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Moving to the Twin Cities

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What's your favorite neighborhood? If you don't homeschool, Domyou love your kids' school? We will be moving to the Twin Cities in the late summer. We're unsure where we will end up neighborhood-wise, looking a lot into St Paul right now. I would really appreciate any thoughts on schools and best neighborhoods. Hoping to land in the right place as my son will be in his last year of preschool next fall and then kindergarten, I really would like to avoid moving him around too much once we get there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I would avoid East Saint Paul and the north side of Saint Paul. Como area is really nice, and MacGroveland area, Highland area, (these are the more expensive areas). I am in W St Paul and we love it over here! 

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I live near Newell Park, close by Hamline University. I love my neighbourhood, it feels really safe and it's easily accessible. My kids go to JJ Hill, a public Montessori school, and I love it, there are also lots of great charter schools in St Paul. If you homeschool there are tons of great resources too. How old are your children?

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Hi there, sorry I've been out of the loop for a while : )  Thanks for the replies!  


We're not planning on homeschooling so I really appreciate any info anyone may have about great elementary schools.  A public Montessori school! Wow!  The schools where we are now are solid but traditional. We'd be ok sending our kids to school here but I have always wished for something alot more progressive.  The options in the Twin Cities keep taking me by surprise.  Finding it hard to navigate though because choosing a school is so personal and everyone always seems to love their kids school (unless the hate it). My kids are 4.5 and 18 mos. So we have another year of preschool with my son and then haven't started sending my DD anywhere yet and won't until she's about to turn 4.  


As far as great neighborhoods go I am wishing for a neighborhood where I can walk a lot, especially to a great playground.  We visited the Twin Cities briefly in 2010 and found ourselves near Brackett Park in Seward/Minneapolis.  Loved that feel around there.  Although like I mentioned, we may end up in St Paul.  Thanks for the feedback about neighborhoods.  

: )

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