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Where is AF when we want her show?????


Still nothing here and I see others are also waiting for her.... :-)

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That was unexpected.
Seems like the cheapies just aren't showing well enough.
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Whoa! Congrats Friederike!
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Omg!! friedrike!!
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crashing to say CONGRATS to friedereke!  


and still following so many of your stories, and sending hugs for setbacks and good wishes for upcoming cycles! 

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Friederike! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


I'm so excited for you!
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Friederike, I gotta say, I was suspicious about your multiple "evap lines."

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Thank you love.gif

I am extremely paranoid about getting a late AF after all. Running to the bathroom to check every hour or so, because I still sometimes have those pains in my lower back and that feel exactly like impeding AF cramps. Those have been around since saturday.

Since my usual problem solving mode is getting info, I googled miscarriage statistics and now am determined to beat the 30% rate until week 5-6 when it drops to 10%. My doctor gave me an appointment for May 6th so then we can check whats happening on an US. I guess the fears will get better the longer it is past the AF date. 

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So, last night was really horrible, as my KD happily sent me the tracking info for the package o'sperm due (and needed) today, after shipping right at the 6pm UPS deadline. Well, I look at the tracking info he sent and it says "Next Day Air Saver, pick-up Wednesday 4/24, delivery Thursday 4/25" (as though he'd done the drop-off after the deadline, so they were counting the "next day" from today instead of yesterday). I emailed him and said (as gently/neutrally as I could, as I was actually FREAKING OUT) "it looks like it's not going to ship until tomorrow," to which he replied "I watched them put it on the truck, they said it would be there by 10:30am tomorrow." Well, the tracking all said it wouldn't arrive until Thursday. I feigned zen in my "oh, okay, guess we'll see what happens" response email, then cried a little, and went to bed, thinking that there was this month out. And, somehow, it felt disproportionately awful to screw up the timing the month I was insemming on my birthday.

(I love and trust my KD with the big stuff, but it definitely feels pretty sucky to be dependent on his punctuality and such in shipping matters, when I'm trying not to be overly controlling or naggy about this process.)

The package is now (without any explanation on the previous dates) on a truck for delivery today. 3pm, 10:30am, who knows, who cares. My birthday is officially saved!
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Happy birthday, fille, and good luck! I hated shipping the most, every month there was something to make me nervous.
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Take good care of yourself, those first few days (weeks, really) can really mess with your mind. I think I only recently stopped checking for blood on the toilet tissue every time I used the bathroom. The best advice I have seen floating around here is to say "I am pregnant today." I know it isn't easy, but in hindsight it's really all you've got to hold onto. Oh, and I had weird, AF-ish cramps off and on probably through at least week 8. I hated it of course because it freaked me out, but again, in hindsight I can say that if you can take any consolation from it, your uterus is hard at work - and feeling it is totally normal. 


Fille - AH! OMG, I would have been flipping out! I hope you managed to get some sleep. Good luck today, and birthday.gif

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Fille - what a nerve-wracking evening. Thank God it worked out in the end. A very Happy Birthday to you and tons of awesome good birthday insem luck!!!
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Congrats Friederikebouncy.gif! So happy for you - and still rooting for  everyone else on this board too!


Fille - I had a really similar experience with a mishap in shipping with my KD and felt exactly the same way - not wanting to be too controlling or nagging when he was basically doing a huge favor for us, but wishing I had been more firm with my reminders. I'm so glad the shipping worked out after all! Happy birthday!

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Congrats Friederike!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so incredible and wonderful!!!!
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Congratulations Friederike!  I love those digital tests!  Cramping is totally normal.  I hope everything goes smoothly from now on.







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Congratulations Friederike!!!! joy.gifThis is so exciting! So happy for you and DP. 


Fille - Happy Birthday and good luck with the shipping!! That must have been such a stressful night. 


AFU - Jenny, could you please move me to taking a break. Temp dropped below cover line yesterday and AF should show up tonight or tomorrow for DW. I will probably start back up with insems sometime this summer but I will definitely be reading/cheering everyone along in the meantime!! 

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Sorry to hear that Darcy.  xoxo

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I am sorry Darcy. Take good care of yourself and DP during the break.

Fille - how did your birthday insem go?

Sphinxy, pokey; thank you for calming my paranoia about the crampy feelings. And everybody else, thank you again for the well wishes and the smiley parades.

DP and I had a very turbulent evening yesterday, where we first tallied up the costs of all the baby stuff we need and holy, it was a lot (though maybe we won't need 4 different carriers), then had her officially propose to me while I was lying in bed in my jammies and then ended in a tearful breakdown on her side just one hour later, because what if everything changes and our life could be over with a kid and whatnot. I love our particular brand of crazy.
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Darcy: I'm sorry that it doesn't look like this cycle worked. How are you and your DW feeling? Are you both feeling good (or at least ok) about switching back to you for the next attempt? How are you feeling about taking the little break before trying again?

Friederike: That sounds like quite an evening! We spent very little on baby stuff, since we got almost everything we needed as gifts, hand-me-downs, or used. It's hard to imagine everything changing.
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Jenny, can you move me to the TWW? I successfully insemmed yesterday afternoon, after all my shipping angst. Now it's just time to wait and see.

I had a very unconvincing temp rise this morning, but I do think I probably O'd yesterday. We'll see what FF thinks in a few days. My chart:

(Jenny, if you want to link this above as well, that would be great.)

I'm hoping to hold off testing until May 8, when my period will actually be late. Willpower is not my strong suit, so we'll see how that goes....
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