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Darcy how exciting! I know the feelings you must be feeling are a mixed bag as you are excited for your partner's potential and also possibly a bit stunned about your taking a break. I think your plan sounds great. It is similar to what we have talked about. I lost nearly 30 pounds before we started but I am wondering if I lost 30 more if it would really improve my chances.  Acupuncture is very effective but it seems like you need some time to affect change in your system with it. I began a little late I believe (DW will say she was encouraging me to start much sooner), but I now feel like it has really been a positive therapy. We have given up gluten for many months and personally I am eating low carb, high protein, and moderate fat. Sugar is way down as is coffee intake. SOmeone on another site recommended a book called "The Infertility Cure" forgive me but I can't remember the author. The author is very pro-eastern medicine.  Very best wishes to you and your partner! Maybe this is just what you needed? A break physically and mentally and a partner who's system is fresh!


Fmorris How goes it today?


Towmommy How are you feeling?


AFM I didn't POAS today either. I was hot and irritable at 0415 and had to go to the bathroom so bad I didn't waste time trying to open the wrapper (which for some reason I find hard to rip into) on the stick. Tomorrow is the official end of our TWW. Honestly I am a little scared to test. Yesterday my temp went up....today it is up from yesterday. Progesterone or baby? If you care to look at my chart it looks like the beginning of a triphasic chart. None of the other months have plotted my temp rising on these days; previously the trend begins to fall on 12dpo.  DW has been so wonderful in turning my downer attitude around. She is fabulously supportive! She was so excited to be awakened by me at 430 this morning to tell her my temp was up...really! I can't wait until I can waker her and show her the BFP.  Still hopeful  and nervous as hell!

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Chortles, thank you so much, I need all the ones I can get.

KWPX2, still pretty disappointed and inclined to just lay in bed.

AFM, AF in, baby out. I had terribly excruciating cramps last night, was just about in tears. Seems like mye body is disgruntled at not being pregnant too.
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Darcy: I'm excited that your wife will try this month! DP and I talked about switching to her as soon as I got the low AMH test results in January. But decided to at least give it a few attempts. How is your wife feeling about this? Especially when you say she wasn't planning to try for another couple years. And how are you feeling? I honestly hope she is just perfectly fertile and gets first timers luck! But then I also know that this is not the original plan and must be hard for you as well.

KWPX: yeah, no test here either. And I have no interest in testing. Hearing about your triphasic chart is exciting though!! I hope this is it!

Fmorris: I'm sorry mean ol' AF showed up so painfully. Is this CD1 of your next attempt? Or will you take a break between tries?

Friederike: thanks for the vote of confidence! I kind of am trying to think about when Lindsay got her bfp. I remember she felt nothing and wasn't going to test then low and behold a bfp. Everyone else here seems to get such early symptoms, I just want to feel something.

Escher, thanks, It's interesting to hear that seraf had a difficult uterus switching experience. I'm not ready to wholeheartedly embrace that plan, but when it's time, I will be ready. I think part of getting ready is to think about it now, a few months out and process it. And probably give my therapist a call. I'm keeping my eyes on the prize though, which is motherhood, regardless of the path we take to get there.

AFM, nada. Thinking about next steps.
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Fmorris: I'm so sorry that you're having such a rough AF.  :-(  Just adds insult to injury.  Do you think you'll try this month?  Should I move you to waiting to O?  


KWPX2: Your chart is sounding promising!  I'm so amazed when people can refrain from testing!  My lack of control of being able to DOOOOOO something is quelled only by obsessively testing.  :-)  I want to know EXACTLY when the trigger leaves my system.  I want to know IF I'm getting pregnant at all (even if I were to have a chemical, I think it offers valuable information as far as getting timing right, etc.)


Darcy: I hope your DP has beginner's luck so we can make you a mommy ASAP!  I'm sort of relieved, on one hand, to not have to worry about a partner and their desire to birth.  I don't know if I would be able to deal with being the NGP (at least not without having been the GP at least once!).  I mean, I would LOVE on one hand to see dp pregnant, but on the other hand, I think I would be really jealous.  On the other side of the coin, it'd be great to have a fall back uterus... I guess you don't really know until you're in the situation.  It sounds like you've really thought it through and I'm glad that you realize that switching vessels doesn't mean that you are out of the game.  

