for a freeze all cycle and she had no answers. So, she put me through to the embryology lab, but of course they didn't answer. I left a message. I also called my doc and left a message with them for her to call me.

I'm feeling more confident today. I have 4 IVFs covered by insurance. The time to do them is now. If I get one child out of this, it's not like I can come back at 40 and try again. Why not do all the IVFs I can now and freeze whatever I can?
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X - I had the same insurance as you (from Chicago), and I wish I had thought to do 4 all freeze cycles. We did our 4 over the span of about 5years, and they just got worse and worse. Good luck with all of this. I am glad you are feeling more confident.

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Thank you so much RCR. It's hard to know if we're making the right choice while we're in the middle of it. I hope so.

Because that's what we're doing.

I spoke to the embryologist. And they look exactly as they should. They are two 4 cells with no fragmentation and one 3 cell with no fragmentation. That's as good as you're going to get for day 2. We'll push them out to day 5. If they're at at least a grade 2BB, they'll freeze them. If they're anything worse, we'll do a 5 day transfer at that time. If they all arrest before then, then we'll have made the wrong decision and it'll be too late.
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Xerxella - I'm sorry to hear you didn't get as many embryos as you would have liked but I'm glad to hear their development is on track. Can the still do PGD if you do a fresh transfer? Are they giving you anything for miscarriage prevention if you do a fresh transfer? I remember you saying the reason you were doing IVF was to test the embryos before they transferred to try to avoid yet another miscarriage. If that is the case then a fresh transfer without the PGD seems like a pretty risky thing to do and possibly a waste of your time. I know it hard to wait for things especially if you're in your late 30s and time is running out, but I always like to tell myself that by waiting I'm actually going to end up having my baby sooner because rushing into things is less likely to give you the results you want. I know that taking your time to do everything properly and give yourself the best chance possible is hard to do because our hearts always tell us we need to hurry, hurry, hurry, but every time I've tried to hurry things in the past I've gotten nowhere!

Tracy - I'm feeling so great these days, just enjoying the summer and my garden and my swimming pool and doing tons of fun activities with friends and family. How are things with you? Have you finished packing yet?

AFM - just got the results from my anti phospholipid tests and everything was in the normal range. DH and I are kind of disappointed! We were hoping to find the reason for our miscarriage and APA is such an easily fixable problem, it's a good problem to have.
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Sourire- You're right. I know the right answer is to wait, but it can be so hard when you're looking at the embryos you just want to put them back. We don't know if we'll ever have enough embryos to do PGD, but it certainly couldn't be done this cycle if it was a fresh cycle. Also, I want to treat for my elevated NKCs and that should be done earlier in the cycle than this. So there's a lot of reasons to wait and I need to steady my nerves and make it happen.

I'm sorry your APAs were normal. :P Have you checked for the MTHFRs yet? (Whenever I see that acronym I can help but say the swear word it looks like). That's another easy problem to fix. Have you done the generic testing to check for translocations?
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Results are in...I'm pregnant! I still don't believe it. Never give up hope. It will happen for you too
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Many congrats Becky!!! It must feel wonderful!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted !!!

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Congratulations Becky! That is so exciting!

Xerxella - my clinic won't test for anything that is considered experimental such as MTHFR or natural killer cells. If I have another miscarriage I'll definitely try another clinic to see if I can get those tests done. For now we're keeping our fingers crossed that the miscarriage was just a chromosomal problem (or maybe even caused by my acupuncturist) and that it won't happen again.

AFM - I'm doing my monthly Lupron injection today. Normally I'd be starting my FET cycle today but I have no regrets about waiting another 4 weeks. We have so much fun stuff planned in the next few weeks that it will go by super fast.
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Becky- YEAH!!!!! Huge congratulations! We need details!!! Details, details!!! How many did you put back? What day? What was your HCG level????

Sourire- It's sounds like you have an awesome summer planned! You could always treat for MTHFR prophylactically. It's just extra frolic acid. I'm taking a double dose of 1600 mcg plus my multivitamin. I talked to the doc about it and she said its no problem. Since folic acid is watersoluable you basically can't take too much.
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Yes,packing done and in storage. Still waiting on a house but living between two cities(one with the parents) has been fun and we are enjoying ourselves. I am desiring to nest though. Besides all that I am good.

X~ what did you decide to do???

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We decided to keep a steady hand and wait it out. So far, so good. As of today, day 4, all are still alive. One is compacted, one half compacted and one is a 12 cell. So in layman's terms, one excellent, one good, one fair. They are all within the range of normal, but of course the morula is in the best shape. The embryologist felt that at least one would be a blast by tomorrow, if not 2. If the 12 cell is going to make it, it'll probably be on day 6.

