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Originally Posted by Xerxella View Post

Can I just make a random vent here?

I have 2 friends IRL who know my whole history. So I mention to both of them independently that we'd really like to get to 4 embryos on ice and them we'd put them back. They both assumed we'd put all 4 back at once. Are people f'ing nuts?!?!! No one does that. Besides the fact that my problem is RPL, why in the world would we risk all of the embryos on a potential miscarriage?!?!!? sET is extremely reasonable in our situation. I get that people who've never been through it (they haven't) have only ever heard of octomom, but seriously?!!?!! Don't people know that her and her doc are certifiably insane???? That he lost his license and literally no doc would EVER do that.

Ok. Rant over.

Oh Oh now I get it. Thanks for the explanation RCR. Yeah! you got 3 and hopefully just as many the next time if not more.  Keep us posted!

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RCR- That makes me a little nervous. High NKCs is kinda the only thing I have "wrong" with me. If that's not it, than I have no answers. The only other possibilities is high progesterone before ovulation, but my progesterone was perfect this last cycle. Or just genetic problems with my age (38), which of course I can't do anything about. Can you share exactly how you prepared for this FET?

Tracy- Sorry. Yes, I meant if I did 4 IVF cycles and each time got just one high quality blastocyst. And after all that, knowing my biggest problem was pregnancy loss, putting all 4 blastocysts back at the same time as an FET. I think if I did that, that would be extremely foolish. I want details on your FET cycle!!!!! I gotta start learning about them! smile.gif

AFM- My follow up doc appointment is next Monday. We'll probably add Saizen which is Human Growth Hormone. Has anyone added that to their cycle before?
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Hi everyone! I left one post in the infertility forum but someone pm'd me (thanks!!) that there is more activity in this forum. Please add me in here.


TTC #1 since 4/2012. Me: 29yrs DH: 29yrs. HSG test normal, hormone levels normal, DH issues with morphology.


I got all of my tests back and everything with me seems to be normal. DH had one semen analysis that showed low normal sperm with some problems in morphology - other aspects of the analysis were normal. They said his levels are right on the edge of normal. He is doing a repeat analysis next week to see if the results are replicable or if there may be any changes. He also had a testicular ultrasound, but we have not received the results of that yet. He is having trouble with the fact that it's a problem on his end, but I am hopeful that now that we know why it's taking so long that we can figure out where to go from here. I guess the next step after the new analysis is to go to an infertility specialist and see what they say. Based on the brief research I've done, I am thinking they will suggest IUI, but I guess we'll see.


In the current cycle, I am waiting to O, it should be any day now. We have been able to try a little less this month since we were traveling. I guess I should be hopeful that since DH's sperm issues are near normal that we can conceive on our own, but I am feeling less and less like it's going to happen without intervention. I guess that helps stress levels, "knowing" that it won't happen instead of getting all excited that it will and then devastated when I get a BFN. Praying for some answers and a plan of where to go from here. 


Praying for all of you as well!

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Hi marcyse - it sounds like your husband's sperm is in the "borderline" category, which would (hopefully) make you a good candidate for IUI! 


Hello to everybody else! Sorry I haven't been posting much. We're going to do a sperm donor IUI in August, we did the counsellor consultation yesterday (mandatory in BC) and I'm sending the consent forms in today. DH chose the donor, he wanted somebody smart with a science background. I would have gone for tall with curly hair (like DH!) but I think it's better if he has the final say on this.

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X - Sorry to make you nervous. I didn't mean to. Maybe I was a fluke - I have been around here for a long time and have seen lots of people have good luck with treating NK cells. Plus I don't have nearly as many losses as you do - just one m/c - so maybe my NK cells were not as high as yours, or maybe they changed.  I had the same problem as you though - high progesterone. I had two canceled IVF cycles because my progesterone rose too soon. It rose too soon in a few IUI cycles too but we pressed ahead with those. When I was at Sher in Vegas they didn't even test for progesterone because they didn't see it as an issue. I don't really understand that. Anyway, for this FET I actually did way less than normal. I even drank a bit. I honestly didn't think it would work, but I was hoping that it would (of course), and since it was free we decided that we had nothing to loose by doing it. I did take prenatels (not that the folic acid matters much - I am just hoping that the donor  mom took it). I didn't do accupuncture this time. I didn't even eat anything special. So who knows.

