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Does anyone want an Ov Watch? Someone on the board handed it down to us. No sensors included. Message me if you are interested. I'd love to send it on to someone who would put it to use.

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Just a quick check-in from 5DPO to say that, as of this morning's temp, FF gave me crosshairs on CD16, the day I insemmed. Because I’m officially neurotic and can’t accept things going well without thoroughly examining all the potential ways things could have gone wrong, I’ve discovered that if I take out the positive OPK on CD15 (leaving just the temp curve), FF moves the crosshairs to CD18. This is actually good news, as I was afraid I might have O’d 2 days before insem. If I didn’t O until 2 days after insem, there’s still a chance for long-lived swimmers to hang in there. So, fingers crossed, which is making it very hard to type.... smile.gif
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Fille - since you're using fresh it seems like you have a good chance either way. Now just 9 more days to wait.

Afm - we had a blood test done yesterday and hcg was down to 4, so we're out. It was devastating on the days it happened and we cried a lot, but I am okay now. It was too early to have build a real connection to the embryo as a person. It is more that all the hopes and wishes connected with a baby and parenthood were swept away. I have an US appointment next monday (CD9) where we will decide if we'll try again right away (usually that would be next wednesday) or skip a cycle.

What are your thoughts? I read an early miscarriage/ chemical pregancy might increase the chances for the next month, but I also read that for some women it makes their cycles very whacky and to better wait until everything is normal again.

jenny, you can move me to waiting to O for now.
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Friederike I, too, have heard anecdotally about a more fertile response right after an early loss, but I have no data or personal experience to back that up. I think from the physical perspective, your u/s and discussion with your doc are a good idea. It may be very difficult to predict how your cycle is going to respond. How do you feel from an emotional perspective about trying again right away? You sound like you've got a good awareness of your feelings. Are you ready (or as ready as you can be) to get back on the roller coaster again? Do you have a sense as to whether taking a break for a cycle or two would be helpful, or would it maybe be more painful not to try? Take good care of yourself, I'm thinking of you.
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Originally Posted by Friederike View Post

What are your thoughts? I read an early miscarriage/ chemical pregancy might increase the chances for the next month, but I also read that for some women it makes their cycles very whacky and to better wait until everything is normal again.


Threadcrashing. Yes, I've read that you are more fertile for a few cycles after a loss. As for a whacky cycle after a m/c...I think some of it depends on how far along you were. I had one m/c at 10 weeks and the cycle after that was a bit off. However, I've had a few losses around 5-6 weeks and my cycle was completely fine (and I got pregnant right away). I think someone else pointed out the real issue....are you emotionally ready...? It definitely can't hurt to wait an extra cycle just to make sure everything is ok physically and emotionally. I'm sorry for your loss...it's so very hard hug2.gif

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Friederike:  I'm so sorry for your loss.  :(  xoxoxo hugs to you and DP.


Sorry for the delay in getting everyone moved -- crazy weekend!  Please double check your position and links and let me know if there are any changes that I missed.


Fille: Your chart should be all linked up now!

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Thanks, Jenny!

Friederike, I'm so bummed for you two! I was so hoping it would be one of those happy endings after a scare. I've also heard both that a chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage might increase fertility during the next cycle and that your cycles may be off after a M/C. I think I would want to try again immediately, in the hopes that something good might come from something so heartbreaking, but of course, it depends how you are feeling/how things go with cycles/etc. Will be thinking of you either way!
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Friederike I'm really sorry to hear about the M/C but also happy that it shows you can get pregnant. I think that you'll know when you're ready to try again emotionally but good luck for whenever you & DP decide to, whether it's this month or next. . hug2.gif


AFM I O'd on day 28! After almost 6 months of regular cycles it seems my body is now deciding to play up which makes booking in for IVF very difficult as I have no idea when my next cycle is going to start. I've been pretty stressed & busy so hoping that now things are calming down a bit it sorts itself out. I found out I won 2nd place in a writing competition for short lesbian love stories and the anthology will be printed in a few months. Quite amusing & probably not going to tell the parents as I think it's more than my mum will be able to handle smile.gif

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Friederike--I'm so sorry. hug2.gif  I had a very early loss on my 6th cycle too.  We did skip the next month, but that was more because I had taken Clomid.  I think the extra month helped clear it out of my system.  My next cycle was normal.  I would say go for it if you feel up to it mentally and emotionally. 

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All, come join me in our new May QC thread!
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