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Hey, folks. I was trying not to obsess about TTC while I was breaking in January, which meant I needed to step away from Mothering for awhile, but I'm jumping back onto the thread from the start this month, before it gets too intimidating. Jenny, can you move me to the TWW?

I'm actually on my second try with shipped fresh sperm, after taking January off. February was... well, let's just call it a trial run. I got a smiley face on a Clearblue digital on a Saturday, asked my KD to ship that day anyway to arrive Monday (probably not a good choice, since from what I understand the sperm only has about a 24 hr lifespan in the TYB solution). He missed the shipping deadline, so tried to ship it Sunday instead, and I didn't get it until Tuesday. So, ovulated Monday, insem'd O+1 with 48 hr old sperm. Suffice it to say, this constellation of events did not lead to a BFP! I wasn't actually upset/frustrated, since this felt like mostly a learning curve for my KD. I did POAS the day my period started because my LP was mysteriously a day longer than usual, but wasn't disappointed with a BFN because I knew that the timing was so bad.

Last month's experience did help me think through the weekend issue on this month's try. I had already decided that if I got to CD19, last Friday, and hadn't gotten a smiley face yet, I'd ask KD to ship that day, since that's near the longer end of my cycles, and if I hadn't had an LH surge by then, it was really likely I would O over the weekend. Instead, I got a smiley face last Monday, received the shipment and O'd on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there was a vial to syringe "incident" and a very large portion of the valuable goods (probably 80%) ended up spilled, rather than headed in the direction of my cervix. So, while timing was perfect (for the first time, after 2 previous tries), execution was terrible (and I can't blame my KD this time, since he was 2,000 miles away from the whole debacle).

Given the flawed delivery, I'm already expecting to have to try again next month--which is nice in a way, since it means I don't feel particularly frenetic about sign-spotting/POAS, but, of course, sucks overall. That said, it's working out to around $100/month to do things the fresh ship KD sperm route, so I'm willing to accept that the trade-off of the low-cost DIY method is that there may be months when timing is crap and it may take longer to make a baby than some of the other approaches. I have much more time than I do money, that's for sure. Anyway, 6DPO today, and I don't expect I'll test unless my period (expected next Monday) is late, so Tuesday 4/9.

That's all the news here, I think. Try, try again....

I do have one question for everyone--has anyone else had the experience of getting a positive LH surge (smiley face) on a Clearblue digital without ever getting one on an internet cheapie? I've actually never gotten a positive result from an internet strip, but have successfully gotten smiley faces accurately predicting O 2 months in a row using the Clearblue kit. In fact, these past two months I tested for a couple days longer using internet strips, through my BBT-confirmed O, and never saw a positive OPK. Weird or perfectly normal?
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I was just thinking how much I missed during my two (okay, three) month hiatus from the board, and was feeling sort of sad and out of the loop, and then I went up and just watched the dancing happy graduate list for a little while, and I'm 100% better now. Good things happened while I was away--many, many good things--and I have faith we'll all be joining that list sooner rather than later!
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fillefantome: Sorry to hear about the difficulty over the last two months.  Here's hoping that your perfect timing will make up for the less than full sample.  Who knows, maybe they are really potent!  Keep in mind that those of us using frozen are also only getting portions of a single sample.  It may well do the trick! 

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fille: Hi!  I was wondering where you had gotten to.  We ended up inseminating on a Saturday both times because my wife seemed only capable of ovulating on Sundays and Mondays!  So from a been there, done that perspective: always insem on a Saturday!  Even if you think you might not ovulate until Tuesday, you can always ship again, but you will miss a whole cycle if you miss it (as you have seen!).  Sperm can live in you for like 5 days or something crazy, whereas your egg will start to disintegrate after only 12-24 hours.  It's way, way better to have that sperm sitting there waiting for your egg.  As for the OPK, my wife always got a fade in from the internet cheapies and a strong positive on the day she got a smiley face, which was very helpful in predicting when to have our donor ship.  How often are you testing?  If you have a short surge, the internet cheapies could go from slightly negative before the surge to slightly negative after the surge and never hit the full surge completely.  The smiley face ones measure the peak of YOUR levels individually, so they're more accurate, but they're not as helpful in prediction (since it's either a smiley or it's not).  Maybe try to test with the cheapies 3-4 times a day leading up to O so that you are more likely to hit it?

