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I'm new to this!!

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Hi everyone.

Just found out I'm pregnant today! Very unplanned as I'm a type one diabetic too. 😖

I'm getting major mood swings and finding it hard to settle to anything. Is this normal at this early stage? Also I can't stop falling asleep! I'm 8 days late on my period so it is really early I didn't expect this to happen so soon. Is this right?
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You're right on target! Sleepiness was always one of my first symptoms! The mood swings are here to stay so get used to those too :) 

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Oh great!!! Thank you so so much for your help. None of my friends have babies so I'm kinda on my own. Phew!!
I'm so relievef!
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Congratulations! I just found out I'm pregnant too - due December 6th, woohoo! When are you due?


And yup, I have the same symptoms as you except for the sleeping part. I'm suuuper sleepy but my brain won't stop thinking and I just can't sleep. The mood swings are definitely there, I have lots of pulling and tugging on my right side, my face is constantly warm (something I noticed for my first pregnancy, and it's happening again with this one), I'm starving hungry at night, and I can't settle into anything either - just kinda a flurry of nerves and emotions. ;) Ahhh, pregnancy.

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Argh!!! I'm the 28th November apparently!! Scary but true.

I am really nervous!!! There seems to be new twinges and aches every day! My sleepiness is getting worse now. But I really can't stay in bed past 7 am. :-(. Lots of naps needed.
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