I'm still scheduled for an ET tomorrow and they'll call me tomorrow morning with the update and if I should come in or not.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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xercella - My fingers are crossed as well!


Becky - Congrats!!

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Xerxella - I'm glad to hear all your embryos are still hanging in there! If you do a fresh transfer can you start intralipids after the transfer? I don't know much about intralipids, can they still help if you start it at that point in the cycle?
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Actually I seem to vaguely remember that Blueyezz who used to be on this thread started intralipids after getting a natural BFP or something... So maybe it can still help.
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Yeah! They'll freeze one now as a 2AA and the other will be ready as a 2AA or 2AB in a few hours. The last will hopefully be ready to freeze tomorrow! I'll know for sure tomorrow how that one looks but it's looking good now. smile.gif I can't believe I had only 3 fertilize and they all made it to blast.

Sourire- they told me they like to start the intralipids at about ovulation/ retrieval time, but anytime is better than no time.
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Coming out of lurking hide.gif to chime in.  Know that I'm always reading along and rooting for you ladies!!!  Hoping and praying for many more BFP's!!!! dust.gif



Sourire - that sucks that your clinic won't do the Natural killer test. I actually had two tests for it, one that was just done through the reg local hospital that said i didn't have them and then i went through a specialty lab that sent the blood to one of like 3 labs that specializes in that kind of thing and that is the one that said i did have them. Kinda weird.   I know it is a tough one and a lot of drs/re's don't believe in it.  My feeling is, if it can't hurt anything to treat it if you have it, then what's the big deal.  Fingers crossed for you and I ment to say earlier that i think it is great that you are listening to your body and decided to take a little time off to not rush things. Fingers crossed that the time goes by fast. Not sure where you are located but if you can get into a Sher clinic they really are the only ones that seem really big in all the immune issues and infertility it seems.  Good luck and lets hope you don't even need to think about it.


X- Yes, it was me that did have the positive NK cells and i also am positive w/ partial gene mutation MTHFR.  I was just treating that w/ a baby aspirin and then the intralipids for the NK cells.  I really hope that it helps you.  It is such an easy treatment that you can't really go wrong.  Fingers crossed for you!!!!!  Just yell if you have any questions i might be able to answer. Also, i got mine from Freedom and they were really cheap $28 i think it was and i just had my RE send the order to them and then i'd call and just pay for them and have them delivered to me.   Not sure how your dr does it but i had to pay out of pocket for everything so i figured if i did it myself there weren't any hidden costs.

Becky - congrats!!!!!!!  Sending you lots of healthy vibes for the next 9 months.


Okay, hello to everyone else.  I need to go over to the other side and try to get caught up as well.  I have been a real slacker lately but wanted to drop by real quick here.

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Can I just make a random vent here?

I have 2 friends IRL who know my whole history. So I mention to both of them independently that we'd really like to get to 4 embryos on ice and them we'd put them back. They both assumed we'd put all 4 back at once. Are people f'ing nuts?!?!! No one does that. Besides the fact that my problem is RPL, why in the world would we risk all of the embryos on a potential miscarriage?!?!!? sET is extremely reasonable in our situation. I get that people who've never been through it (they haven't) have only ever heard of octomom, but seriously?!!?!! Don't people know that her and her doc are certifiably insane???? That he lost his license and literally no doc would EVER do that.

Ok. Rant over.
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X` Just sending you positive energy. Yay! on your blasts!!!!!How exciting. When will your FET be??? details please. BTW ,I always like all your detailssmile.gif

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Tracy- We'll do at least one more cycle of freeze all in august. And then, if that goes well, we'll do a fresh cycle around october with intralipids, controlled progesterone levels and everything I can think of to prevent miscarriage.

The start of your FET has got to be soon! Are you ready. Can you give us the dates again?

AFM- The last embryo officially made it to blast yesterday at day 6. It is a 2BB. So we have a 2AA, a 2AB and a 2BB in the freezer. Next step, one month off and then another freeze all cycle at the end of August.
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X - I am so happy for you that all three made it. Congrats on the great cycle! I hope the next one is even better, and you get a few more. And btw - I was also diagnosed with NK cells. I did two cycles in Vegas at the Sher clinic, and did interlipids both times. For my donor embryo FET, my old RE refused to do it because she was one of those who don't believe in it. It almost turned me off to doing the cycle, but it was free, so I thought why not, FETs are so much easier than IVF anyway. It worked without the interlipids and we have made it halfway now. I am not saying I don't believe in it (I do, actually), but I am proof that you can get and stay pregnant with NK cells anyway.

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