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I want to see!

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Oh, NOW I see it!!


AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! How many DPO are you? 




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12 dpo today... Had a faint positive on an FRER yesterday, I thought maybe it could still be the trigger. Still not believing it.

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jumpers.gif   jumpers.gif  jumpers.gif Twomommyfamily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif



Omygosh!!  YAY!!!!  Let me know when you are ready to move!!  STICK BABY STICK!

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Woo hoo, Twomommyfamily! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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Congrats twomommy! A good start to April!

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Originally Posted by lea2012 View Post

Congrats twomommy! A good start to April!

Totally! Yay, twomommy!!!

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congrats on your BFP twomommy! energy.gif great news!

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Yay twomommy!! Congrats on the BFP!! Stick baby stick! When you're ready come join me in dec DDC!
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Twomommy, Congratsjoy.gifjoy.gifbroc1.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbanana.gif

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Omg!!! Congrats Angie!!!!
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Congrats 2Mommy!! joy.gifROTFLMAO.gifjoy.gifROTFLMAO.gifjoy.gifROTFLMAO.gifjoy.gifROTFLMAO.gif


Jenny - we also switched to TSBC after our first 3 failed tries and on our BFP cycle we used 2 vials - one with 140+ per cc and the other with 120. Both had over 50% motility. We did have a previous attempt with the same donor with much lower but still good numbers.

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Congrats twomommy!
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Twomommy - see, even without any symptoms it is possible. Congratulations. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a sticky bean and a wonderful, healthy pregnancy!
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TwoMommyFamily!!!! Hooray!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

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Congratulations twomommy!  What a wonderful surprise!  dizzy.gif Which # try was this?  I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.







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<-------------- Having a hard time. Sorry for the anti-socialness the last week or so everyone.hope all is well..

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fmorris:  Thinking of you.  <3

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Thanks Jenny. A LOT.


I take this pretty hard each time because this means so much to meeh. Not saying it doesn't to you all though! The reason I don't just want this to happen now, but I NEED it to happen is so very important. DP has sickle cell disease. In the last few years she's been doing better, but the prognosis for the disease is not good. She was born with full on sickle cell, not just the trait. All the people she's known that have had the same disease have passed away VERY EARLY (25-32). DP is now 34. A friend of mine told meeh her ex's mother knew someone who lived to be 50 with it. 50 is NOT old at all. DP's friend that was the same age and diagnosis as her died from his disease at 31, and a (younger) friend of her's sickle cell just turned into cancer. I want us to have a family together before....it could be too late. It'll take our LO 5 years just to get to kindergarden and by that time DP will be 40, another 5 years is barely middle school, and DP will be 45. I hope and pray that she will get to see our LO graduate high school atleast. This is why I want so bad and am so broken when it doesn't happen. I want DP to be able to enjoy our family before her health wants to do otherwise. Sorry for the long rant ladies, but this is super hard for meeh because I KNOW I've finally found mye other half, mye true soulmate, and life partner and I have to worry about losing her before I'm ready which terrifies meeh. Shit, i'm getting teary eyed and trying to hold back from crying sitting here writing this. I feel like it's not fair. I've been with other people that CANNOT hold a candle to DP and I wish we could have just gotten together ages ago so we could have more time. I started looking into mini IVF and looking to see if I can find affordable IVF ($6000 extra is not easy seeing as we just bought a new car), right now its not looking great, but something HAS to happen. I also looked into the IVF clinical trial for New Hope, but travelling back and forth to NYC for multiple visits, just isn't possible with mye schedule. That would have been perfect and I would have gotten FREE IVF.  I need to have a LO that has all of DP's charm, sweetness, personality, and demeanor. Atleast I'll have someone who's just like DP and full of all her wonderfulness. Sigh. I've got to stop writing because I keep almost crying!

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fmorris, hug2.gif!
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