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Friederike - she wants to wait the full two weeks to test! We will see how that goes...she did have some nausea yesterday but that would be way too early to be a real symptom! How about you? Any early symptoms? When are you testing?
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Well good luck for the wait. It is so hard to really go the whole 2 weeks. No signs over here yet, but that's expected at only 5DPO. I ordered 25 ultra-sensitive internet cheapies (10 mlUI/ml threshold) and two Clearblue digis. With that many tests I will probably give in to the urge to test fairly early. Maybe next saturday at 11DPO.
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Hi All,

KWPX2: I'm glad that you have a plan for this month. Does your RE have a recommendation of what you would try next? What cycle day are you now?

Friederike: Your doctor sounds amazing. I'm glad that your DP was there for the insem!

Fillefantome: An insem around your birthday sounds like lucky timing!

Lizbian: I hope that your cycle lines up perfectly for the IVF in June! When do you have to start meds for that?

Darcy: I'm glad that insem went so smoothly. It sounds like you had great timing and great counts! fingersx.gif

Jenny: When will you be insemming?

Twomommy: How are you doing? I'm thinking about you. hug.gif

Hi to everyone else!
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escher:  Isn't that the question of the hour!?  My period is MIA.  No idea where she is, we're about 6 days late.  I think my ovulation must've failed last month because I just started with EWCM again and I think I'm ramping up again.  I stopped temping when I started with meds, so no idea.  It's kind of weird, since I've been regular for about a year.  I'm a little relieved in a way, because I wasn't sure if i should try in April or May, but also wasn't sure if I'd be able to make myself wait another month.  Now, I'm just going to see what happens.  If it goes on for awhile, I'll get some progesterone and get this party started.  So, I'm still waiting... AF is a jerk like that -- when you want her to show, she fails, and when you try to send her packing, she shows up early.  :-)

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Hi everyone!


escher I need to start on the first day of my next cycle - in about 2 weeks.


Friederike & Darcy I hope the TWW is going well for you.


AFM I've had a great weekend away seeing Pink but didn't get much sleep! She is so amazing in concert, gives me inspiration to sort my knees out & get fit again. Unfortunately ovulation hasn't come & I'm already day 17 so not sure what's going on this cycle. I'm still waiting for meds for the start of next cycle but hoping I'll have them in a week or so.

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hi ladies, IT'S SO QUIET ON HERE! how are you all doing? Anyone insemming soon? Anyone else testing? need some BFPs!


I haven't ovulated this month, hoping my body is holding out for June's IVF. Prescription ready to go, just have to hope timing works out with everything.



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So many people graduated there is barely anyone left, that's why it's so quiet. I am 9DPO today, so I'll probably start peeing on stuff on sunday morning. I have a plan B this time if it didn't work - running a training marathon on the 28th as preparation for an ultramarathon in may. I would take a break until june for that. A break will help me mentally not to become too obsessed and disappointed month after month and it's a chance to loose the weight I gained since november. My summer clothes barely fit anymore as a combination of training less during the TWW and overeating to compensate the emotional pains involved. I really hope it worked this time though. We would still have a 2013 due date.
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Friederike: Any symptoms yet? I'm impressed that you're planning to wait until 12dpo to test. Your marathon plan sounds smart, but hopefully you'll be too pregnant to run! fingersx.gif

Lizbian: I'm glad that Pink was great. I bet your body is gearing up to do an amazing ovulation in June. fingersx.gif

Jenny: How annoying that your period is late one time when you WANT to see it! It's nice, though, that your body may just be deciding for you that you should try in May. May seems like a lovely month to get pregnant!

Darcy: How is the TWW going so far?

Hi to everyone else!
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Hi Everyone :)


escher - Thanks! It's going well. I am much less stressed because DW is trying! DW is excited but doesn't want to get my hopes up. She is feeling a lot of cramping. How are you and DW doing? 


Jenny - Did AF show up yet? 


Lizbian - Sorry about the delayed O. A couple of months ago I didn't ovulate until CD23. It was so frustrating! 


Friederike - FX for Sunday and a 2013 due date!! 



AFU - DW had a huge dip in her temp this morning at 8DPIUI/6DPO below the cover line and so we will see if it's back up tomorrow. She had a lot of cramping yesterday and the day before. She didn't get crosshairs until 2 days after we inseminated so not sure what that means. She had a positive OPK on CD14 but didn't ovulate until CD16 according to FF. I will be shocked if she is pregnant because of the timing and the small percentage of ICI even working. She still says she wants to wait and test until next weds which is when her period is due. We will see...


I have continued to chart while I am taking this break and my ovulation was like clockwork this cycle. Positive opk on CD16, next day temp dip and the following day big temp rise. I haven't had a chart this pretty EVER. Maybe it's because I am not stressing at all..who knows but it's just a little bit frustrating that my body is now cooperating now that I am not inseminating! 

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So I tested today 12DPO and it's kinda inconclusive. In the bright sun there seems to be a very faint second line, but it doesn't look pink at all, so it could be a evaporation line. The positive tests from the trigger looked different. My lower abdomen feels AF- ish. She isn't due until wednesday if the progesterone works right, so I'll keep testing.