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Originally Posted by Laggie View Post

Hi marcyse - it sounds like your husband's sperm is in the "borderline" category, which would (hopefully) make you a good candidate for IUI! 


Hello to everybody else! Sorry I haven't been posting much. We're going to do a sperm donor IUI in August, we did the counsellor consultation yesterday (mandatory in BC) and I'm sending the consent forms in today. DH chose the donor, he wanted somebody smart with a science background. I would have gone for tall with curly hair (like DH!) but I think it's better if he has the final say on this.

Oh Laggie..Im so excited about your new adventure. And I am glad you are feeling better and nice to hear form you!!!

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Hi Marcyse!!!!!!!! Did you ovulate yet?

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Laggie, that is so exciting that you are able to move forward with donor sperm. I hope all goes well for your IUI cycle.

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I should be ovulating today or tomorrow... waiting for those darn crosshairs!

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Marcyse- good luck with O day. Hey, you never know! If not an IUI might be just the ticket.

Laggie- that sounds wonderful! Sorry, I forget, will you be doing IVF or IUI with the donor sperm. I think it's a good idea that DH gets to pick it. Then it's "his" and he can feel confident he's really making this big step. So happy for you guys. What's your next steps?

RCR- I still don't have any great answers. This last cycle my progesterone was perfect?!?!! I was shocked. I really thought that was part of the answer, but maybe not.

AFM - I go to another specialist on Monday who will recheck everything. And that's fine with me. I'll also have the follow up with my RE. I'm mostly curious as to why/how only 3 out of the 6 mature eggs fertilized.
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How is everyone doing these day? I am still 2 weeks from starting my FET cycle so I have nothing interesting to report!


Xerxella - how did your appointments go?


Marcyse - did you end up ovulating when you thought? Good luck!


Laggie - I hope donor sperm works for you! Having DH choose the donor seems like a great way to get him connected to the baby!


Tracy - how are you doing? What's new?


dandelionrflowers - did you have your retrieval yet? how did it go?


indie - are you currently cycling?


AFM - All the royal baby stuff on the news is just nauseating. Will & Kate are the exact same age as me, but I had already started seeing a fertility specialist when they got married. I feel as jealous as if it was one of my own friends.


I wanted to share with you guys a cool picture I saw recently that describes so much of our lives. What do we say when someone asks how we are doing? I almost always say fine, but usually it couldn't be farther from the truth... though the good news is, right now I really do feel fine (when I'm not reading news about the royal baby haha)!


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Sourire, that is exactly how I am feeling..FINE! Starting herbal happy pills soon ..today so hopefully I really will be fine. Life has thrown me a bit and I need a little assistance. Infertility just really sucks. Glad you are doing better these days.

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Sourire- 2 weeks will just fly by! How's everything else going with your wonderful summer? I try not to be jealous about the royals, but I'm most upset about how easily she had the baby. She walked into the hospital in the morning and had a vaginal birth a few hours later. So angry. They had a really funny title on one of the British newspapers. It had nothing else but said, "Woman Has Baby". Some of the parodies have been funny enough to make it bare able.

Tracy- How's the new house going?

AFM- How am I? I'm fine. Just kidding. smile.gif No big surprises. The doc offered a different protocol, the micro dose lupron flare protocol. But it would start with BCPs for 2 weeks. Last time I took BCP, the cycle was an absolute disaster. Maybe it'd be better with the lupron flare angle, but I'm not really interested in risking it. So we agreed to just do the same protocol again. We'll start at a higher follistim dose of 450iu and add in Saizen which is human growth hormone. But other than that, we'll just do it again. I'd be thrilled to get 3 blasts again. More would be awesome, but even just one would be a success in my book.

So now I need to ovulate and everything and hopefully 3 weeks from now-ish we'll start again.
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Tracy - what kind of herbs will you be taking? I hope they help!


Xerxella - I don't know anything about Saizen and human growth hormone. I'm sure an increased dose of Follistim will help! I'm wishing you some unexpected additional embryos for your next cycle! I'll have to check out some of those parodies about the royal baby!


