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Pre term labor? Not sure.....

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Hey ladies, Im 24 weeks and back to work after two weeks off. I teach little elementary art so I dont sit down much during the day. I thought i was getting a UTI yesterday, but now my belly keeps getting hard and crampy. This is my 3rd baby and no complications with the other two...

 Ive had 1 Qt of water so far today and 3 cups of Real Cranberry juice so I dont think i  could be dehydrated. Should I be worried? baby is moving around right now....What does pre term labor feel like? Ive been crampy all week off and on especally in the evening after work. My belly got really hard last night and just stayed that way for a while. wondering whats going on...



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It sounds like braxton hicks contractions. If you have more than four an hour, experience any bleeding and passing mucous or severe pain you should contact your provider immediately. I am often crampy this pregnancy and I have figured out that for me it means a growth spurt.
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I thought I was having regular growth spurts as well.  I would get sharp pain that lasted for a while on the sides of my uterus, thinking round ligament pain, but then noticed that I would get larger within a few days.


On the other hand, I've been feeling pressure down low and lower back cramping, and been pretty uncomfortable in general within the last week.  I mentioned it to my Dr and he did the FFN test (fetal fibronectin) to check to see if I was at *risk* for preterm labor and guess what ... I am!!  So, I say get checked out and make sure!!  The test basically is more than 99% accurate if it's negative but less accurate if positive, and getting a + does not mean baby is coming.  A + means you have a 17% chance of labor within the next 14 days and about 60% of women deliver on average, 25 days after a + text, and most but not all deliver by 35 weeks.  The test is also covered by insurance, and if it's negative you know that the aches and pains are just part of it for you, if it's + you will know you need to stay off your feet <3

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