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Oh, meggsy, I am so sorry! Is there a way you can take a time out for yourself? An acupuncture session, a pedicure, a simple picnic in nature? Time to relax and forget about all the outside stress people are putting on you?

I've known lots of mamas who had pit but no epi. Just know that pit makes your contractions more intense and closer together, but you can handle that!
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Yeah - breaking water can be a better point to start induction at too. For me that wasn't an option because my water was mostly gone anyway (so I wasn't actually being induced) and even though I'd been contracting strongly for probably 24 hours I wasn't dilating. 


Also - when I was so worried about induction it REALLY helped calm me down to read as many stories as I could find about positive natural birth experiences with an induction. I studied Hypnobabies, so those were mostly the stories I looked up. There are a lot on the Hypnobabies website and also a lot here (there's some overlap with the HB site I think but some unique ones too). It really comforted me to know that there WERE women who were able to still have positive natural births even when induced.


And also... I know that right now, preparing for it, this isn't what you want to hear. But having spent my whole pregnancy preparing for a natural hypnosis birth, and then having a birth experience that was dramatically different from anything I had envisioned and very, very difficult on a number of levels... an epidural isn't the end of the world. I still believe that a med-free birth would have been the best thing all around for me if the situation had been different, but with things the way they were, an epidural was really a wonderful thing. There is definitely a time and a place for pain meds (and other interventions as well, obviously). But I'm SO hoping first of all that you don't have to be induced, and second of all that if you do need to, you will be able to still have a birth that is very close to what you envision!

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Meggsy, I'm glad I still have company too! Even though we're all sitting around hoping our babies come ASAP. smile.gif  At least we know they will all come, since we're told no one stays pregnant forever. wink1.gif


Good luck with all your decisions, and I too hope you won't need to be induced! 

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Originally Posted by chocolatechip View Post

  At least we know they will all come, since we're told no one stays pregnant forever. wink1.gif



Logically, I know this. Somehow this is not getting through to my pregnancy hormones. Last week I started planning activities as if I were not overdue, waiting at any moment for a baby to drop out. I've started looking ahead to May and asking myself what will I do when I am still pregnant in May? Which is ridiculous, and I know that, but I'm seriously thinking those things! 

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I was due March 31. My MW goes out of town on April 10, so after that has to be a hospital birth for me. I have never gone over before. This is my fourth. I am going bananas!
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Bananachild, pregnancy hormones are definitely not always a friend of logic. smile.gif


Velveeta, you still have 8 days! Hopefully that's enough!


Baby's wiggling around a ton tonight. But every time something different happens, I think, "maybe this is a sign that labor will start soon!" And then after a while, things go back to normal. Now I'm probably not even going to believe it when I DO go into labor.

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I haven't seen any updates for a while. did tear and tryst have their babies? Velveeta, is your MW back? Have you had your baby? What about you, chocolate chip? Anything?

I'm still here. DH keeps hinting that if I would walk more it would make the baby come. I do walk, just not for miles. I'm also mopping the floors, lifting heavy boxes and chasing around a 3 year old, so I argue I'm plenty active. I think DH thinks it's my fault the baby hasn't come yet. You think there is any truth to that? Should I be walking two miles every morning or something?
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I did very little activity the last week and baby came anyways!! I think what is important at tgis point is for you to listen to your body; are you feeling energetic or more like you need to conserve your energy and rest?
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Bannanachild, I am sure if you could make baby come already, you would have! It is not your fault.

I am still pregnant, too and I walked about a million miles today. I would love for tonight to be the night!
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Originally Posted by Bena View Post

I did very little activity the last week and baby came anyways!! I think what is important at tgis point is for you to listen to your body; are you feeling energetic or more like you need to conserve your energy and rest?

Yeah, that's what happened with my first. I was active up until a week before she was born.

Mostly now I'm just tired all the time!

Velveeta, I hope tonight is your night!
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I'm still waiting.... by LMP alone I'd already be 42 weeks and 3 days!  I was induced at 42w with DD1, and she still didn't come out for 36 hours.  My babies like to be well done!!!

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I'm still here! 41+1 today. Having some pretty decent contractions today, not too close together, and not enough to stop me in my tracks, but harder than they have been before and really covering my whole abdomen. Like I said before, I'm not sure I'll believe it when I *do* go into labor, but I had a nice burst of cleaning energy today, and am feeling like we really need to be open to the possibility of baby coming tonight. And if it doesn't come tonight, I'm pretty sure (hah) that it'll happen within the next couple days. Or maybe I've just been too active today and am making the signs stronger!



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I'm still here! 42 weeks today...I have been having a ton of contractions yesterday and today,nothing I could time but they reallly feel different. I'm trying to decide if I should have my midwife check my cervix/do a sweep on monday (if I make it that far!)...I'm really torn about it. My gut is telling me I won't make it to that monday appointment though!

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Still here too, sheesh. I am amazed i an still pregnant, i am 42.5 weeks now and have been having lots of contractions today but there's no regular pattern. I'm not concerned, just ready to be done! Its my DH's birthday today, wouldnt it be nice if they shared it?

Lots of ELVs filla, chocolatechip, and mrsberkely! It'll happen for all of us very soon love.gif
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I'm still here, too. If I don't have this baby by Monday, it is a hospital birth bc my MW is going out of town. I am going crazy! This is my fourth! What's the deal!?
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Oh, velveeta, hoping tonight is the night for you so you can home birth!
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Fingers crossed for Velveeta and MrsBerkley!  And yes, Max was my FIFTH and I went the longest with him....42 weeks exactly! 

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Does anyone know if Meggsy has had her baby? Maybe I've just missed it, but I haven't seen her around lately...

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I'm not sure about Meggsy - I haven't been around much either, just because I haven't been feeling much like being on the computer. All these false maybe-I'm-having-a-baby starts and stops sure get distracting!


And velveeta, did you have your baby??




My home-birth midwives can go to 42 weeks 3 days before I have to transfer to hospital care for the birth. I'm 41+5 today. My Mom has been in town for 11 days now, expecting to have been helping with the baby already. Ha! She has been a great distraction for me, though, and maybe it turns out that's what I needed more! She was planning to leave for home on Saturday, and is now trying to figure out how many more days off work she should ask for. This baby decidedly has a mind of its own.


And now I totally understand why all of you that went this late started getting super antsy. Having every morning involve wondering if and hoping that the baby will come today is definitely a little crazy-making!

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I am still here!! As of today I am 42w 4 days...I can't even believe it! I've had 2 non stress tests so far and baby did great,and I have another one tomorrow. I have been having pretty regular,intense contractions at night. Last night over a minute long,about 6 minutes apart. But once I wake up in the morning they are back to being random,but still pretty intense. I feel like baby might have FINALLY moved from posterior last night so thats progress at least :) Luckily my midwife will wait as long as it takes as long as baby and I are doing fine,so Im not on the clock but I am very frustrated and very uncomfortable.


Chocolatechip,I know what you mean about crazy making! Every day Im just like,ok this has GOTTA happen today right?? At least we know it has to happen pretty soon! 

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