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A prolapsed Cervix...

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Hi there Ladies, 


I am looking for support from other women who have had a prolapsed cervix. It is 1st degree, meaning it is still up there but drooping down a little. My midwife discovered this yesterday because I was feeling intense pressure and thought the baby's head was down too low. The baby's head is where it should be...


So anyway, I am freaking out a little bit here but trying not to. I am 35 weeks pregnant and I can't help but worry about what childbirth will do to my already drooping cervix. 


Im doing Kegels and taking sepia....


Also, she recommended sex because apparently it pushes it back up? 


Im just curious if anyone here has dealt with this, if it healed itself or if you have any tips for me. Thanks so much! 



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I would be seeking a referral to a physical therapist trained in pelvic floor disorders. That person can evaluate the reason for the prolapse and help you with ways to correct it both before and after the birth. You might also check out the thoughts of Katy Bowman, a biomechanical scientist, about pelvic organ prolapse and its relationship to body alignment. See www.alignedandwell.com, click on "Blog" and search "prolapse". Very interesting stuff.
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I second the recommendation for physical therapy. With my second full-term pregnancy, I had mild prolapse of the anterior vaginal wall. The PT gave me a supportive belly sock (think long tube of elastic material that you put on over your belly to help lift and support it a bit), compression stockings (although this had more to do with my vericose veins in a sensitive area), and walked me through proper kegel exercises. The good news is that it went away completely after birth (as I understand most prolapses do). I'm not sure how cervical prolapse behaves, but a visit to a PT should give you some more ideas how to minimise the problem.

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So I did call the one physical therapist in my area that specializes in female pelvic care and support. She acted like my issue was way out of her reach and told me it was more of a medical issue than a physical therapy thing. She wished me luck and told me to keep doing my kegels. 


So what next? 

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Oy, I don't even know what to tell you. Depending on how you are doing Kegels, you could actually be making the problem worse so I'm a little appalled that she told you that with no evaluation of your personal situation. Improperly done Kegels can exacerbate the issue. Also, one part of the evaluation process for PT with pelvic floor disorders is to assess the strength and flexibility of the pelvic floor. A too-tight pelvic floor can be just as much of a problem with pelvic organ prolapse as a too-lax pelvic floor. Could you travel at all to a larger city where there might be more options?
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Thanks. I don't have much time, so I am thinking I will hope for the best with the birth and work on repair afterward. During labor the job of the cervix is to thin and get out of the way, right? So As long as my uterus stays in I should be fine. I have no idea if a prolapsed cervix means my uterus is also prolapsed...I will think positive thoughts. There is an intense pressure when I stand, so I am sitting and laying. 


If anyone else has experience with this, or comments for concern I would appreciate it but for now I think positive thoughts are my best friend. 

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