AFM - since I don't have any updates fertility wise let me tell you about all the fun things I've been doing with my summer that are making the time just fly by! Last year we bought a house with a beautiful inground pool, but last summer we didn't get much use out of it because the water was too cold for my taste. This spring we installed a pool heater and we've been loving swimming in nice warm water ever since! Every weekend we invite over friends or family (only those who aren't pregnant or have young kids) for swimming and barbecues! Last week I invited over 20 of my coworkers after work (since my house is 5 minutes from the office) and we had a wild pool party. I've been doing a lot of gardening too. I got to enjoy some lovely strawberries in June, and now we're starting to harvest amazing raspberries, blueberries, cucumbers and snow peas. And in a few weeks we are going to have an absolute deluge of tomatoes! I enjoy gardening in my bathing suit on hot days, so I can jump into the pool every 10 minutes to cool off. In August my sister and her bf and my parents are coming to visit for a few weeks, I'm so excited! I don't get to see my sister very often since she lives in Switzerland. We'll be going on a road trip to a place about 6 hours east of here where we will be doing whale watching on the St-Lawrence seaway... I'm super excited about that since I have never seen a live whale. I don't want this summer to ever end :)

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Keep the faith ladies!!! I agree with Tracy!! Dr. said if they get less eggs 3 day transfer, more 5 day based on the embryologist recommendation. I lost 10 eggs right after stimmulation, before the transfer lost two embryos, two transfer, 6 remain on ICE for future preg with five day blasto...
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You ladies seriously amaze me <3

Things have been such a whirlwind. I've been commuting to chicago for monitoring and that consumed a lot of time, 6 hours round trip. Here is what has been happening...

at baseline ultrasound I had 8 follicle on the right and 7 on left
7/13 - started 20 units lupron (am & pm)
7/14-7/16 - 20 units lupron (am & pm), 375units of follitistim, 5 units low dose HCG
(L=11 follicles less than 6mm, R=7 follicles less than 5mm)

7/17-7/18 - 20 units lupron (am & pm), 375units of follitistim
(L=2@9mm and 9 less than 8mm, R=1@9 and 6 less than 8mm)

7/19-7/20 - 20 units lupron (am & pm), 300units of follitistim
(L= 2x13mm, 2x12mm, 11mm, 9mm, 6smaller, R= 14mm, 12mm, 11 mm, 10mm, 2x6mm)

7/21 - estrogen shot up to over 1800- 20 units lupron (am & pm), 275 units of follitism, 5 units low dose HCG
7/22 - 20 units lupron (am & pm), 150 units follitism (am), 125 units follistim & 5 units low dose HCG (pm)
7/23 - 20 units lupron (am), 175 units follitism, trigger at 10:30pm
(Forgot to get follicle sizes)

7/25 - retrieval. They got 9 good size and 1 smaller...

Waiting to hear from them now. The transfer will either be Sunday or Tuesday.

They just keep telling me everything looks good. I'm trying to trust them. This whole process is teaching me that I can't schedule and learn everything... That I need to let go. It's really hard. Any thoughts on the above?
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Sourire- that sounds like an awesome summer! I'm so jealous if your pool!

Dandelion- I'm in Chicago! Who are you going to? Where do you live? Is that the lupron flare protocol? Congrats on 10 eggs! That's great! It's ok to ask questions. Let us know what they say! It's great to hear the details of everyone's cycle.
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Xerxella - I am going to Advanced Fertility of Chicago, Dr Sherbahn.  We live in Weyauwega, WI... It's about 30min west of Appleton, WI.  Imagine that, I am driving *this* close to another IVF sister from this board!  :)

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Dandelion - 9 eggs! That's great, especially 9 mature out of 10. I think that's a really good sign that your cycle worked the way it was supposed to.


Sourire - your backyard sounds like a wonderful place to be right now. 



AF should arrive any day now and despite my usual insane ideas hopes of a free baby, I'm looking forward to trying the donor sperm. I just got the results back from the embryo pathology report on my last miscarriage, and it was trisomy 22. The Dr. says this is caused by the egg, so I am hoping that my eggs will do better when they are allowed to mature naturally rather than with the IVF drugs. I don't know if that's wishful thinking or not... we were tested for translocations and both came back clear, so I assume that it wasn't caused by an underlying genetic problem.


I just found two different studies that say that genetic abnormalities (aneuploid sperm) are common in men with fertility problems. I don't understand why we've always been told the opposite by the RE. Here is one of them, if anybody is interested: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12735865#

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They drawn blood to determine abnormal birth defects called Matarneti21 also determine the sex of bady at 10-12 week.
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