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Originally Posted by fillefantome View Post

I was just thinking how much I missed during my two (okay, three) month hiatus from the board, and was feeling sort of sad and out of the loop, and then I went up and just watched the dancing happy graduate list for a little while, and I'm 100% better now. Good things happened while I was away--many, many good things--and I have faith we'll all be joining that list sooner rather than later!

SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! You've been very much missed! Good luck... FX for you this TWW!


I'm sorry, fmorris... hug2.gif


Wishing good luck for all the rest of you too, at every stage of this journey! I'm still lurking and sending love to you all. love.gif

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Fille Welcome back. Hopefully your learning experiences will pay off big. Also I second what Jenny said about the fact that when you buy the "stuff" from a bank youre only getting a very very small portion of what is actually produced. Your 20% of whole is likely 3 or more purchased vials! Don't disqualify yourself so fast. As far as the OPKs. My RE said she only trusts the Clearblue kits. But like Easttowest mentioned they are smiley or no smiley and the ability to see a fade in or out might be more helpful if you want to know more about how long the surge lasts etc. Best wishes!

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KWPX2 - Thank you! Funny enough I am in the middle of reading that book and a couple others. I am just so excited to chart this month and see what my body does without the meds. I am curious to know if the supplements and diet changes I started a couple months ago have actually helped. Congrats to you on all the positive changes you have made. I know how hard it can be! FX for you tomorrow!!!


Twomommy - Thanks! I am really excited, too. She is doing well. We are going to start doing cervix checks tonight and temping tomorrow. Friday she will start OPK testing on CD10 and the sperm will also arrive because I didn't want to pay extra for Saturday delivery. I just don't want her to miss O because we have never tracked her cycle before and don't know how early she ovulates. I thought I would feel differently with her trying but since I am on a break anyway it's almost like an extra treat that we might get pregnant. I will definitely try again starting in the summer or later if she does end up getting pregnant. I ordered the swimmers and the count was 83 million - OMG. That's the highest we have ever had so I think we have a good shot this month. When will you be testing? FX for you and Kel!!


Jenny - I know exactly what you mean. If I wasn't on this break I would have a hard time not trying this month. I have already come to terms that my body needs more prep time so that's bringing me peace. It also helps that I have been begging DW to carry for the last 7 years and she has finally come around these last couple years. I just think a little one of her would be so precious. It makes my heart full just thinking about it.


Fille - Welcome back! FX for you this cycle!


Fmorris - I have been thinking about you. So sorry that bitch is being extra painful this month. hug2.gif DW has cramps like that every month and I finally got her to get some acupuncture done and take some herbs.

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Ok....where on Earth are you all getting these crazy high sperm counts? Our best thus far has been 12.5 mil!
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The Sperm Bank of California - I called with my top 4 picks and he was by far the highest. Everyone else was 30-40 million.
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I love The Sperm Bank of California!  We had Total count 144 million - 70 million motile (per 1ml) with 35million available for the last IUI (the number cuts in half because you're only getting .5ml in a washed sample).  Crazy counts!!!

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Those are indeed crazy counts!

Darcy- How do you like the infertility cure book? Are you finding info you didnt already have? I am debating giving it a read as well. What is your recommendation?

AFM, Temp is still up but lower than yesterday. The stick was BFN this am. I honestly can't describe how I am feeling physically. If AF is on her way she is comi g in rather quietly. I suppose there isnothing to do really except wait and see. I know there are cases that BFPs dont show until 15-18 dpo but I believe we may be looking at re-designing our plan of attack.
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This was definitely unexpected...



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angry.gif My computer sucks!  I can't see it.

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also cannot see it

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Hmmmm, thats odd. Let me try again:




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Oh twomommy!!!!  banana.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifjoy.gifbouncy.gifHOOOORRAAAAY!!!!biggrinbounce.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gif  So very happy to see that "pregnant"!! You must be absolutely shocked and elated! Congratulations!!!

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