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How long is 'too long' BH ctx? (TMI alert)

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Hey gals! I'm actually new to this board- but not new to Mothering. I'm expecting my 8th child July 16th. :)


I was wondering if anyone has experience or heard anything about how long is 'too long' to have a Braxton Hicks contraction?
I've been pregnant for almost 14 years straight now... I figured out the math on it, I've had one year off since 1998 I did not have a pregnancy in the year and that was 2004. So I'm figuring that I am going to have more contractions since my body is just such a pro at this now.


The thing is, during intercourse I will have a mild BH ctx when I 'go', but when hubby goes it's full on, 100% straight up rock hard belly for easily 15 min+, no release. I couldn't imagine this would be easy on the baby!

I'm just wondering if this is a bad thing? Sorry for the TMI! I'm sure Im not the only one, hahaha! :P -Jyn

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The same thing happens to me, only for the rest of the day I have Braxton hicks that last for a looooong time, every bump in the road, every time I exert myself going up the stairs, carrying laundry etc.
I'm hoping its normal too!
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I was reading something on Irritable Uterus Syndrome but for the most part there isn't really anything scientific or studied about it or that could be said is or is not safe....

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I wouldn't worry about it. I don't really pay too close of attention, but I know when you have a lot of babies close together your uterus has extra braxton hicks to tone up from what I read. Seems to be fairly true for me so far. I find RRL tea helps some personally. Only need to worry I think if you get regular contractions more than 4 in an hour or something. Which I'm sure you already knew.

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Me too! I'm baby #3 and have noticed being much much more crampy. RRL tea just makes it worse.
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Originally Posted by Monkey pants View Post

Me too! I'm baby #3 and have noticed being much much more crampy. RRL tea just makes it worse.


Guess the RRL thing depends on the person.

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I think it could depend on the reason for the cramping- raspberry leaf is high in calcium and minerals so it could be that if your cramping is muscle spasm due to low calcium, it would help alleviate it. Then on the other hand it is very toning and can cause a toning response in smooth muscle tissue, so if you're cramping is due to some lack of tone and the body's attempt to pull things up to tone it would encourage that and "cause" Braxton Hicks to be more noticeable.
I know I feel more Braxton Hicks when I'm drinking raspberry on a regular basis.
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Interesting. I take extra calcium anyways and when I don't I feel icky. Seems like it just makes me more crampy and uncomfortable.
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I also get loooooong BHicks after sex, it literally feels like there is a basketball in there, for about 10-15 minutes after sex. This is only my first, though, and after reading the comments, I'm not sure if my calcium is low (which I don't think it is because I eat lots of greens and full-fat dairy) or if my body is just trying to get ready. :) I'll be following this thread from now on. 

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I seem to spend half my waking hours having BH contractions (26 weeks, second pregnancy). I get tired so easily while having them, especially after 4pm or so. Anyone else notice this?
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I get them too in the evenings. Belly gets achy, hard and tired. I teach elementary art so I'm active all day. If I don't drink enough water they Are worse too.
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I have found lately I've been getting them (I think it's BH...a crampy type feeling) when I'm lifting things.
Sucks cuz we're moving and I can't really help. 

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Yep, going through that here too!  I have an 'irritable uterus' that gets stirred up over EVERYTHING!

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