ETA- I tried another strip this afternoon after going for my usual sunday 2hr run (slight dehydration=more concentrated urine) and got another phantom line. I also felt a bit nauseous this morning, but that is sometimes an AF sign for me too. Argh.
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Friederike: That sounds hopeful! I have my fingers firmly crossed that you'll get a darker second line tomorrow! fingersx.gif
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Hey ladies,


Friederike that is very frustrating for you - I hope you get some good news in the next day or so. I agree with the lots of graduates that there's been a mass exodus.


Darcy good luck on being patient. I think you just have to hope this is the start of your body doing the right thing even if you aren't insemming.


escher how you feeling?


well day 23 so far & no sign of O. I've given up for this month, just worried about what it will mean for next cycle & timing for going to Denmark so will have to sit & wait I think.


After spending 15 hours tiling over the weekend nearly finished - finally! Hoping to have house on the market in about a week which will be such a relief. Summer feels like it's on the way over here, hope it is where you all are too.

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Hi Gang, been taking a bit of a board-break.

JENNY - AF ever show up? What a fickle character she is!

DARCY- Your partner has some serious patience! How are her temps looking? Keeping FX for you both!

FRIEDEEIKE- whats the story on those faint lines? Getting darker? FX for sure!

LIZ. -tiling is so mean on your knees. How are yours holding up? Whats the next project there? Roofing? Good luck with the sale!

AFM - Part of my plan for this cycle is to de-stress more. We insemmed on Wednesday, i am 5dpo/iui. Im not temping as temping with progesterone just seems like a tease to me and gets my hopes artificially high. I also m trying not to catalog symptoms as last time I cataloged everything and it just got us too excites about nothing. So, we put the swimmers in after a trigger, i grew 2 eggs over 20 mm and now we will just wait it out. We are really trying not to over think anything.
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Friederike: Any news? fingersx.gif

Lizbian: Congratulation on finishing your tiling! I'm sorry O isn't showing up when expected. Hopefully your timing for Denmark will still work out well. It's cold here (east coast US) today, but the trees are turning green!

KWPX2: I think not temping on progesterone makes perfect sense. It's hard not to pay attention to symptoms, but it seems smart to try to ignore them as much as possible. I hope your TWW continues to go smoothly. And of course I have my fingers crossed for you! fingersx.gif
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Well ladies...I've gotten sacked and have been really sick lately, but I'm still breathing! Be back later for more, good luck to everyone!
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Oh, fmorris! Hope everything starts going better for you starting... now. fingersx.gif

And yay for keeping on keeping on!
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Liz - what a huge project. I hope you get to relax a bit after all that tiling.
KWPX - welcome to the TWW, I hope it treats you well. Fingers crossed.
Fmorris - ugh, I am sorry. Big hug!

Afm - well, I am still getting those phantom lines, but I think now that it is just this batch of internet cheapies and no pregnancy sign. AF should start tomorrow or tonight, if it doesn't, I'll use a CB test.
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kwpx2 I completely understand not temping or anything but GOOD LUCK and FX for you this month xx hug2.gif I can't kneel because of dodgy knees so have to sit down or squat to do stuff which is pretty hard on my back. Next project - sell the house & relax! I'm very very stressed at the mo as so busy with everything so having to try to sort out by June.


fmorris Oh no - that's not good! I hope you're OK now. Is it going to be hard to get another job? Hope you are able to get everything sorted soon. hug2.gif


Friederike Uggh. Not good - I hope you have some good news soon.


AFM I'm very stressed with house stuff, busiest time of the year teaching, photography busy & house hunting. Thankfully it should settle down in a couple of weeks as I need it to. I had a blood test today for HIV & hepatitis as required by the clinic. Still haven't O'd this month so waiting to see when AF arrives as to whether June is still on or have to wait for July. Also back off alcohol & onto healthy eating & exercise after my 2 weeks of naughtiness.


A group 


because I think we could do with it!

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Hey, all. It's been quiet here, but now it's time for me to insem again!

Smiley face on the Clearblue OPK today, which means I'll be O'ing/insemming tomorrow on my birthday (god willing and the creek don't rise). I'm not particularly superstitious or spiritual, but still feeling as though this timing has to be a lucky omen--even if I'll have to endure the TWW before getting any resulting birthday present.

In other news, my KD probably isn't going to visit next month to try in-person sperminating as we had considered, because it would mean missing IML (International Man of Leather) back in Chicago. (Oh, the problems of having an uber-gay as your KD!) He suggested moving the visit to June, but I'll be traveling for work the last week in June when I'm due to ovulate, so that's probably out as well. This is okay--both months should still work for shipping--but I'm still a little sad, because I was excited to see J. The optimist in me is hoping we can schedule a visit for May or June anyway, with a first prenatal visit as the highlight of the trip!
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Fille I would be lying if I didn't fess up to cracking up about the IML fest. What are flights from VT to Chi-town like? I can imagine being there for the IML would make for a very interesting insemination story!


Liz  I fully understand dodgy knees. I have one myself. We are in the (final) process of selling my family's farm.  We were supposed to close a month ago and then again today but paperwork on the buyer's end seems to be endlessly out of order. I know full well how stressful the whole getting a place ready for market (I handled the process for my dad) and selling it can become. I really wish you and your partner get a buyer fast and that they have all their ducks in a row! In the meantime enjoy the naughtiness.


Fmorris So sorry to hear you are under the weather. How are things going with your creative fundraising? Well, I hope! Do you have plans for an upcoming insem?


Friederike What's up with phantom lines!? Thinking positive! 

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